Novel Name : The Dark Side Of Fate

Chapter 321

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156 Concern and Fear ~Leo~

Amelia and I made our way to our room, exhaustion weighing heavily on my shoulders. Yet, amidst my
weariness, a wave of worry engulfed me. The safety of Max and Kyle consumed my thoughts. I needed
reassurance that they were alright, that they were unharmed.

It was more than just important to me; it was everything. Doubts gnawed at my mind, questioning
whether I had sent them with the adequate support they required. I sat at the edge of the bed, lost in

Amelia, sensing my unease, knelt behind me, her hands gently kneading my tense shoulders in an
attempt to ease my worries. But even her soothing touch couldn’t alleviate the tension within me.

“What’s troubling you?” Amelia asked, her voice filled with concern as she wrapped her arms around
me and planted a tender kiss on my neck. She then shifted to sit beside me, her hand resting gently on
my thigh, urging me to meet her gaze.

“I can’t reach Max, Kyle, and Casper. I fear I didn’t provide them with enough reinforcements for their
mission in Greenville. What if they’re overwhelmed? What if they don’t make it?” I expressed my fears,
and Amelia held me tighter, her words carrying a determination I struggled to comprehend.

“When we discovered that Yuri was anticipating your arrival, we were terrified. Panic consumed me,
and I wanted to call, but Tamia kept me grounded. We were all worried, Leo. We thought you all would
be outsmarted and killed. But here you are. And you know what amazes me? While we were anxiously
thinking of you guys, you were worried about us,” she spoke, her voice filled with conviction, and I
furrowed my brow, unable to grasp the connection between her words and the well-being of Max and

“What I’m trying to say is that you underestimate your friends. Forget about your own relationship with
them for a moment. They are powerful Alphas in their own right. Casper is an exceptional Beta. Before
your status was elevated, Max and Kyle were your equals in the East. You’ve fought battles together
and gone through so much. All I’m asking is for you to have faith in them, to believe that they will
triumph. I know they will. We just have to hold onto hope,” she asserted, her determination unwavering.
I brought her hand to my lips, kissing it gently, appreciating her unwavering support.

“But what if they have nothing to fight for? Max is still tormented by his past with Avery. He blames
himself and refuses to move on. I can sense his isolation, his reluctance to be with anyone. He’s
trapped in his own darkness. And Kyle, he’s gone through the depths of grief. What I mean is they lack
the same motivation we have. I have you and our unborn child to come back to, a future to anticipate.
Similarly, the other men on my team have their own reasons to fight. But Max and Kyle, they don’t have
what we have. At the end of the day, they’re alone, and the weight of their losses might make surrender
seem easier than the battle itself,” I revealed, voicing my concerns, seeking solace in her embrace.

“They will make it, Leo. Those two are more resilient than you think. If giving up were truly an option,
they would have chosen death over seeking your help when their packs were taken. We just need to
wait and see. It’s all we can do for now,” she reassured me, holding me tightly.

“I’m worried about Casper too,” I confessed, realising that once I had rested a little, I would have to set
out for the South. Waiting idly was no longer an option.

“Well, it seems like there won’t be any sleep for us this morning,” Amelia remarked, breaking the
embrace, and I shook my head.

“You need to rest. Our baby’s safety is paramount,” I insisted, rising from the bed and making my way
to the bathroom. The grime and blood on my skin demanded cleansing.

“I’ll join you,” Amelia chimed in from behind me. It would have been an opportune moment to make love
to her, but my heart couldn’t find solace. Even in our victory, an unease lingered. As Amelia went to
answer a knock on the door, I stepped into the bathroom.

She joined me later, holding a glass of water with some pills in her palm.

“Erik sent these. He says they’ll help with the rash,” she said, offering them to me with a warm smile. I
took them immediately, remembering the agonising rash I had experienced before.

Amelia undressed and stepped into the shower with me. Her beauty struck me, and the knowledge that
Yuri would no longer threaten our world filled me with a sense of peace. I would be able to lead and
protect my family in a world free of his tyranny. Amelia and I would have all the time we needed, and I
vowed to love her with every fibre of my being.

