Novel Name : The Man’s Decree

Chapter 2298

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Everyone watched quietly as the hammer made contact with the bell, eager to know if Jagoan could
really succeed in ringing the Dragon Bell. However, after Jagoan’s hammer landed on the bell, not a
single sound was produced.

The bell didn’t emit a melodious chime or any kind of terrifying energy.

The crowd plunged into chaos upon seeing that as they exchanged glances in disbelief.

Jagoan has picked up the hammer so easily, so how can he fail to ring the Dragon Bell?

Even so, the terrifying rebound force of the bell should have sent him flying!

However, it seemed like Jagoan wasn’t affected by the rebound force at all.

It was simply unbelievable.

“What’s going on?” Quindon stared blankly at the sight.

What is Jagoan getting at?

“Haha! So what if he reached the top? He cannot ring the bell even once!” Kayden burst out laughing.

“Hmph! I knew he could never ring the Dragon Bell.” Claus sneered.

Then, he turned to look at Hailey. However, Hailey’s focus was all on Jagoan, and she didn’t even
spare Claus a single glance.

After Jagoan struck the bell, he slowly put away the hammer.

At the same time, a deep and dull sound of the bell began to resonate in the square as if it were
coming from the sky.


The bell rang louder than it ever did, causing some to cover their ears in distress. In fact, it was so loud
that even caused some people’s eardrums to bleed.

Following the chime of the bell, one of the patterns on the bell began glowing, and a golden dragon
soon manifested. At the same time, another pattern on the bell also began emitting golden light,
forming another golden dragon that flew into the air.

It was unprecedented for two golden dragons to manifest from one strike of the hammer.

Before everyone could react, however, the third pattern on the Dragon Bell also came to life, followed
by the fourth, fifth, and sixth dragon…

In the end, nine golden dragons circled in the air, their roars reverberating across the area.

Everyone froze in astonishment like statues. They dared not move a muscle or say anything. Nobody
had expected Jagoan to summon nine golden dragons by only striking the bell once.

The nine golden dragons continued to circle in the sky, and finally, they combined and transformed into
a giant golden dragon. It opened its mouth wide and breathed a mouthful of fire that shook the entire

Everyone finally regained their senses as they eyed the surreal scene before them and broke into
heated discussions.

The giant golden dragon suddenly plummeted and returned to the bell. The nine patterns on the
Dragon Bell were replaced by a single golden dragon pattern.

Jagoan reached out to touch the bell, which quickly shrank until it was the size of a teacup that fit
snugly in his hand.

He eyed the hammer and the Dragon Bell in his hand and threw them into his Storage Ring without
hesitation. After all, the two items were priceless divine weapons.

When Jagoan first held the hammer, the Wordless Tome in his mind had shown him the origin and
usage of the hammer. Otherwise, he would have panicked when he couldn’t ring the bell earlier.

Now that he knew both the hammer and the bell were treasured divine weapons, there was no doubt
that he must take them away with him.

After keeping away both items, Jagoan leaped back onto the platform.

Meanwhile, Claus and Kayden’s faces flushed red from humiliation. They felt as if someone had
slapped them on their faces.

Just a moment ago, they were confidently mocking Jagoan for not being able to ring the bell. Hence,
the fact that Jagoan ended up summoning nine golden dragons just by hitting the bell once was a bitter
pill to swallow for them. As if that wasn’t frustrating enough, Jagoan even kept the Dragon Bell for

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