Novel Name : The Dark Side Of Fate

Chapter 322

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157 Reunion


I woke up in the afternoon with a little rash on my skin. The medication Erik had sent had done
wonders, and I was grateful for it.

Amelia was sleeping peacefully in bed. I knew she was exhausted so there was no point waking her
up. There were still things to do.

I had to prepare and wait for Max and Kyle’s arrival with the southern prisoners. I also needed to inform
Sylvester of the outcome of the battle in the South. Hopefully, they were already awake.

I wanted everything over and done with so we could all go home and rest.

There was a lot to plan for and a future to look forward to.

I entered the bathroom and stripped down. Standing in front of the mirror I tried to examine the extent
of the rash. It was on my left arm and half of my back.

Although the red angry-looking things looked aggressive, they did not hurt neither did they itch. I felt a
slight burn but that was it. It was much better than the first one.

I stepped into the shower and opted to use the cold water so I do not aggravate the rash and end up in
the clinic, sedated.

I ran the cold water and it soothed the burning sensation of the rash. It was a good idea to shower with
cold water. Once I was done. I exited the shower and got dressed for the rest of the day. It was two in
the afternoon so we had lost some daylight already.

I quietly left the room and headed towards Sylvester’s wing.

“Are you up,” I linked to him and he answered me immediately.

“In the lounge with the others. It took you long enough,” he said and his words made me laugh.

I headed towards the lounge, and true to his words, all of them were there except for Vino, Andrew,
Dominic and Theo who should be on their way if no complications had occurred at the hospital in Gad.

I greeted everyone present and they responded heartily.

“Max and Kyle have taken the south,” I blurted out with excitement, but the look on their faces indicated
they already knew. I was hoping it would be big news but someone had beat me to it and stolen the
reaction I desired.

“Lukman called in the early hours. He is receiving treatment for breathing silver but he will be fine. Max
and Kyle led bravely,” Devin said and I nodded and sat on a sofa in the lounge.

“Well, they are on their way here with the traitors that defected,” I said and they were surprised. Finally,
a piece of information they did not have. Their reaction made me chuckle. 1

“It is best they stand trial at the king’s hall since you are here. If they hold them in the South, they might
devise a means to escape. We can’t afford to create a future problem for ourselves. It must be over
now,” I explained, and Devin smiled.

“Devin will soon be a father,” Marcel told me and I smiled at Devin pretending to be surprised. Erik had
already told us so it was known but I congratulated him regardless.

“Congratulations Bane,” I said and we all laughed. He seemed very happy. I guess he will finally have
the family he wanted so much. It had all turned out well.

‘What about the others? When will they return?” I asked.

” They are all fine. The Agk32 helped them expel the poison. They are on their way back. We are
waiting for their arrival,” Sylvester explained and I was glad.

We sat and talked about the fight in Gad. We had indeed believed we won’t make it but fate was on our
side and it had brought us victory.

We spent the afternoon deliberating the punishment most befitting for Yuri and his cohorts. While some
preferred we hung him publicly, Sylvester Devin and I preferred we tortured him to death. It was only
befitting that he lived the rest of his miserable life in agony and pain while we chipped away at it
gradually until nothing remains. With limps and sensory organs, gradually but brutally taken away from
him. Every cry of pain that would escape his lips would be payment for the pain and suffering we had
gone through. He had messed everything up and destabilised our world. He had done it all without true
justification. He was a sick selfish man that deserved no mercy. As for the alphas of the south that
chose the betray the King and sell out their leader, the most befitting way is to die in public by hanging
them in their packs, in the presence of their pack members as a deterrent for future rebellion. It was
only befitting that we wiped them out completely. Unlike before when imprisonment was an option, it
won’t be on the table. There will be no time to repent and make peace, no time to connect with loved
ones, and no time to prepare, their deaths will be sudden and brutal.

We all complained about the rash and the burning sensation that accompanied it. It wasn’t itchy but it
burned. Erik soon asked us to go to the infirmary so they could administer some medications to help
with the burning sensation. I was getting better so there was a possibility I would not need the meds,
but I could not say the same for the others, they did not have it easy.

