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Chapter 324

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159 Happy Homecoming


We returned home from the hearing feeling incredibly happy. It was as if a heavy burden had been
lifted off our shoulders. We had been so worried that something terrible would happen, but it all
stopped suddenly, and we made it through unharmed. I was filled with joy and couldn’t wait to see my
children again. The time we spent apart felt so long, and I missed them dearly. But now, we could
finally relax.

Sylvester held my hand as we drove home, appreciating the beauty of the trees around us. We no
longer had to fear for our lives. There was no need to worry about someone attacking us or shooting at
us out of nowhere. It was all over.

I looked at Sylvester, who caught my attention by gently touching my hand.

“We did it,” I said, and he smiled and softly touched my cheek.

“Yes, we did,” he replied. We both realised that we had won, and we allowed ourselves to savour the

We sat quietly in the back of the car, enjoying the view as we drove home. Finally, we arrived, and we
all got out of the car and went inside. I had planned a small evening party in the living room as a
surprise, so I told everyone to gather there after changing into more comfortable clothes.

“Please join Sylvester and me in the living room once you’ve changed out of your formal attire,” I
announced to everyone. Sylvester raised an eyebrow, curious about my plan.

“What’s the occasion, my love?’ Sylvester asked as we climbed the stairs.

“Just a little time to relax and connect now that we’re all here,” I replied.

“I’m sure they’ll appreciate the gesture, my dear,” he said, gently kissing my hand.

We returned to our room, changed into casual clothes, and headed to the living room.

We were the first ones to arrive.

The staff did a wonderful job. Everything was prepared-the drinks, the snacks, and the entertainment.

Happiness would finally return to the Volkov estate.

Sylvester instructed Bryce and Levi to bring our children, and I was filled with anticipation, longing to
see little Liam and Harper again. I missed them so much, but I tried to contain my excitement.

I made sure the staff prepared spring rolls just to tease Amelia and Leo. They used to make spring rolls
in their kitchen in the East, It was the default snack Omega Macy served every time, and it brought
back memories of being with everyone in their packhouse. It was a fun time, and I hoped we could do it
more often. Amelia and Leo were great hosts, and the place was enjoyable, despite Yuri’s tricks.

“Spring rolls,” Sylvester said, eyeing the tray of delicious snacks, and I laughed. He knew exactly why I
included them.

“And sandwiches, too!” he exclaimed wide-eyed, and I laughed.

It reminded me of the bet we won against the men and how we punished ourselves with sandwiches. I
had never eaten so many sandwiches in my life. It was a memory to cherish.

“Leo and Amelia will be thrilled,” he added, and I nodded, laughing, knowing exactly how uninterested
they would be. They were tired of the stuff.

Sylvester took my hand and held me in his arms, and like a gentle dance, we swayed to the soft
background music.

Resting my head against his chest, I let his scent fill my senses, reassuring myself that the danger was
over and we could finally be happy and live our lives.

“You know, we should be doing this in our bedroom, green eyes,” he whispered, dangerously close to
my ears, arousing me in the process. I sighed, trying to suppress my sudden desire for him.

“We have the rest of our lives to celebrate,” I managed to say, and he spun me around, pulling me back
into his arms.

The music and the mood were perfect, but since we were in a public place, I had to settle for enjoying
our dance together.

“I see you started the party without us,” I heard David’s cheerful voice, accompanied by Nicole’s
giggles. We stopped dancing and looked at them.

David reached for Nicole’s hand and playfully imitated our dance moves.

“Don’t stop the fun on our account; this is a well-deserved lounge ball,’ David said, and we all laughed.

Sylvester and I resumed our dance, and slowly, everyone arrived and joined in, immersing themselves
in the joyful atmosphere.

When we were all present, I paused the music to address everyone.

I looked around. Every one of us was there.

I looked at each person, their attention fixed on me, waiting to hear my words.

Susan sat on Devin’s lap, looking healthy and happy. Their joy was finally complete.

Avery and Marcel couldn’t keep their hands off each other, as always.

Linda rested against Theo’s body, filled with contentment.

Amelia sat on Leo’s lap, eagerly anticipating my words, while Leo looked at her in awe. Seeing them, I
knew he wouldn’t mess it up.

Nicole and David sat side by side, the oldest love in the room still strong and unbreakable. Vino held
Claudia in his arms, their joy and peace evident from their calm expressions.

Katya sat on Dominic’s lap, his hand gently caressing her growing baby bump.

Alexei, Clay, Andrew, and Nelson stood at the bar, waiting for me to speak. Max and Kyle sat in
individual chairs, radiating happiness and contentment.

Gezel and Erik stood together at the bar. They hadn’t officially become a couple yet, but it was clear
that they were heading in that direction.

The only ones missing were Jake and Stephanie, and they were excused. Jake was still recovering, so
I understood why they weren’t there. With the exception of Gezel and Erik, this gathering wasn’t their

I sighed with contentment and stood upto address everyone. Sylvester stood beside me, holding my
hand tightly. I needed his touch because I was about to get emotional.

