Novel Name : The First Heir

Chapter 3899

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Since Jagoan was in no hurry, he simply looked at the sky leisurely while waiting for the people from
the Jagoan royal family to arrive. When the time came, he would blow everyone into smithereens.
Besides, he had another bold plan.

If this plan succeeded, it would definitely arouse the anger of the Jagoan royal family. Jagoan wanted
to keep a low profile at first, but he changed his mind now.

Since they teamed up with the ancient Heavenly Court, they could not blame him. Thus, he waited.
When darkness fell in the evening, pressure struck in all directions.

The birds and beasts in the mountains trilled and roared, becoming restless.

Jagoan, who was meditating with his eyes closed, quickly opened his eyes and concealed his presence
even more.

With three streaks of light in the lead, hundreds of figures followed closely. These people were very
powerful, and the three leading lights were at the late stage of nine stars, while the others were eight

This sight was simply spectacular.

These people arrived in a flash in front of the warcraft troops. The golden-armored heavenly guard flew
out and greeted the new arrivals loudly.

“Everyone, please open the portal for us. In addition to the remuneration given to you by the royal
family, the ancient Heavenly Court will give you something too!”

“Oh? I wonder what the ancient Heavenly Court will give us. Hahaha…” Among the three, an old man
with gray hair said with a laugh.

This old man was stepping on a flying sword. He was dressed in a fluttering white robe with a red
Jagoan imprint between his brows. It seemed that he was quite a prominent figure in the Jagoan royal

Of the three nine-star powerhouses, he was obviously the leader. As soon as he spoke, the other two
nodded and looked at the golden-armored heavenly guard.

“A holy artifact. Other than the three of you, there are two more coming, so you need to discuss among
yourselves regarding the distribution,” the heavenly guard said.

The three powerhouses were shocked. The ancient Heavenly Court was so generous to offer a holy
artifact just to make sure they put in more effort.

Although there was only one, the person who really needed it would definitely give up more to others,
so everyone would benefit in the end.

“In that case, we’ll definitely do our best to open the portal for the ancient Heavenly Court, but you’re
here too early. It may take another day before the portal is opened.”

The old man smiled kindly before adding while looking a little confused, “Why didn’t you go to the
chimera royal family but come to us instead?”

Hearing this, the powerhouses around were also curious.

By right, the chimera royal family owned a territory that could better connect to the stargate. The portal
would be stronger and the price would also be lower.

The ancient Heavenly Court paid countless resources just to exploit a loophole in the stargate for five
minutes to send a battle group into the ancestral land.

Was it really worth it?

The golden-armored heavenly guard smiled. The roots of the nine royal families were in the Starfall
Continent, so it was normal if they could not understand this.

The ancient Heavenly Court urgently needed a piece of land to develop, and the ancestral land was a
good choice. Enslaving the people of the ancestral land was a long-term investment. As for why they
did not approach the chimera royal family, it was no secret.

“There’s someone with the chimera imprint who keeps messing with the ancient Heavenly Court and
interfering in our work. The ancient Heavenly Court paid a high price this time because we don’t want
any accidents.”

“I see… In that case, rest assured that the Jagoan royal family will protect your safety. We have
evacuated this area within a thousand-mile radius. Even nine-star powerhouses can’t enter.”

On the other side, Jagoan’s expression was a little odd after hearing that. He could not help grinning.
He was here, and he brought a big surprise too!

Without hesitation, his mind moved.

The old man was still talking on that side.

“If anything happens, the Jagoan royal family will…”

Before he finished speaking, he saw one of the warcraft explode like fireworks in the distance.
Everyone’s eyes were dazzled by the burst of light.

It was just the beginning. One after another, warcraft kept exploding in the air.

In an instant, dusk was illuminated like day, and waves of heat spread rapidly through the sky!

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