Novel Name : The First Heir

Chapter 3905

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Before this, he purely used the laws of fire or added some unskilled rules of wind into his move. He
never thought that the combination of the laws of wind and fire could produce such a powerful move.

I need to spend some time thinking about the affinity between the laws.

If I can find the right combination between the laws, the whole will definitely be greater than the sum of
its parts…

Jagoan looked down at his hands and muttered under his breath.

The three old men did not give him the time to think about it. No matter how strong Jagoan was, they
could not allow him to trample on the dignity of the Jagoan royal family like this.

This battle was not only for their dignity but also for the honor of the Jagoan royal family.

As such, the three old men mobilized all their energy without further ado and used their power of the
laws to the extreme.

Facing three nine-star powerhouses, Jagoan dared not drop his guard. The chimera imprint on his
forehead was unleashed to its maximum, the Lunar Sword and the Caelum Sword appeared in his
hands, and the sword formation was launched at the same time.

“Greenpeak Sword Formation!”

Two sword formations appeared in an instant between Jagoan and the three old men.

As soon as the sword formations appeared, an astonishing power followed. Sword lights loomed in the
sword formations, and no one dared to question the power of these two sword formations.

Seeing this, the three old men glanced at each other. Two of the old men urged their energy and
rushed into the sword formation.

“Water Element, Phantom Dragon!”

“Wind Element, the Eye of the Storm!”

The two old men rushed into the sword formation and unleashed their moves, trying to break the
formation. Their plan was to break the sword formation, then the three of them would attack Jagoan

Unfortunately, they underestimated the power of this sword formation. The two old men who charged
into the sword formation simply could not break the sword formation.

When Jagoan launched the sword formation earlier, he used two godly artifacts to activate it, which led
to the enhanced power of the sword formation this time.

Seeing that his two helpers would not be able to take care of the sword formation for a while, the
remaining old man was startled.

When he faced Jagoan earlier, he was already at a disadvantage. Now that they were one-on-one, he
knew he was no match for Jagoan.

In desperation, the old man had no choice but to summon all the eight-star powerhouses behind him to
deal with Jagoan together.

“Everyone, charge! We must get rid of this person in front of us! We can’t let the Jagoan royal family

Hearing the old man’s words, although those people felt afraid, they still followed the old man and
attacked Jagoan together.

Jagoan smiled at the sight of the incoming attackers.

With his current strength, not to mention a dozen or so eight-star powerhouses, he could easily take on
more than a hundred of them. It would only take more time.

The only concern he had was the powerhouse in the late stage of nine stars.

If he could not get rid of that powerhouse quickly, when the other two practitioners in the middle stages
of nine stars broke through the sword formation, Jagoan would have to face three nine-star
powerhouses at the same time!

This was definitely the last thing Jagoan wanted to see, so he had to get rid of the old man in front of
him as soon as possible.

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