Novel Name : The First Heir

Chapter 3912

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“Moreover, I only need one person to pay this price…” Mr. Lowe looked at everyone in Beechwood
Tavern while speaking.

Everyone was taken aback by this remark. In their opinion, 100,000 star dollars was not a lot but not
little either.

Beechwood Tavern was just an average tavern. Even people with some money would not spend
100,000 star dollars to buy a piece of information. However, the price given by Mr. Lowe represented
something to a certain extent.

After all, in the past, he would only ask for thousands of star dollars at most for such information. It
would be enough if each person gave a few star dollars to make up the total, but he wanted one person
to pay for it today!

Mr. Lowe chuckled and added, “This information is aimed at one person, and I think he should know
exactly who he is.”

Mr. Lowe’s eyes swept over everyone present again but did not deliberately linger on anyone.
Obviously, he was waiting for that person to step forward.

Everyone understood and looked around without a word.

Jagoan could not stop the corners of his mouth from twitching, but he did not think that the news was
aimed at him. After all, no one knew about him.

Since the news was kept under wraps in the military city, it meant that they would no longer send
anyone in pursuit of Jagoan.

Jagoan was puzzled about this too.

Was the Jagoan royal family willing to suffer the loss just like this?

That was not the style of a royal family. However, it was good news for him, so he did not bother about

As Jagoan pondered, there was a chuckle.

“It’s said that Mr. Lowe knows everything in Asprey City. Nothing can escape your eyes, and your
sources of information are more than intricate. You really live up to your name…”

“Is your information aimed at me?”

Hearing this, everyone immediately turned their attention to that person. It was a young man in his 20s
with a sword on his back and a gentle smile on his face. He seemed very friendly at first glance.

Mr. Lowe smiled lightly and said, ” Stratos Guild, Cesar Felder…”

Hearing this, everyone looked at Cesar in disbelief.

Stratos Guild was a big guild in the territory of the Jagoan royal family. The strongest person in the
guild had reached the peak of nine stars. Given the chance, he could breach that level and reach the
holy tier!

The most talented student in Stratos Guild was none other than Cesar Felder!

“It’s amazing that such a character would appear in such a small tavern.”

“Go figure. I heard that Cesar has reached nine stars. I wonder if that’s true.”

“I don‘t think he has reached that level yet, but it’s possible for him to display the strength of nine stars.”

“In that case, he can fight beyond his level once he reaches nine stars!”

“Isn’t it normal for a genius like that to fight beyond his level?”

Various discussions were heard, and Cesar looked at Mr. Lowe with a faint smile.

“Since you want 100,000 star dollars, I’ll pay you… But if your information is useless to me, I’ll take
back the money.”

Mr. Lowe chuckled and said, “I never lie.”

Hearing that, Cesar took out a small bag without hesitation and tossed it to Mr. Lowe.

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