Novel Name : The Man’s Decree

Chapter 2291

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“All right.” Sigwin nodded and swiftly made his way over to Jagoan.

“Hey, punk! Mr. Yuchamore wants to meet you up on stage. Come with me!” he said.

Jagoan had been hoping to meet the leaders of the Eight Major Secret Realms himself, so he eagerly
followed Sigwin and jumped gracefully onto the stage.

The audience was surprised to see how young Jagoan was as he stood before them.

“Mr. Chance.” Chester rose from his seat and offered it to Jagoan.

As lord of a regiment of Dragon Sect, it was only natural for him to treat Jagoan, his overlord, with the
utmost respect. Moreover, he wanted everyone to see that they needed to consider the Gundersons
before scheming against Jagoan.

“Great Elder, there’s no need for that. Please, remain seated,” Jagoan said, waving his hand to signal
Chester to sit down.

He then held his gaze steadily on the leaders of the Eight Major Secret Realms before him, showing no
hint of fear or hesitation.

“You’re Jagoan?” Quindon asked, staring at him intently.

“Yes,” Jagoan replied firmly.

“And you came from the mundane world?” Quindon asked again.

“Yes,” Jagoan answered, unfazed.

Quindon scrutinized Jagoan for a moment longer before he spoke with a hint of awe in his voice. “I
can’t believe you managed to cultivate to the level of Third Level Spirit Replicator. Even though you

failed to recover your spiritual energy, the suppressive powers of the laws of nature have been reduced
a great deal.”

Quindon believed that Jagoan had reached that level in the mundane world due to the reduced
suppressive powers of the laws of nature.

“Mr. Yuchamore, let’s ignore him and stick to our schedule. There are probably a lot of people waiting
to strike the Dragon Bell,” Angus said to Quindon.

“Agreed…” Quindon nodded and turned to the group of young adults standing behind him. “Who else
wants to give it a try?”

Aislin, wearing a veil, stepped forward and exclaimed, “Let me, Dad!”

“Sure, but be careful, and don’t overexert yourself.” Quindon nodded in approval.

“Got it!” With that, Aislin leaped into the air, landed in front of the bell tower, and pushed open the
bronze door to enter.

It took her about forty minutes to reach the top of the bell tower.

Quindon let out a sigh of relief when he saw that his daughter had made it to the top of the tower safely.
He had changed the rules of the Secret Realm Conference’s Dragon Bell striking ceremony to give
Aislin a chance to strike the bell. Although it required a significant amount of spiritual energy and posed
a potential danger, it was good training.

Aislin took a deep breath when she arrived at the top of the tower, picked up the hammer, and struck
the Dragon Bell with all her might.

The sound of the hammer striking the bell echoed through the air, and a golden dragon took flight.

The crowd erupted in cheers. They never thought that a girl would be able to strike the Dragon Bell.

Filled with confidence, Aislin held onto the hammer, ready to strike the bell again. But this time, the bell
didn’t chime. Instead, the massive recoil force caused Aislin to drop the hammer, and it sent her flying
into the air. She even coughed up blood mid-flight.

“Lin!” Quindon leaped up and caught her.

“D-Dad, I’m fine,” Aislin reassured him, wiping the blood from the corner of her mouth.

“I told you not to overexert yourself. The recoil force of the Dragon Bell could have killed you,” Quindon
scolded Aislin, visibly upset.

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