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Chapter 5370

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Jagoan’s heart raced with worry about his grandparents and wife. The looming threat of the Warriors
Den had put him on high alert, but Maria’s warning had intensified his concern. It seemed a formidable
battle awaited him. But Jagoan was no stranger to fierce struggles.

Ever since he miraculously survived at the tender age of eight, he understood that every day of his
existence was hard earned. What truly frightened him was the thought of both his grandparents and his
wife being in danger simultaneously, leaving him torn and unable to protect them all.

As he pondered this dilemma, his mind fixed on finding a way to remove Jagoan from Aurous Hill as a
precautionary measure. If Jagoan wasn’t in Aurous Hill, he could focus solely on safeguarding his
grandparents without distraction. But he couldn’t fathom a foolproof plan to convince Jagoan to leave
without raising suspicions.

Originally, he had concocted a scheme involving Elaine winning a grand prize by sheer accident. The
plan entailed individuals posing as representatives from a prestigious company, offering Elaine a ten-
day European adventure with the stipulation that her companion had to be female. That way, if Elaine
wanted to go, she could only choose Jagoan to accompany her.

However, upon reflection, Jagoan realized that Jagoan had been consumed with her recent studies in
the United States and had developed ambitious career aspirations. Asking her to embark on a ten-day
trip might not yield the desired outcome.

Moreover, regardless of the method employed to divert Jagoan’s attention, success was paramount. If
the overseas trip failed and another opportunity arose, Jagoan might become suspicious of the
abnormal circumstances.

Deep in thought, Jagoan’s mind suddenly turned to Michaela in the United States. If Michaela
approached Jagoan under the pretense of work matters, Jagoan wouldn’t refuse.

Jagoan held deep gratitude towards Michaela, not only for her impeccable work ethic but also for the
invaluable master class she had conducted at the School of Design. Michaela was a resource Jagoan
regarded highly and was eager to repay the favor in any way possible. If Michaela asked for Jagoan’s
assistance, she would undoubtedly agree!

Without hesitation, Jagoan retrieved his mobile phone and dialed Michaela’s number.

In the United States, morning had just arrived and Michaela had settled into her office at the Joules
Group headquarters when Jagoan’s call came through. Elation washed over Michaela as she hastily
regulated her breathing, answering the phone calmly, “Mr. Wade, do you require my assistance?”

Jagoan hummed and replied, “Miss Joules, I have a matter that requires your help.”

Unhesitatingly, Michaela responded, “Mr. Wade, you may command me. Anything you need.”

Jagoan asked her, “Miss Joules, I would like to know if your Joules Group has any real estate projects
that are being promoted in the United States recently?”

Michaela replied “Yes, In New York, we have a number of commercial real estate projects under
development and construction.”

Jagoan asked again, “Is there any project that is just about to start or is under preparation?”

“Yes.” Michaela said, “We have a commercial center in New York. Preparations are underway and it will
be officially launched soon.”

“Great.” Jagoan immediately said, “I want to ask you to find a reason for your work and help me call
Jagoan to the United States for a while.”

Curiosity piqued, Michaela inquired, “Mr. Wade, don’t you wish to be with Jagoan?”

“No.” Jagoan replied evenly. “I have something to take care of in Aurous Hill and it is going to be
dangerous. I want her to stay in the United States for a while.”

Concern laced her nervous tone as she asked, “Mr. Wade, have the Warriors Den found you…”

Jagoan clarified, “It’s not me they’re after, it’s my grandparents. They’re all in Aurous Hill.”

Wrought with anxiety, Michaela pressed him, “You… have you met Grandpa Evans and Grandma

“Not yet,” Jagoan replied, letting out a soft sigh. He spoke with a sense of helplessness, “If they’re truly
in danger this time, I’m afraid they won’t be able to hide.”

Anxiously, she asked, “Mr. Wade, do you need assistance? If necessary, I will swiftly mobilize everyone
to Aurous Hill!”

Jagoan replied, “The more people involved, the messier it becomes. That’s why I thought of a way to
get Jagoan to leave first.”

Jagoan then inquired, “Miss Joules, can you find a means for Jagoan to visit the United States for a
while? The sooner, the better.”

Without hesitation, Michaela reassured him, “No problem! Don’t worry, Mr. Wade. I’ll contact Jagoan

Jagoan expressed his gratitude, saying, “Thank you, Miss Joules.”

After ending the call, Jagoan parked his car by the side of the road in the Thompson First villa area and
didn’t rush to return.

Five minutes later, Michaela called him back, excitement evident in her voice as she informed him, “Mr.
Wade, I’ve already spoken to Jagoan. I invited her to join the preparations for the commercial real
estate project. I explained that I had scrapped the previous design plan temporarily and the project was
at a standstill due to unsatisfactory proposals from renowned design companies. I told her I wanted her
to come and help extinguish the fire.”