We went to the infirmary and to my surprise, Claudia’s friends were around. I knew Tamia had sent
them away with everyone during the fight so it was shocking to find them there. It was clear they had
reconciled with Claudia because they were engaged in an animated discussion and laughing. I guess

they understood her reasons and forgave her. We all crossed many lines to get the best outcome, I
was glad we came out unscathed.

“I can’t wait to reunite with my son,” Marcel said echoing a longing that was present in all their hearts.
David and Sylvester too had the same longing and the smile that grazed Sylvester’s face, despite the
burning sensation of the rash, said it all.

“Take this, You will not need the IV,” Erik said handing me some pills I smiled and took it from him. I did
not want to be sedated on the bed knowing Max and Kyle were on their way. I was more than happy to
swallow the pills.

I watched Claudia and her friends help the others relax. Alexei and Clay were bystanders watching
them. Just then Sylvester began to chuckle and we looked at him. No one had said anything funny to
make him laugh but something he was thinking had amused him.

“Share,” David asked and Sylvester laughed and looked at me.

‘We were so caught up with Yuri and his goons that we did not organise a tournament this year,” He
said bringing up a memory of the first tournament I attended. I covered my face and laughed
remembering how we made fools of ourselves trying to play Polo. I remember how Marcel and
Theodore had dealt with Max and Kyle on the field. I also remembered Amanda and I could not help
but see how far we had come. I joined Sylvester in the laughter.

‘We can have a small celebration and a rematch after the sentencing before the blue moon,” Marcel
said and I laughed. They were in for a shock because our team would win this time around.

“A rematch between the Northern Bears and the Eastern Bulls,” I said and we laughed. I would love to
have that; a little unwinding will not hurt anyone.

Theo, Dominic, Andrew and Vino arrived in a helicopter five in the evening. We went to greet them.

Their mates were first out the door before us. I knew Katya and Claudia were holding their breaths all
through, now the celebration will be complete. Walking towards the helicopter. Claudia ran towards
Vino and hugged him tight. He was all smiles, Lifting her in his arms and kissing her. She held on tightly
and wrapped her arms around him.

‘You came back,” I heard her say and I knew she feared the possibility of never seeing him again.
Dominic swept Katya off her feet bridal style, while she giggled. They didn’t say much to each other,
There was no need for it. I believe they were mind-linking. Linda ruffled Theo’s head before embracing
him. She sobbed gently against his chest and he gently stroke her back, reassuringly. It was a beautiful
sight to see. Amelia leaned close to me battling her tears.

“She had her heart in her mouth throughout,” Amelia told me looking at Linda by the helicopter and I
pulled her close and rubbed her arm gently.

“She can breathe now, we can all breathe now,” I said and I had never felt sure of anything more than I
did at that moment. It was indeed over.

Theodore, Dominic, and Vino retired to their rooms with their mates, except for Andrew who had no
one, but he retired still, while the rest of us waited for Max and Kyle to arrive. I was anxious because
they would have to secure the prisoners at the prison first before coming to the estate. I could not wait
to appreciate them for what they had done. I was happy.

Max and Kyle arrived at seven in the evening. We got to know from the gate that they had arrived and
we rushed to meet with them. I stood outside the entrance of the building with Amelia, Devin and Alexei
and Clay, waiting to receive them.

The cab parked and both of them alighted with broad smiles.

I hugged Max. I could not control my emotions. I was glad that they survived. Then I broke the hug and
hugged Kyle who was laughing. There was relief in the air.

Devin thanked them genuinely from the bottom of his heart for fighting and winning a battle that was
his. Max let him know we were all the same and his battle was also theirs.

I looked at us and realised we had all come a long way. Not wanting to keep them waiting outside, We
ushered them into the building while they told us what happened in the south and how the battle went.
It was a very interesting story. The funniest part was the fact that those bastards did not plan to spare
the lives of the Alphas that had betrayed Devin. They planned to wipe them out. I couldn’t wait for the
hearing that would take place tomorrow. Tomorrow will usher in a new era one without malice and

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