Under the warm water, I held her close, allowing it to wash away the remnants of the battle in Gad. It
felt good to be home, to have her in my arms, and to anticipate a future filled with happiness.

We stayed there until the hot water ran out, reluctantly leaving the embrace of the shower. As I entered
the room, my phone ceased ringing. I hurriedly picked it up and noticed eight missed calls from Casper.
My heart clenched, fearing the worst. I tried to steady my trembling hands before dialling his number.

Amelia, slipping into her nightdress, asked, “Who was it?” ’Casper,” I replied, holding the phone to my
ear, and she widened her eyes. She shared my worry, but knowing was better than being left in

Casper answered on the first ring. “Alpha!” he exclaimed, his voice filled with excitement.

“Yes,” I replied, my worry still palpable.

“They knew we were coming, but we won!” he exclaimed, and a heavy weight lifted from my chest.
Relief flooded over me, engulfing me like a warm embrace.

“They rigged the forest with silver dust bombs. We suffered some casualties, but none of the alphas
who joined us were lost. The Agk32 was a tremendous help, granting us immunity and empowering us
with the strength and speed required to face those abominations. I apologise for my previous choice of
words,” he quickly added, and I didn’t take offence. After all, he was right. Any Stepanov aligned with
Yuri was nothing short of an abomination, misusing their abilities.

“Max dealt with Ilya in the forest. That coward tried to escape, but Max pursued him and finished him
off. Kyle took care of Gaines too. The South has been liberated. All the treacherous Alphas have been
apprehended, and Max and Kyle have decided to load them onto a plane and send them north for trial
since Devin is there,” Casper shared. Tears of relief and joy welled up in my eyes, and I fought to hold
them back. I was alone with my mate, and it was okay to show my emotions, to let the relief wash over

“May I speak with Max and Kyle?” I requested, and Casper chuckled. “Max is right here,” he said,
passing the phone to Max.

“Leo, you’re on speaker!” Max announced cheerfully, and I couldn’t help but laugh heartily.

“Leo, how did things go on your end?’ Kyle chimed in, and my laughter continued.

“We triumphed over that bastard. He knew we were coming, but the alphas of Gad and the Stepanov
families rallied to our aid. Even his own men turned against him in the end. Yuri is currently locked up,
awaiting trial. How about you?” I inquired, joy coursing through my veins.

“The cowards fled into the forest when they realised they were losing. Kyle and I split up and dealt with
our opponents. It came down to killing them; we couldn’t let those assholes live,” Max replied, and I


“So, I’ll see you this afternoon, then?” I suggested, knowing they were likely to fly in with the captured

“You bet, Leo. We won’t let you have all the fun. How are the women?” Kyle asked, and I knew he was
referring to Linda.

’They’re all safe. Yuri sent men to the estate, but they were prepared. You know, the women are
formidable fighters. They took out their anger and frustration on the enemy with their wolves,” I
recounted, glancing at

Amelia. She scowled and playfully smacked my hand while Max and Kyle erupted in laughter on the
other end of the line.

“Come home soon, Alpha!” a distant voice called out over the phone amidst the laughter.

“That’s Alpha Gregory and the others. They had quite the adventure in the battle. It wasn’t easy, but we
survived. Pass on our gratitude to Erik for his concoction; it served us well. Ilya was so twisted that he
booby-trapped the forest with silver dust bombs, knowing his own alphas were susceptible to silver. He
planned to kill everyone, including the traitorous Southern alphas. It’s a shame there won’t be a chance
for redemption,” Max expressed, a tinge of annoyance evident in his voice. I knew Sylvester wouldn’t
show mercy to the traitors.

“Very well, then. I’ll see you in daylight,” I confirmed, and we bid each other farewell. Ending the call, I
turned to Amelia with a wide grin, and she rushed into my arms, hugging me tightly.

“It’s a complete victory!” she exclaimed with a squeal of joy. I held her close, then broke the embrace to
kiss her passionately. Fatigue may have weighed heavily on me, but my heart overflowed with gratitude
for the victories on our side. She was with me, my friend was alive, and we emerged triumphant. It

would be a long morning for both of us, as I intended to worship her body and express my gratitude for
the wins we had achieved

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