Eagerly, Jagoan asked, “What did Jagoan say?”

Michaela replied, “Jagoan expressed concern since it’s a massive project with a two-billion-dollar
investment. She doubted whether she was qualified to provide guidance. However, I assured her that
sometimes inspiration strikes during the design process and I emphasized my desire to incorporate a
touch of Chinese style. American designers only grasp Chinese elements at a superficial level. I also
emphasized the substantial losses incurred daily due to the project’s standstill. Finally, she agreed to
help but insisted on discussing it with you first.”

Relieved, Jagoan let go of the burden weighing on his heart and said, “Then I’ll head into the house

Quickly, Michaela asked, “Mr. Wade, is there genuinely nothing else that requires my assistance?”

Jagoan’s smile brimmed with gratitude as he responded, “Your assistance in taking Jagoan away is an
enormous favor.”

Michaela sighed helplessly, conceding, “Very well, Mr. Wade. If you ever need my help, please don’t
hesitate to ask.”

“Thank you,” Jagoan acknowledged before ending the conversation.

After a while, Jagoan cruised back to his humble abode.

As soon as he stepped through the threshold, Jagoan greeted him eagerly, wearing a hint of
embarrassment on her face. “Husband… I have something I need to discuss with you…”

Jagoan put on a facade of curiosity and inquired, “What’s the matter?”

Jagoan hesitated before speaking, “Well, Michaela just called me in a hurry, seeking my assistance
with some design matters. I feel like she’s in a bind, so I wanted to discuss it with you…”

Jagoan nodded solemnly and responded, “You two are good friends and if she needs your help, then
go and help her.”

Jagoan hurriedly asked, “Darling, could you accompany me?”

Jagoan’s expression suddenly turned a shade of embarrassment. “Well… I might not be able to visit
the United States anytime soon, several clients are awaiting my Feng Shui expertise. You know, we
spent quite some time in the States on our last trip. I’ve already promised a few clients to provide
consultations within the next few days.”

Disappointment flickered across Jagoan’s face as she expressed, “But the thought of venturing so far
away to the United States without you… it’s hard to bear…”

Jagoan gently caressed her cheek and replied with a smile, “You’re going there for work, my dear. I
can’t accompany you everywhere. People might laugh at you, just as they would if I brought my wife
along for Feng Shui demonstrations.”

He continued, “Furthermore, you and Miss Joules are close friends. If you go by yourself… I imagine
she might invite you to stay with her. It’s a chance to collaborate during the day and engage in heartfelt
conversations at night, don’t you think?”

Although Jagoan possessed a gentle demeanor, she always strived to be a strong woman in her
professional life.

Jagoan’s words had struck a chord within her. A woman embarking on a work related journey shouldn’t
carry her husband along as a mere backdrop. It would not only make her appear incapable but also
reflect poorly on her husband. Moreover, Jagoan’s final remark hit the nail on the head.

Jagoan and Michaela were good friends and involving her husband all the time would undoubtedly
raise suspicion. With these thoughts in mind, she reluctantly nodded apologetically to Jagoan and said,
“Husband, if that’s the case, I’ll have to go alone. While I’m away from Aurous Hill, please take care of
yourself and look after my parents.”

Jagoan smiled reassuringly and replied, “Don’t worry. By the way, dear, have you given Miss Joules a
definite answer?”

Jagoan nodded and confirmed, “I told her I needed to discuss it with you before responding.”

Jagoan’s smile widened. “In that case, you can call her right now and let her know it’s all settled. You
can head to the United States.”

Jagoan hummed in agreement and promptly dialed Michaela’s number.

On the other end of the line, Michaela impatiently inquired, “Jagoan, have you informed Mr. Wade?”

Jagoan replied, “I’ve discussed it with Jagoan and I’ll leave the household matters in his hands. I’ll
arrive in the United States as soon as possible. See you there.”

“Great!” Michaela exclaimed. “I’ll arrange for a long range business jet to depart from Aurous Hill,
aiming to reach there before dawn tomorrow. This way, you can leave early in the morning.”

Surprised, Jagoan asked, “So fast?”

“Absolutely!” Michaela confessed with a tinge of helplessness. “Let me be honest with you, things are
extremely urgent right now. My project has suffered a day of shutdown, resulting in millions of dollars in
losses. If it continues, I won’t even have the face to confront the shareholders…”

Indeed, Michaela had temporarily halted the project, incurring daily losses in the tens of millions.
However, the real blow wasn’t just monetary. The true setback involved scrapping all the previous
design plans and associated preparations, amounting to over 100 million US dollars in direct losses.
But to the wealthy Joules family, that sum was inconsequential. In Michaela’s eyes, whether it was 100
million or even 100 billion US dollars, she would readily pay it if Jagoan asked. Hence, these losses
held no significance to her, she was prepared to shoulder them.

