Novel Name : The Man’s Decree

Chapter 2275 Despair

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“Don't fret, Wayne. There are other people in the secret realm, so I'm sure they can still hold off for a
while if they encounter demon beasts. Let's head over there to rescue them right away. It should be
fine!” Wayne advised.

“It's all your fault. It must've been your disciple who brought Mr. Chance into the secret realm!” Chester
shot daggers at Wayne.

Wayne chose to back down, not wanting to start an argument at that juncture. “Playing the blame game
under such circumstances doesn't help at all. We should act fast. Let's go!”

Just as they were prepared to barge into the secret realm with their men to rescue Jared and the rest,
an anxious-looking Lamar Macall arrived with his men. He was worried sick when he found out that his
son had also entered the secret realm and had run into demon beasts.

Upon seeing Chester and Wayne getting ready to depart with their men, he asked, “What are you

“We're going on a rescue mission! Demon beast attacks are happening in the secret realm, and some
of us are trapped inside!” Wayne stated.

“Perfect! Let's go together! My son is trapped in there too!” Lamar suggested.

Under such dire circumstances, they disregarded the conflict that once happened between them and
put their differences aside, for saving lives was their top priority.

Soon, hundreds of people swarmed into the secret realm through the Gate of Fire, rushing to their

destination without delay.

At the same time, Brad from the Gate of Thunder headed toward the demon beast secret realm with
members of Waxing Crescent Castle to rescue Claus, who was stuck inside too.

The battle within the demon beast secret realm had reached its peak at that very moment.

The Blazing Tiger's extraordinary speed had surpassed Jared's wildest imagination. It moved so fast
that Jared couldn't even touch it.

On the other hand, Kayden was surrounded by many flying demon beasts, while the golden dragon
that manifested from the Power of Dragons launched continuous attacks on the flying creatures,
utilizing its advantage.

Meanwhile, many people who were fighting on the ground had already perished after being attacked by
the demon beasts, failing to endure the intensity of the onslaught.

A disciple from Waxing Crescent Castle swung his sword and chopped off the head of a demon beast
that charged at him. However, before he could retract his sword, another demon beast rushed toward
him. A terrifying surge of aura enveloped the disciple as the beast growled and tore his head off.

The same gruesome scene kept replaying, for the amount of demon beasts was overwhelming.

Evangeline and Zain desperately fought for their lives. They had no spare time to help Jared even
though they wanted to.

Gradually, more people died amidst the massacre, and following the increase in casualties, gaps

started appearing in the defensive circle they formed, making the situation more precarious than it
already was.

Jared stared down at the ground from mid-air. A frosty glint appeared in his eyes as he looked at the
lifeless bodies.

“Die, you animals!” Jared roared while holding the Dragonslayer Sword, and the golden dragon that
joined the battle growled before instantly returning to Jared's side.

Jared was determined to slaughter the Blazing Tiger as quickly as possible so that he could save
everyone's lives.

Terror filled the Blazing Tiger's eyes as it stared at the golden dragon that lingered behind Jared. It
immediately turned to flee into the depths of Demon Beast Mountain.

Jared sprang into action. He jumped into the air and chased after the Blazing Tiger, focusing all his
energy on eliminating it.

Unknowingly, he chased the Blazing Tiger into the center of Demon Beast Mountain. In the meantime,
Kayden grew flustered while he faced the flying beasts alone.

Kayden's spiritual energy was almost depleted after a long, intense battle, so he was hanging by a
thread, struggling to hold on.

Just then, a flying demon beast with sharp fangs charged straight at Kayden. It opened its bloody maw,
wanting to swallow the latter whole.

Faced with such a threat, Kayden cursed inwardly. Alas, he had run out of ways to save himself and
could only close his eyes in despair.

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