Novel Name : The Man’s Decree

Chapter 2306 A Slap

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Right then, Windshadow unleashed light from his sword, but Jared avoided it. Instead, the ray of light
slammed onto the arena at the side, shattering the construction.

Windshadow narrowed his eyes at Jared's agile moves, but he did not cease in attacking Jared.

To stop Jared from avoiding his assault, he shot out multiple flashes of light in all directions, trapping

In response, Jared hastened his steps, but to his dismay, the radiant beams pursued him with
unwavering determination as if they possessed intelligence.

The audience tensed up upon seeing that. They were certain that it would be difficult for Jared to avoid
that attack.

Just as the audience was confident that the attack was going to hit Jared, four Jareds abruptly
appeared in every corner of the arena.

Furthermore, each Jared had a Dragonslayer Sword in his hand just like the original Jared.

The audience was stunned, and so was Windshadow. He quickly regathered the rays of light to train
them on the clones instead.


When the rays of light pierced the clones, muffled sounds echoed in the air.

Psh! Psh! Psh!

Every single Jared that Windshadow could see had already been pierced by the light of his sword.

“Hmph! What's so impressive about an illusion spell?” Windshadow snarked.

He figured that Jared must have used an illusion spell to create multiple illusions of himself, and only
one of those figures was the real Jared.

Even though Windshadow could not tell which one was the real deal, he could destroy all of the clones
to make sure that the real Jared got slaughtered as well.

Thus, he was delighted when all the Jareds were pierced by the light of his sword.

Yet, as soon as the smile blossomed on his face, he realized that all of the Jareds dissipated right after
they were pierced.

There were four Jareds in four directions, but every one of them disappeared right after Windshadow's
attacks made contact with their bodies.

“What... What is going on?”

Windshadow was baffled.

The real Jared isn't among these figures? if these are all illusionary figures, then where is the real
Jared? The arena isn't that big, and there's no way Jared would leave the arena. Leaving mid-fight
would mean an instantaneous defeat.

Right then, a voice sounded out behind Windshadow.

“Are you looking for me?”

Windshadow froze before whipping his head around. Upon seeing someone standing behind him, he
gave a start and nearly peed his pants.

Spinning around, Windshadow reflexively swung his fist at Jared. Yet, before Windshadow's punch
could land, Jared slapped Windshadow, the force of his slap so intense that Windshadow fell to the


Silence enveloped the area as everyone widened their eyes in disbelief.

Most people did not even realize when Jared had crept up to

Windshadow from behind.

As if that wasn't surprising enough, Jared easily dodged the two slashes that the furious Windshadow
tried to swing at him.

In no time, an awkward look appeared on the faces of those on the higher platform who had claimed
that Jared was no match for Windshadow.

Windmist, especially, could feel the palpable wave of humiliation crashing into him when he saw his
disciple getting slapped by Jared.

Both Claus and Kayden were stunned too. They thought Jared was an easy target, but it seemed like it
was the other way around—they were the easy targets for Jared.

In contrast, Sigwin, who was in the Gate of Earth's arena, was quietly watching the scene unfold with
thoughts swirling in his head.

In the meantime, Hailey and Evangeline were ecstatic.

“That was impressive, Mr. Chance!” Zain screamed and cheered as if venting the pent-up frustration
within him.

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