Novel Name : I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 138 - You Want Proof? I Have It.

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Chapter 138: You Want Proof? I Have It.

Translator: Lordbluefire

Yan Zihao and Madam Yan were currently creating a huge ruckus at the Bai Family’s residence.

The surrounding neighbors blamed the Bai Family for being improper, and the Yan Family only had one topic – the child.

Madam Yan sobbed and said her experiences of taking care of the child during all these years. “…She called me ‘grandma’ for five years. Yan Xiaoqi is equal to my life. It is okay if you want to divorce, but the child has to be with us!”

Yan Zihao expressed that he would never let his daughter roam the streets. “The Yan Family has the ability to raise the child, so there’s no need for others to do that. Bai Shanshan, if you wish to go with Chu Cimo, leave the child behind. I will never accept my child addressing another man as ‘father’!”

“Daughter of the Bai Family, if you are determined to get a divorce, why don’t you just give your child to them…”

“Yeah, you and your new lover are mutually in love. You can always bear another child. You should give this child to them!”

“If you bring your child with you, it would be hard for you to remarry…”

When Shen Ruojing arrived, Bai Shanshan and Madam Bai were being pressured so badly that they couldn’t say anything. It felt as though they were evil villains…

Seeing this, Shen Ruojing frowned and directly pushed her way through the crowd. She mockingly spoke to Yan Zihao, “Who says that Yan Xiaoqi is your daughter?”

When she said this, Madam Yan was stunned. “What do you mean?”

Yan Zihao’s heart was riddled with guilt, and his gaze flickered a few times.

Shen Ruojing looked at Bai Shanshan and sighed. “This is the DNA report for Yan Xiaoqi and Chu Cimo. The report states that they are then father and daughter. Yan Xiaoqi and Yan Zihao have no blood relations!”

As her words rang out, everyone was stunned.

Madam Yan’s voice immediately became high-pitched as she rushed forward and objected. “What nonsense are you talking about? Where did you falsify this DNA report? Now, not only does the Chu Family want to snatch the child, they don’t even want the child to have the ‘Yan’ surname?! This is too much!”

Bai Shanshan stared at the DNA report and carefully looked at the names on it. She looked at it several times, but even so, she still didn’t dare to believe it.

Even Chu Cimo, who was carrying Yan Xiaoqi as they walked over, had many question marks in his head.


He lowered his head and looked at Yan Xiaoqi.

Yan Xiaoqi had also lifted her head and was looking at him.

The two of them exchanged a mutual glance. Chu Cimo then hurriedly rushed to the area before Bai Shanshan and grabbed the report. When he saw the 99.9% probability, he instantly understood something. He directly looked at Bai Shanshan. “So six years ago when you were at Wilson, which day was it?”

Bai Shanshan said a date.

Chu Cimo was dumbfounded. “It is the same date for me too…Wait, but from the report, so we actually did that during that day?”


The people in the surroundings were stunned. Everyone stared at them in bewilderment.

A hint of joy abruptly rose in Bai Shanshan’s heart…

It wasn’t because her first time was with Chu Cimo. But rather, the child belonged to Chu Cimo! In that case, they wouldn’t have any disputes of such nature in the future!

Yan Xiaoqi was also dumbstruck as she looked at the report. After that, she looked at Chu Cimo who was carrying her before turning her gaze to Yan Zihao. She then asked in a juvenile voice, “Mommy, what does this mean?”

Bai Shanshan was crying from happiness. Large tears fell from her face as she explained, “Xiaoqi, Chu Cimo is your real father!”

Yan Xiaoqi. “??”

She quietly looked at Chu Cimo who was carrying her. “Earlier, someone said that only a dog would be my father!”

The two pairs of eyes looked at each other. Chu Cimo then awkwardly turned his head and coughed. He suppressed the wild joy in his heart and…

“Woof, woof, woof.”


Chu Cimo was highly-adaptive. Also, this joy came too quickly, so his mind was still sluggish, and he subconsciously began barking like a dog.

Just when everyone was dumbfounded, Yan Zihao suddenly clapped. “This child actually belongs to you and Chu Cimo? Bai Shanshan, you are too much. You actually lied to me for so many years and made me raise a child from another person for five years!”

Bai Shanshan started.

Yan Zihao looked at the surroundings. “Everyone, please help me say something. Back then, she was pregnant and told me the child was mine. This was why I married her. Now, the child actually belongs to someone else. This is simply outrageous!”

Some reporters were hiding among the neighbors and secretly taking photos. All of them were reproaching Bai Shanshan.

“I was wondering why she suddenly got married back then. So, she was already pregnant before marriage!”

“Isn’t doing so too bad? The Yan Family has suffered a great injustice!”

“This matter sounds very fishy. Since Bai Shanshan and Chu Cimo are both in love, why didn’t they get together since they have a child? Even if Bai Shanshan wants to marry into a rich family, isn’t joining the Chu Family much better?”


Amidst everyone’s discussion, Bai Shanshan’s eyes turned red. She explained, “Things are not like that. H…he was the one who drugged me. When I woke up, he said the child was his so I misunderstood…”

Yan Zihao angrily roared, “Am I mental? Why would I rear someone else’s child? Bai Shanshan, you are trying to lie even now. I had enough of you!”

Madam Yan understood now, and she also thought that her son was hoodwinked. She was so angry that she shivered. “Bai Shanshan, excellent! In order to marry Zihao, you actually used this tactic! You are simply despicable. I’m going to kill you. You are a b*tch!”

After saying that, she charged at Bai Shanshan and wanted to scratch her face.

However, she was stopped by Chu Cimo. Chu Cimo stood protectively before Bai Shanshan and launched a kick right at Madam Yan’s stomach.

Chu Cimo had shown mercy previously toward Yan Zihao and Madam Yan because of Yan Xiaoqi.

After all, they were Yan Xiaoqi’s family. If he did things too aggressively, Yan Xiaoqi would definitely feel very upset.

But the instant he saw the DNA report, he understood everything.

Everything was a part of Yan Zihao’s scheme!

He used the child in Bai Shanshan’s stomach to force her to marry him. After that, he used some methods to make Bai Shanshan fat so he could control her completely…

At this moment, Chu Cimo linked everything.

And after thinking about them, he was so angry that he felt he was about to explode.

So, not only was Bai Shanshan played by Yan Zihao during these years, but even Yan…No, Chu Xiaoqi was being exploited.

His biological daughter had to live so ignobly, yet he completely had no idea. He had even disdained his daughter due to being ignorant of these facts?

Chu Cimo suddenly erupted with a baleful aura.

He passed Chu Xiaoqi to Bai Shanshan. After that, he glared at Yan Zihao with rage.

Madam Yan was on the ground due to the impact. Right now, she was in so much pain that she rolled around. She then pointed at Chu Cimo and scolded loudly, “What are you doing? Help, he is beating someone under broad daylight!”

Yan Zihao went to help his mother up, but his shoulders were being pressed downward by Chu Cimo.

He turned and met Chu Cimo’s gloomy eyes.

Yan Zihao guiltily asked, “What are you doing? You guys did something wrong and let me down, but you want me to shut up now? No way!”

“Who was the one in the wrong?” Bai Shanshan clutched her face and cried, “Yan Zihao, you are shameless!”

Yan Zihao coldly laughed. “Are you saying that I was the one in the wrong? Do you have the proof?”

“You want proof? I have it.”


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