Novel Name : The First Heir

Chapter 3909

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The three old men’s joint attack was ridiculously powerful. Even though Jagoan used all his trump
cards, he could not deal with it.

In desperation, Jagoan had no choice but to add the rules of wind that he had not fully mastered yet.

A layer of light green energy covered the two swords, and miniature wind blade vortexes hovered
around the sword light, further increasing the power of Jagoan’s attack.


As Jagoan had been trying to get used to the power of the wind element recently, he suddenly
comprehended the power of the laws of the wind element.

Maybe because practice made perfect or perhaps because of his extraordinary talent, Jagoan was
finally able to use the laws of wind. Thus, he quickly added the laws of wind he had just mastered into
the sword light.

The green sword light became brighter, and the surrounding wind blades also became bigger and

With the addition of the power of the laws of wind, Jagoan‘s laws of fire were also greatly enhanced.

At this moment, Jagoan’s move finally overwhelmed the three old men. The huge water element sword
started to crack and collapse inch by inch.

After the sword shattered, the two swords in Jagoan’s hands turned into two huge sword lights that
appeared in front of the three old men.

The move that the three old men performed at the risk of losing their powers was destroyed by Jagoan

All of them panicked!

Even if the three still had their full strength, it would be dangerous for them to take Jagoan’s move, not
to mention that their powers had declined now.

In their current state, they could never defeat Jagoan.


Jagoan’s attack hit the three of them when they could hardly resist the attack. In an instant, the three of
them spat blood, flew out, and fell heavily to the ground.

After landing, the three of them spat another mouthful of blood and passed out. No one knew if they
were still alive. Even if they could survive after this great battle, they would be severely injured and their
levels greatly reduced. However, it was more likely that they would never wake up again.

After taking care of the three old men, the chimera mark glowed on Jagoan’s forehead again, and a
pair of flaming wings grew out of his back.

With a flap of his wings, Jagoan flew into the distance. In a flash, he left before the eyes of the golden-
armored heavenly guards.

Jagoan left in such a hurry because his energy was almost exhausted in the earlier battle while being
surrounded by the people of the ancient Heavenly Court.

He ruined the plan between the ancient Heavenly Court and the Jagoan royal family, so these people
would never let him off so easily. Thus, Jagoan chose to leave immediately.

The golden-armored heavenly guards had not returned to their senses from the shocking battle yet
when Jagoan left.

“Capture him! No matter what, we can’t let him go! We must catch him!”

Seeing that Jagoan left, the golden-armored heavenly guard in the lead quickly reacted and ordered
the subordinates behind him to go after Jagoan.

He knew very well that the other party ran away so quickly because the earlier battle was too
exhausting. If they could not take the opportunity to catch him now, they stood no chance with their
ability once Jagoan recovered.

Leaving such a powerful opponent to the ancient Heavenly Court was something the golden-armored
heavenly guard would never allow.

As his subordinates chased after Jagoan, he said coldly, “This person must die at all costs!”

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