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Chapter 5360

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Gideon trailed behind the Young Taoist priest as they made their way to the side hall of the middle
courtyard in Evercloud Temple. The hall functioned as the temple’s living room, exclusively used for
hosting high-ranking guests such as abbots, supervisors from other Taoist temples and distinguished
pilgrims who had made substantial donations to the temple.

According to Taoist internal protocols, Taoist priests were allowed to pay short visits to other temples,
but they had to take precautions to authenticate each other’s identities to prevent any deceitful acts of
tourists and worshipers.

As a result, the Young Taoist found that in order to communicate any news from inside, he had to
maneuver through numerous levels of hierarchy, which proved to be more difficult than he had initially

Twenty minutes later, an old man clad in Taoist robes rushed over, a mix of delight and surprise written
on his face. He rushed through the packed room, darting a quick glance at Gideon before coming to an
abrupt stop at the threshold, transfixed as if under a magical trance.

This person was the current head of Evercloud Temple, known as Renard Stone. Renard was the
Taoist name bestowed upon him by his Master when he adopted him as a child. Ever since his early
days, his Master had addressed him by this name. After assuming the position of supervisor, he added
the word ‘Stone’ to his name.

Gideon looked at him, gently stroking his long beard and asked with a smile, “Renard, do you
recognize me?”

Two hot tears welled up in Renard’s eyes and he choked up as he replied, “Master Alastair… is it really

With a slight nod, Gideon affirmed, “It’s really me.”

Renard Stone was overcome with excitement, his gaze fixed on Gideon. He muttered, “Master Alastair,
you appear younger than Renard now… Could it be… Could it be that you have truly discovered the
secret to longevity?”

The mention of this possibility sent shockwaves through several older Taoist priests nearby. They were
all core members of Evercloud Temple who had heard the story of the real Gideon Alastair as told by
Renard. Renard had recounted to them that the last time he had seen Master Alastair was in the late
1950s. Now, nearly seventy years later, the real Gideon Alastair stood before them looking younger
than Renard himself. They couldn’t help but believe that Master Alastair had indeed unraveled the
secret to immortality.

Unlike warriors who used Martial Arts to pursue Taoism, Taoist disciples could enter the path through
various means. The Tranquil Sect, often mentioned in martial arts tales, was one such example. For
centuries, the Taoist priests of Evercloud Temple had been diligently practicing alchemy in their pursuit
of the elusive Tao. Despite the unwavering commitment of the alchemists in their community, their lack
of extensive knowledge and expertise in alchemy have led to a shortage of outstanding talents among
their members.

Gideon had become a disciple of Evercloud Temple in the late 19th century. He had resided within the
temple for over half a century until the 1940s. In his pursuit to become an alchemy Master, he had
voyaged numerous times to the very edge of the gateway to Hell. However, he had never fully
comprehended the fundamental nature of reiki. Disheartened, he had eventually made the decision to
leave Evercloud Temple and abandoned the pursuit of Tao through pills, seeking alternative methods

Fate had led him to join the Warriors Den, where, under the guidance and assistance of the Lord, he
had gained Mastery over aura. Over the years, he had returned to China several times, assuming
different identities, but he had never set foot in Evercloud Temple. He had intentionally avoided the
temple to ensure that its disciples remained unaware of his discovery of the path to longevity. In his

view, the arduous journey he had undertaken to reach this stage must remain a secret known only to

However, today, he had come to the temple because he had been unable to locate Maria in recent
days. The Lord had been urging him to go to Aurous Hill. He had procrastinated for days, but he knew
he couldn’t delay any longer. With the Lord’s impatience, he would give him an ultimatum in two or
three days at most. Thus, he needed to find allies in China who could assist him.

“Can you help me locate Maria’s current whereabouts within her range?” Gideon asked Renard,
seeking his aid.

Throughout the years, Gideon had chosen not to exert his authority among the Warriors Den. As a
result, he was left without any backing, except for the Taoist priests of Evercloud Temple, who were
always available to provide help.

As Renard looked at him with eager anticipation, Gideon flashed a nonchalant smile and advised him,
“Renard, we can’t discuss this here. Is the secret room in the backyard still intact? If so, let’s go there
and delve into the details!”

Renard nodded hastily and replied, “Yes, it’s still there! Master Alastair, please follow me!”

With Renard leading the way, Gideon, followed closely by Renard’s other disciples, made their way to
the underground secret room located in the temple’s backyard. However, at this crucial moment,
Gideon devised a plan. He turned to Renard and said, “Renard, what we’re about to discuss is of
utmost importance. To be cautious, let’s first have a private conversation!”

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