Novel Name : The Man’s Decree

Chapter 2312 Sacrifice

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Instinctively, Chester and Wayne leaped up to stop him.

"As the rules of the arena dictate, Windmist, nobody is allowed in it before the duel is over.You have
clearly violated the regulations!"

Aware that Jared was about to win, Chester did all he could to stop Windmist.

Driven to panic by Chester and Wayne's restraint, Windmist struck.

Just as they began to fight, Quindon waved his arm.

"The Secret Realm Conference has just been reinstated; fighting during the conference is a sign of
blatant disrespect toward me!"

Quindon's roar echoed throughout the plaza.

Chester and Windmist lowered their fists.

At the same time, atop the arena, Windshadow raised both his arms and declared to the skies, "I will
give my life for a demonic blessing!"

As Windshadow's sonorous proclamation reverberated outward, the skies became filled with

A ball of dark light fell onto Windshadow’s outstretched hands.

The dark orb entered Windshadow's body, and he began to howl in agony.

Following a twitch, he seized up violently and toppled over.

Windshadow looked as if he was having his blood sucked dry; he withered in the blink of an eye.

Even his aura had dissipated swiftly.It was as though he had dropped dead.

The crowd was stupefied.

What did Windshadow do? Did he just kill himself?

"Just as I have guessed! Windshadow is a Demonic Cultivator who had just offered a sacrifice to the
demonic realm to elevate his own powers.However, such sacrifices come with their own risks.If the rite
goes wrong, he will pay with his life"

Chester declared, gazing at Windshadow.

"We have already suspected Windshadow of being a Demonic Cultivator when he summoned the soul
remnants.Given that he has invoked a technique of the demonic realm, we can now be sure of his
Demonic Cultivation.Shouldn't Windmist explain himself?"

Wayne directed his gaze at Windmist.He had guessed that Windmoon Valley was an agent of Evil
Heart Sect.It appeared that his suspicions were confirmed.

Windmist's expression turned ugly. Windshadow channeling that technique was just like a confession of
him being a Demonic Cultivator.

“He is a traitor for practicing Demonic Cultivation behind my back. I will kill him for this.”

At this juncture, my only way out is to feign ignorance and blame it all on Windshadow.

“Nobody will believe you if you claim not to know your disciple's cultivation, Windmist. I'm certain
Windmoon Valley must be in cohorts with Evil Heart Sect,” Chester announced. This is the best time to
clamp down on Windmoen Valley.

“Watch your words, Mr. Gunderson.” Windmist remained adamant.

“Enough. We'll talk about this later. Let's see what becomes of Windshadow first.”

Quindon spoke up once more to quell the argument between Chester and Windmist.

Atop the arena, Jared was studying what appeared to be the mummified remains of Windshadow. He
frowned, sensing quite clearly the terrifying change in the aura within the latter.

The aura felt as if it was emanating from the depths of hell. It sent a shiver down his spine.

Suddenly, Windshadow began to heal. His withered skin filled out with flesh while his aura began

Conscious that he could not allow Windshadow’'s metamorphosis to complete, Jared swung
Dragonslayer Sword at him.

The glint from the sword flashed across the skies before hacking down onto Windshadow.

Amidst a spray of blood, Windshadow was split in two.

Jared heaved a huge sigh of relief as he gazed at the two broken halves of his foe.

Before he could complete his sigh, Jared saw Windshadow's body reattaching itself before his eyes. At
the same time, it was swelling at an alarming rate.

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