Novel Name : The Man’s Decree

Chapter 2308 Spoils Of War

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At that moment, not only was Jared surrounded by the six soul remnants in the arena, but
Windshadow's aura was also closing in around him.

All of a sudden, he was at a disadvantage. Now that he was up against seven opponents by himself,
many were nervous for him. They could not help thinking it would be difficult for Jared to leave
unscathed since

Windmoon Valley had played its trump card.

“Windmist, how did Windmoon Valley get so many soul remnants? Don't tell us you also have the
means to refine soul remnants. Was it by Demonic Cultivation?” Wayne questioned Windmist in a loud
voice. After all, the heavenly realm frowns upon refining soul remnants, and only

Demonic Cultivators would do such a thing. Now that Windmoon Valley has revealed it possesses six
soul remnants, it's sure to raise questions.

“Does having soul remnants automatically mean I'm a Demonic Cultivator? Can't they be my spoils of
war?” Windmist retorted with a cold snort, appearing to have already thought of an excuse.

Since he dared to let Windshadow reveal the soul remnants, he was not afraid of others trying to probe
into the matter.

“That's enough. I know about Windmoon Valley's soul remnants. They gained possession of the soul
remnants after defeating an organization of Demonic Cultivators. However, they must really think highly
of Jared's capabilities to resort to using such creatures against him when he's only someone from the
mundane world,” Quindon remarked, his face devoid of expression.

Windmist was silent as he dared not behave too insolently in front of Quindon.

“Chester, it looks as though Mr. Chance is in trouble,” Wayne said in a low voice.

Anxiousness had gripped Chester's heart long before Wayne said anything. I never expected
Windmoon Valley to possess soul remnants.

They even went so far as to release them, even though this is just a duel!

“Mr. Yuchamore, this is just a duel. Isn't Windmoon Valley writing his death sentence by releasing all
these soul remnants? I think—” Chester began, attempting to reason with Quindon so that the latter
would seek a fair match for Jared.

Alas, Quindon waved his hand dismissively before Chester could finish speaking. “Using soul remnants
in a match isn’t against the rules. It's no different from Jared using his magical items during the fight. If
you're worried about Jared's safety, you can ask him to raise the white flag now. I can guarantee that
Windshadow won't dare to attack him anymore.”

Chester could only let out a resigned sigh after hearing that response. Tapping the tip of his toes on the
ground, he soared down from the high platform.

“Mr. Chance, this is just a competition. There's no need to risk your life. If you don't think you can beat
him, you can concede the match!” he called out, trying to persuade Jared to raise the white flag. /t
doesn’t matter if he bows out. He can continue competing as long as he doesn't lose three matches.

After glancing at the smug-looking Windshadow, Jared said to Chester,

“Don't worry. I said I'd beat the sh*t out of him, so I must keep my word. Since this jerk turned out to be
a Demonic Cultivator, not only will I beat the sh*t out of him, but I'll even make him eat it up.”

Even while facing Windshadow and those six soul remnants, Jared did not seem the least bit afraid.

Hence, Chester had no choice but to step aside. He didn't have the guts to order Jared around.

“Dad, do you think Mr. Chance will win? He seems very confident,”

Evangeline asked Chester in a whisper.

He shook his head. “I'm not sure too. I've no idea whether he has some secret weapon I don't know

“He still has the Blazing Tiger. Does it mean he'll have a chance of winning if he lets it loose?” she

“Soul remnants are illusory. The Blazing Tiger may be powerful. However, I'm afraid it might be
powerless against these soul remnants. It'll boil down to whether Mr. Chance has the ability to deal with
them,” he answered, letting out another helpless sigh.

Meanwhile, Windshadow's rage spiked when he heard what Jared said about beating him up.

“You brat! I won't end your life today. Instead, I'll make you suffer a fate worse than death! I'll make you
my puppet and force you to kneel at my feet forever!” Windshadow uttered through clenched teeth, the
corners of his eyes twitching. Flames of fury blazed in his eyes.

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