Novel Name : The First Heir

Chapter 3897

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The deer sobbed as it transmitted its voice, “Goodbye and take care…”

Jagoan nodded and entered the portal. His figure disappeared in an instant.

A bright world entered his eyes. The sun hung high in the sky, shining on sprawling mountains and lush

What is this place?

Jagoan muttered under his breath.

This huge mountain range seemed similar to the ancestral land.

Before he had time to observe, he sensed a presence from afar. He jolted and quickly zoomed through
the air to hide himself.

A moment later, several streaks of light whizzed over and stopped on the spot.

“That’s strange… There was a presence here just now, but it disappeared when we arrived.”

They were dressed in white robes with a pattern of the sun and the moon printed on them. One of them
frowned suspiciously.

“Should we report this incident to the mayor?”

“No, what if we made a mistake?”

“Recently, some people from the land of the sinned blood teleported over here. I heard that a force
called the ancient Heavenly Court opened the portal by mistake and quickly closed it again.”

As they chatted, Jagoan was startled as he overheard them in the distance.

Where is this place?

The ancient Heavenly Court actually opened a portal here. That was astounding news. He wondered
what the ancient Heavenly Court was planning.

As he pondered, he suddenly felt something and looked up at the sky.

There were ripples in the sky before warcraft a size of 100 meters emerged out of thin air. The warcraft
loomed all over the sky, which seemed a little scary from a distance. Even Jagoan felt apprehensive.

The warcraft felt very powerful, all equipped with magic circles and cannons.

Is that the battle group of the ancient Heavenly Court?

Jagoan looked at the pattern on the warcraft, which was vaguely similar to the pattern of the Heavenly
Court, and made a guess.

He hid underground and counted the warcraft that appeared. It was seemingly endless. More than a
hundred ships appeared after a few minutes, and the number was still increasing.

After that, a figure in golden armor appeared. He was full of an aura powerful enough to suppress the
mountain range effortlessly.

A nine-star powerhouse!

“Greetings, heavenly guard of the ancient Heavenly Court!” The people in the sun and moon robes
quickly greeted.

The heavenly guard nodded and said arrogantly, “Don’t worry, we’ll just stop in this mountain range and
won’t enter the city.”

“Yes, Lord Heavenly Guard!”

They spoke respectfully.

One of them smiled and said, “Lord Heavenly Guard, this city is ruled by the Jagoan royal family. Can
so many heavenly troops teleport to the land of the sinned blood if the portal was only opened for five

His remark was full of meaning, but it was quite obvious.

Hearing at this, Jagoan was confused.

How many warcraft could be teleported in five minutes?

What were the remaining warcraft for?

“We made an agreement with the Jagoan royal family. They’ll provide five nine-star powerhouses to
drill a hole in the stargate’s loophole to open this portal, while we’ll try our best to send people inside
with other methods. As for the method used, we can’t disclose anything about it, but it won’t pose any
danger to you,” The heavenly guard spoke coldly like a machine.

The people in robes looked at each other before saying, “In that case, we shall return and report this
matter. Please stay in the mountains and don’t move around. It’d be bad if our people mistook you for a

After saying this, those people zoomed away through the air.

The powerhouses of the ancient Heavenly Court made arrangements for the warcraft to land here.

Below them, Jagoan’s eyes widened.

The ancient Heavenly Court was going to invade the ancestral land, exploit the stargate’s loophole, and
cooperate with the Jagoan royal family!

It was such a coincidence that he came across this.

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