“I am grateful that we all made it,” I began, and smiles spread across their faces.

“Something that seemed incredibly difficult and impossible is now behind us.

Along the way, we forged new connections and friendships.

We discovered secrets and truths, but most importantly, we were there for each other, supporting and
helping one another, ensuring that our troubles didn’t overwhelm us.

Our friendship has grown, and we have become like family, knowing each other’s strengths and
weaknesses, and filling in each other’s gaps.

We stood by each other, offering a helping hand every step of the way.

Our friendship and love have grown stronger.

Everything we’ve been through has made us stronger and happier.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for being loyal and true, for
believing in us and for never giving up.

Even though we will soon return to our own homes, let this not be the end.

I hope our friendship and love will endure and stand the test of time.

I genuinely hope we will stay connected and always support one another, no matter what happens.

Let’s not spend too much time apart, and always we will always be there for each other. May our
friendship continue to blossom and become a story that brings happiness and joy to everyone
involved,” I said, my voice trembling with emotion.

“Long live the King and Queen!” David exclaimed, and applause filled the room. Laughter filled the air,
and Linda was the first to request a snack.

Sylvester and I sat together on a couch, and I leaned on him. The staff brought out the tray of spring
rolls, and Amelia exclaimed.

“Not again! We stuffed ourselves with those things in Mountain,” she complained, and Leo seemed to
share her sentiment. The expressions on their faces were priceless. Most of us burst into laughter.
Then the sandwiches were brought out, and everyone started teasing about them. Sylvester and I
laughed heartily. It was definitely going to be a fun afternoon.

After a while, I decided to make a request. I gently tapped my glass with a teaspoon to get everyone’s
attention. The chatter ceased as they turned their focus toward me.

“I hope my request won’t offend any of you, but Sylvester and I were hoping that all of you could have
your weddings in the north. Since it will be taking place under a blue moon, we don’t want to have to
choose which weddings to attend. We want to be there for all of you, and I doubt we can make it if we
have to travel across regions for each wedding,” I explained, my fingers crossed, hoping they would

“Sue and I don’t have a problem with that, as long as her parents are willing to come to the north for the
wedding,” Devin said, and my excitement grew. Then I turned to Leo.

“Well, I’m sure my parents won’t mind, and Gezel is already here, so why not?” he replied, and
Amelia’s face lit up. It seemed she liked the idea too.

“Marvelous! We will take care of the planning and arrangements. None of you will have to lift a finger,”
Linda offered, and I frowned playfully at her. I couldn’t believe she had been hoping for this to happen
but hadn’t mustered the courage to ask.

“Don’t give me that look; I’m not the queen,” she defended herself, and we all laughed. We had just
solved the puzzle of which wedding to attend and whom to send our well wishes and apologies to.
There would be no need forthat because all the weddings would take place in the north at the same

We continued to enjoy our time in the lounge, eating, laughing, and sharing stories. Bryce linked
Sylvester to inform him that they had brought our children. Without thinking, I sprang to my feet and
rushed toward the entrance. Linda, Avery, and Nicole followed, eager to see their children and hold
them in their arms. As I hurried, nerves and worries about the children’s well-being in the bunker filled
my mind.

Were they being taken care of properly?

Were they healthy?

Were the nannies treating them kindly?

These questions swirled in my head as we reached the entrance and saw Levi and Wilson helping
Nicole’s children out of the van.

Tanya, Elisabeth, and Justin ran toward Nicole and David, who embraced them with overwhelming
happiness. The girls hugged her father tightly, expressing how much they had missed him. They looked
well and clean. I assumed they were comfortable in their temporary location.

“They took us to a small house with a beautiful garden, Daddy,” Tanya told her father, and I glanced at
Bryce, curious about where they had kept the children.

“We didn’t keep them in the bunker, but we didn’t disclose the location either. Knowing that some
council members were among the traitors, we were afraid they might have access to specific places in
the north.

So I sent them to my mother’s bungalow in Pearl’s village, ensuring that no matter what happens, no
one would find them,’ Bryce explained.

At the same time, the nanny holding Harper brought her to her father. She had grown so much and now
resembled Stephanie a lot. The only thing she inherited from me was my eyes. She was a beautiful

They brought Liam to me, and he smiled when he saw me.

“Mama,” he said, his voice clear and audible.

“They can say some words now,” one of the nannies mentioned, but I couldn’t focus on her words. I
held Liam in my arms and counted my blessings.

I was grateful that fate had been on our side, and we had survived Yuri.

I was grateful to hold my children in my arms again. I was simply grateful.

Lily, Miles, and Oliver were with their parents. Linda and Theodore’s joy and emotions were evident as
they held and embraced their children.

Marcel held Marvin in his arms.

“Welcome home, big guy,” he said, lifting him up and blowing on his tummy to tickle him, eliciting
laughter from the little one. Joy filled the air

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