Novel Name : The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 3846

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Carla’s bright eyes darted back and forth between James and Sienna. Her pretty face was full of

Although Carla had never met James, she had heard legendary stories about him. James was the
person responsible for bringing about the current era of prosperity for the Human Race. Without him,
the Human Race would have stayed the weakest race in the universe.

Moreover, Jacopo became the Lord of the Human Race and Heavenly Court through James’ help.

However, as far as she knew, James was supposed to be dead. Why was he still alive now?

“Why are you just zoning out? Quickly greet my Dad,” said Jacopo.

Carla returned to her senses and courteously addressed him. “How do you do, Dad?”

James nodded lightly and responded. “I’m fine.”

Puzzled, Jacopo asked, “What’s going on, Dad? Melinda said you died in the Primeval Age, and that
she buried you herself. How are you still alive?”

“What’s wrong? Did you really want me dead?”

Jacopo quickly explained, “Of course not! I’m just curious.”

“The explanation will take ages. I’ll slowly tell you everything in the future,” said James.

“Okay. I’ll inform Winnie and Xainte right away.”

Jacopo immediately sent a voice transmission to Winnie and Xainte. The two made their way over
post-haste and met up with them in the palace hall.

“Dad!” Xainte was ecstatic after seeing James and immediately said, “Melinda said you died in battle. I
thought you were gone. I’m so glad you’re still alive! Thank goodness! By the way, did you find Mom?”

On the other hand, Winnie remained relatively calm as she already knew James was alive. She smiled
lightly and greeted him, “Dad.”

James looked at his three children with satisfaction. Unbeknownst to him, his children had acquired
tremendous strength and were existences that stood at the pinnacle of the Twelfth Universe. Winnie
was especially impressive. She was a Heaven’s Adjudicator and had control over Heavenly Path

Winnie glanced at Sienna standing beside James, and her brows furrowed. She was aware of the
relationship between James and Sienna.

During the Primeval Age, Herschel wanted to chase James down and kill him. It was an incident that
caused a lot of commotion. In particular, James’ series of battles from the Callahans’ Residence all the
way to Mount Heavenly Path shocked the entire universe.

“Why are you here, Sienna?” Winnie gave Sienna a disgruntled look.

Sienna rolled her eyes and reproached Winnie, “Where are your manners? I’m your mother’s sister, so
you should address me as Auntie. Based on my relationship with James, you can also call me Mom if
you prefer.”

“Mom?” Winnie was rendered speechless and turned to James for an explanation.

James responded awkwardly. “It’s complicated. I’m not sure how to explain everything.”

Xainte also fixed her eyes on Sienna and asked suspiciously, “What’s your relationship with her, Dad?”

Before James could explain, Winnie interjected, saying, “Our mother’s main body appeared in the
Primeval Age. She’s the elder sister of our Mom’s main body. During the Primeval Age, Dad was made
to fight his way from the Callahans’ Residence to Mount Heavenly Path. If he succeeded, Mount
Heavenly Path agreed to stop persecuting him, and they also allowed him to marry Sienna…”

Winnie spoke softly, explaining the events of the Primeval Age. This gave Jacopo and Xainte a clearer
picture of their relationship.

Jacopo asked, “Then what about Mom?”

James sighed helplessly and said, “Thea was reincarnated. I’m unsure which age she was reborn into,
but she’s most likely in the current age.”

Confused, Xainte asked, “What happened?”

“Calm down. I’ll get to it.”

James fell into thought. After a while, she parted his lips and said, “Back then, I used the Time Capsule
to travel to the Primeval Age…”

James spoke of his entire journey traveling to the Primeval Age.

After hearing his stories, Jacopo and Xainte were as pale as a sheet. They never expected James to
have gone through so much in the Primeval Age. His stories about the battle in the Thirteenth Universe
were even more thrilling.

“James! James! Is that really you, James?!”

A loud cry came from outside.

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