Hearing this, Jagoan understood the urgency and knew she couldn’t waste any more time. She
promptly responded without hesitation, “In that case, I’ll pack my things shortly and head to the airport
early tomorrow morning.”

Then, a thought crossed her mind and she quickly added, “By the way, Michaela, there’s no need to go
through the trouble of arranging a business jet. I’ll check the available flights tomorrow morning and
book a ticket accordingly.”

Michaela interjected, “Don’t bother, Jagoan. I’ve already checked and there are no direct flights from
Aurous Hill to New York. If you have to make a transfer in another city, you won’t arrive until the day
after tomorrow. So pack your bags and let Mr. Wade take you to the airport tomorrow morning. I’ll
handle the rest.”

“Alright…” Jagoan conceded. Her intention wasn’t for Michaela to bear excessive expenses, knowing
that a private jet to the United States would cost at least a million. However, Michaela’s explanation

about the lack of time, coupled with the potential loss of over ten million dollars from one day’s delay,
made Jagoan drop her resistance.

Michaela offered another reminder, “Oh and Jagoan, travel light. I have everything you need for daily
life and work. Once you arrive, you’ll be staying at my place and I’ll vacate a room for you. If you need
anything else, feel free to use what I already have. So, pack light this time, simpler is better.”

Jagoan said “Alright…” With Michaela’s urgent explanation, Jagoan understood that time was of the
essence. She hung up the phone, returned to her room and began packing her belongings.

Despite Michaela’s request to travel light, Jagoan ensured she included the essentials, wanting to
avoid inconveniencing Michaela during their trip to the United States.

Meanwhile, Michaela swiftly coordinated with a business jet from the Joules family stationed in Hong
Kong. It had taken off late at night, en route to Aurous Hill. The plan was for the jet to land early in the
morning, awaiting Jagoan’s arrival before departing for New York.

Realizing the tight schedule, Jagoan also felt the pressure. She intended to head to the airport at 6
a.m. the next morning.

At that hour, traffic would be light in Aurous Hill and she could reach the airport in just thirty minutes. If
everything went smoothly, she might even board the plane and take off by 7 a.m.

Contemplating the journey to the United States, thousands of miles away, Jagoan couldn’t help but feel
a pang of reluctance to part with Jagoan. Nevertheless, she had no other choice. After all, Michaela
had been of great help to her and Jagoan had always desired an opportunity to repay the favor.

Finally, Jagoan breathed a sigh of relief, satisfied that his plan to send Jagoan away had succeeded.

After the couple finished packing Jagoan’s suitcases together, Jagoan suddenly remembered
something and turned to Jagoan, asking, “Honey, do you want to inform your parents about your trip?”

Jagoan pondered for a moment, then shook her head. “Let’s skip that. If I tell Mom that I’m going to the
United States again, she might insist on accompanying me. But it’s not a vacation this time. I can’t
possibly bring her along. So tomorrow morning, you’ll take me to the airport and once I’m on the plane,
you can tell her. I’ll explain that my decision to go to the United States was made hastily at night and I
didn’t have time to inform her. Even if she wants to come, it’ll be too late.”

Jagoan nodded, sharing the concern that Elaine might cling to Jagoan like a persistent shadow. He
worried that Elaine’s presence might cause trouble during their stay in the United States, a situation
Jagoan wouldn’t be able to handle.

On that restless night, Jagoan lay upon his bed, eyes wide open, defying the embrace of sleep. Despite
the imminent arrival of his formidable adversary, not a trace of panic danced upon his countenance.
Instead, a flicker of anticipation kindled within him for the impending encounter with the Marshal in the
forthcoming confrontation.

Ever since Jagoan had acquired the sacred tome known as the ‘Apocalyptic Book,’ he had never
encountered another soul who had mastered the arcane art of reiki. Memories of the eradication of the
first Marshal lingered in his mind, a remote command given from Aurous Hill, executing a swift and
lethal strike with uncanny precision in distant Cyprus.

This time, however, he knew beyond doubt that he would face the Marshal from the Warriors Den in a
fierce battle, waged in close quarters. The future held no sway over his thoughts, for deep within his
heart, a seed of expectation blossomed for this forthcoming clash.

The foes of yesteryear paled in comparison to this new adversary, their feeble attempts easily brushed
aside. Now, an unparalleled opportunity presented itself to test the true depths of his own strength.

Though Maria warned him of the peril that awaited, Jagoan nurtured a steadfast belief in his chances of
victory. His confidence stemmed from the fact that he remained hidden, his true abilities veiled, while
the enemy, he surmised, would unknowingly play into his hands, unwittingly setting the stage for
Zachary to lay down the ‘ bells.’

Thus, even in the face of an adversary lurking in the light while he concealed himself in the shadows,
Jagoan knew that the odds swung in his favor. A better chance of triumph lay within his grasp, waiting
to be seized.

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