Novel Name : The Divorced Billionaire Heiress

Chapter 2602 A Chance to Go Fishing

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As soon as Nicole left, the waiter at the side came over with a bouquet of flowers.

Selena was taken aback. Then, she turned her head and sneezed.

Eric quickly blocked Selena’s path and glanced at the waiter with cold eyes.

“Nobody ordered flowers. Who sent them?”

The waiter paused and said anxiously, “It’s from a guest from CK Corporation. They said that they
specially sent a bouquet of flowers to congratulate you and your wife on your wedding.”

Eric frowned and said mercilessly.

“Take it away! My wife is allergic to pollen. Don’t bring it in front of my wife again.”

“Yes, sir.”

The waiter quickly took the bouquet away.

Eric looked slightly relaxed and looked at the two people opposite him.

“Sorry, my wife hasn’t been in good health recently. If she drinks wine laced with pollen, she may
suffocate to death, so she needs to be extra careful. There’s no pollen in the whole venue.”

The boss next to him nodded. “You should be careful.”

Noah frowned and was puzzled.

“But I remember there were a lot of fresh air-flown flowers at your wedding. Is Mrs. Ferguson allergic to
a certain kind of pollen?”

Selena smiled and took Eric’s arm.

“Of course, it’s not a specific type of pollen. Those air-flown flowers were specially treated to ensure
that there was no pollen. My husband spent a lot of thought and effort because of this. I told him not to
bother and to use fake flowers, but he just refused.”

Eric also laughed.

“How can we use fake flowers? I guarantee that all the flowers that come to you won’t have pollen.”

The couple looked at each other and smiled. They looked so warm and intimate like no one could get
between them.

The two people next to him saw this, and one of them walked away embarrassedly.

Noah smiled. “Mr. Ferguson and Mrs. Ferguson, you’re such a loving couple.”

Selena raised her eyebrows, looked at Eric, and said, “You guys can go about your way. I’ll go over
there and say hello.”

Eric nodded, looked at Noah, and said, “Mr. Stanton, you can be frank with me.”

Noah smiled embarrassingly. The reason he did not leave was because he had something to say.

“Mr. Ferguson, can you consider Jericho City for the project you’re currently cooperating with Stanton

Eric looked at him with a playful smile.

“Are you trying to grab business right under Nicole’s nose?”

Noah’s expression changed, and he immediately denied it.

“Of course not. I just wanted to join your cooperation. Jericho City has been following the headquarters’
path. In fact, there are many inconveniences. If we can participate in heavyweight projects, we can
relax a little.”

Noah smiled tactfully and looked really embarrassed.

Nicole’s management style was both stern and relaxed. She seldom participated in the decision-
making of Jericho City’s branch recently, but Grant had a tight grip on it.

Grant took almost all the power from Noah.

Noah also wanted to win by chance.

If Eric did not marry Nicole, it would be easier to talk about business.

Eric immediately understood Noah’s thoughts. He curled his lips and chuckled, then wore the usual
indifferent mask that he used while talking business.

“Oh, what benefit do I have for offending the Stanton family because of you?”

Eric bluntly talked about the most realistic scenario.

Noah pursed his lips. “I’m willing to use all the shares in my hand as collateral.”

Eric froze slightly. He was a little surprised.

Noah did not have many shares, but it was not a small amount either.

Floyd was still very generous to his younger brother and had never treated him badly in terms of

However, the overall composition of the Stanton Corporation was like an iron fist. Many people wanted
to dilute their shares and get a piece of the pie, but they could not find a chance.

Noah even took the initiative to exchange shares with Eric.

Eric’s eyes froze slightly, and he lowered his eyes to ponder about it.

“Mr. Ferguson, I came here with sincerity. It’s best to keep this matter a secret. If other people find out,
our cooperation will really fail. I know that you have always been a little wary of Stanton Corporation.
This is a great opportunity. You’re already married and have nothing to do with the Stantons, so you
don’t have to worry about anything anymore. Mr. Ferguson, I believe you’ll make the right
consideration. I’ll wait for your good news.”

Noah raised his glass.

Eric touched it lightly.

After the two drank together, they left separately.

Selena’s wine was still on the table.

Eric forgot to take it.

Noah glanced at it, paused, and left as if nothing had happened.

Nicole did not stay for long and was remotely coaxed away by Clayton.

Now, Nicole was carrying Chatty’s younger brother or sister, who occupied Chatty’s thoughts all day.
Chatty would read stories to the baby every day before going to bed. After reading the story, Chatty
would also lull herself to sleep.

It saved Nicole a lot of work.

Julie also left with Nicole.

Selena was chatting with the other guests. She quickly adapted to her new identity.

She did not need to curry favor with others and just needed to say some harmless nonsense when
others came to her.

At the end of the party, Selena was so tired that she did not come out to send the guests off. Eric
arranged for someone to send the guests off before he turned back.

The waiter checked the wine glasses one by one.

There were also countless cameras in various places and corners.

It took twenty minutes.

Selena stood on the balcony to feel the breeze. She thought about everyone she saw.

They all seemed to be smiling and wearing a mask that she could not see through.

That mask made it impossible for her to tell who her real father, who wanted to kill her, was.

Eric walked in, sat beside her with a calm expression, reached out, and touched her shoulder.

“Is your wound better?”

Selena smiled and nodded. “It’s much better, but it’s a little itchy.”

“It means it’s recovering. It’s okay. I’ll ask someone to remove the scar later. It won’t leave a mark.”

Eric’s voice was low and hoarse. As he stroked her wound, his eyes were extremely dark.

Every time he thought of that scene, he would tremble with fear.

He would never forget it.

Selena knew that he also had a lot of wounds, so she leaned her head gently on his shoulder.

“Are your wounds still painful?”

Eric paused, lowered his head, and kissed her forehead.

“It doesn’t hurt. I won’t be in pain as long as you’re not hurt.”

Eric wrapped his arms around her waist and held her in his arms.

Soon, Mitchell brought in the report.

“Mr. Ferguson, there is no pollen found in the wine.”

“Did he not attend? Or did he not have a chance to do it?”

Selena was a little disappointed.

Mitchell paused. “We have given him a lot of opportunities. Maybe he noticed something, so he didn’t
make a move.”

Eric remained silent and did not speak.

After the bodyguards finished watching the surveillance footage, he came in.

“Mr. Ferguson, I didn’t find anyone tampering with anything.”

Eric opened his eyes slightly and touched Selena’s hair. He looked unfazed.

“Then let’s be frank and ask people to approach them and do a paternity test.”

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