Novel Name : The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 3887

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Even though Lord Samsong was a Ninth Stage Lord, he remained calm. Instead of a peerless
powerhouse, his demeanor felt more like an ordinary person at that moment.

“Forty-nine?” Lord Samsong was taken aback.

Lord Samsong knew almost every powerhouse in the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths. However, Forty-
nine was an unfamiliar name.

He could not sense James’ cultivation rank, so he knew James was a terrifying powerhouse.

Lord Samsong concluded that James was most likely a Ninth Stage Lord, or at the very least, a
Seventh Stage Lord. He must have cultivated an exceptional Supernatural Power, preventing others
from sensing his cultivation rank.

Regardless of what the truth was, it was evident that James was a peerless powerhouse.

All the Lords present fixed their eyes on James. None of them could sense James’ cultivation rank, but
they detected a magical power in James’ body.

Lord Samsong pointed to an empty seat beside him and said, “Have a seat.”

James nodded, walked over, and sat down.

Lord Samsong looked at the other Lords in the hall and said, “We should have enough numbers. I’ll
brief everyone on why I want to venture into the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone.”

James’ curiosity was piqued.

From his understanding, Lord Samsong was a Ninth Stage Lord. He was almost invincible in the Nine
Heavens and Ten Earths of the Dark World. Why did he want to enter the Ecclesiastical Restricted


Lord Samsong had a serious expression.

Everyone looked at him, waiting for him to speak.

After a while, Lord Samsong slowly took a deep breath and said, “The Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone is
a very ancient place. It’s not known how long it has existed. There are many rumors about the place,
but none of them can be verified.

“I don’t know much about the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone either. However, I sensed strange
fluctuations inside the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone while cultivating some time ago. Although they
were very weak fluctuations that were hard to sense, I was able to detect them.

“I immediately unleashed my Divine Sense around the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone to investigate the

“In the past, my Divine Sense could never penetrate the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone. For some
reason, I was able to reach the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone this time, and I sensed the Light of Acme
inside that area.”

James was intrigued and asked, “What is the Light of Acme?”

The others were also curious.

Although they were powerful Lords, they had never heard of the Light of Acme before.

Lord Samsong explained, “The Light of Acme is an ancient legend. Most people are unaware of it. Not
even powerful Lords have heard of it before. I know about it because I’ve read some records from an
ancient book.

“After an Acmean dies, their Acme Power would leak out to form a mysterious light ray. However, the
death of just one Acmean isn’t enough to form a Light of Acme. At least ten or more Acmeans would
have to die to form a Light of Acme.”

Hearing this, James was slightly surprised.

“Aren’t Acmeans just myths? Are they real? Have Acmeans really fallen into the Ecclesiastical
Restricted Zone?” asked James.

Lord Samsong shook his head and said, “I can’t be certain either.”

James inquired again, “What’s the use of this Light of Acme? And how can you be sure it’s the Light of

Lord Samsong looked at James and explained, “Because I’ve read about it in ancient records. The
Light of Acme has many benefits. It’s formed after Acmeans die and consists of magical power. If
obtained, one might be able to learn more about Acme Power and find a way to enter the Acme Rank.

“Moreover, the Light of Acme might also be related to the Omniscience Path.”


Hearing this, James became increasingly interested. He looked at Lord Samsong and said, “Please
enlighten me.”

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