Novel Name : I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 140 - Pharmaceutical Expert~

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Chapter 140: Pharmaceutical Expert~

Translator: Lordbluefire

Chu Cichen looked at Shen Ruojing with an assessing gaze. “Are you guys very familiar with each other?”

“We aren’t. We only had a few interactions.” Shen Ruojing wasn’t too willing to bring up the past, but her attitude made Chu Cichen feel that he had thought too much into things.

If the two of them were friends and not enemies, Dugu Xiao wouldn’t have treated her like that.

Moreover, when Shen Ruojing mentioned Dugu Xiao, she had a hint of displeasure on her face. She looked like she detested this person a lot.

Chu Cichen reminded her, “It’s best to not have many interactions with someone like him. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t know how he harms you.”

“I understand.” After Shen Ruojing said this, she surveyed Chu Cichen’s countenance again.

She had investigated the Chu Corporation before. Their financial power was mediocre. Although they could rank first in Sea City, they couldn’t compare to the top four influential families. Also, Dugu Xiao had a strong influence overseas and would be restricted in whatever he did after coming to China.

In other words, Dugu Xiao had to take into account the capital’s top four influential families when doing things in China. If the Chu Family could get a connection with the top four influential families and have one of them speak up, Dugu Xiao wouldn’t dare to do anything to the Chu Family.

However, Chu Cichen’s expression was normal and he didn’t seem anxious at all. He was either very good at maintaining his composure or had other plans.

Shen Ruojing didn’t plan to interfere much, so she just nodded at him and then turned to leave.

However, after she left the study, she saw that Fang Panxia had just come upstairs. When Fang Panxia saw Shen Ruojing, she paused a little in her footsteps.

Shen Ruojing did not pay any heed to Fang Panxia and walked past her without stopping. Fang Panxia also retracted her gaze and entered the study.

Fang Panxia said respectfully, “Bro Chen, I’ve contacted my teacher and a few seniors. They happen to be coming to China recently. I’ll invite them to our pharmaceutical factory to take a look and give their opinions. I’ll definitely be able to persuade some of them to stay.”

She explained, “My teacher has very great achievements in surgery. All my seniors are also elites and rare talents in the industry, and it would be very impressive for some hospitals to be able to hire them as foreign assistants. If we can add their names to our pharmaceutical factory, our new business will definitely develop faster.”

As she said this, Lu Cheng entered after arranging for the bodyguards.

Hearing her words, Lu Cheng said, “I’ve told Miss Ye Lu to invite the divine doctor over…”

Fang Panxia bit her lip and said with a smile, “It’s naturally best if the divine doctor can come. However, the divine doctor is a doctor in Chinese medicine after all. Our pharmaceutical business deals more with chemistry… Moreover, my teacher’s reputation is a little more resounding than the divine doctor’s… My seniors are all outstanding in the industry as well. The divine doctor probably doesn’t have such great influence compared to them.”

Lu Cheng was dumbfounded. “Sis Fang, didn’t you say that the divine doctor is very amazing?”

Fang Panxia’s eyes flickered. “She’s good at treating illnesses, but doctors aren’t pharmaceutical professionals after all. There are specialists in every field… Do you know the most famous western medicine, the Bugu Diazepam? That’s currently the most effective medicine with the least side effects for treating depression and insomnia. My teacher, Charles, led my seniors in developing this medicine. Therefore, if the Chu Corporation wishes to take the most high-end route, we’ll need them.”

Lu Cheng scratched his head. “Is that so? I don’t really understand the pharmaceutical profession. I’ll be troubling Sis Fang then.”

“Hmm.” Fang Panxia said in a roundabout manner, “You should turn down the divine doctor on this matter. I’m worried that there might be contradictions if western and Chinese medicine are mixed together.”

Lu Cheng felt a little troubled. “I just sent out the invite. Wouldn’t it be bad if I were to go back on my words now?”

The moment he said this, Chu Cichen said, “She might not necessarily agree.”

Lu Cheng gave it some thought then said, “Alright, I won’t urge Ye Lu on this matter then. If the divine doctor didn’t agree, then I’ll just go along and drop this. If the divine doctor agreed, then we’ll just leave things be. Anyway, with more famous people on board, it’ll be helpful for us to spread our name in the pharmaceutical industry.

Fang Panxia nodded helplessly. “Alright then.”

She mustn’t object too obviously.

After they were done with their conversation, Chu Cichen suddenly said, “Someone from the capital’s Bai Family will be coming over. You guys should watch your actions.”

On another side, Shen Ruojing had returned to her room before she took out her phone which was vibrating non-stop. She took a glance and saw that it was an overseas number. After picking up the call impatiently, a foreigner spoke in awkward Chinese, “Jing, I’ll be bringing my team to China very soon. Will we be able to meet up?”

“No.” Shen Ruojing rejected clearly. “I’m busy.”

“Oh, lord, Jing, don’t be so heartless. I assure you that I won’t disturb your retirement life. It’s just that we’ve encountered a bit of a problem in trying to improve the bugu diazepam. We hope that we can get your help on it,” Charles pleaded.

Shen Ruojing felt very helpless.

Years back when she was in F. Country, why did she do the idiotic thing of helping Charles out?

He started to pester her ever since, coming to her each time he encountered academic problems… It was really annoying.

However, she suddenly recalled that the Chu Corporation was recently trying to move into the pharmaceutical industry. If Charles and his team could stay behind…

Shen Ruojing’s lips suddenly curled. “Sure, but I need you to help me with something.”

“Sure, I’ll help even if it’s 100 favors, let alone just one. I’ll willingly go against all odds for you.”


The sky gradually darkened.

Chu Cimo had initially come because he wanted to bring Bai Shanshan and Madam Bai to another residence. After all, their small district didn’t have any security guards and reporters could enter freely. It wasn’t safe.

After finding out that Xiaoqi was his daughter, he became even more enthusiastic about this matter.

Bai Shanshan looked at her old mother, then at the five-year-old Xiaoqi, before she finally agreed. She told herself that she mustn’t rely on men anymore and must have her own career. However, she also understood that this wasn’t the time for her to be obstinate.

The group moved into a high-class condo that Chu Cimo had in the capital.

The place was fully furnished and ready to move in. Chu Cimo then called to have someone purchase some daily necessities for them, including all the clothes suitable for Chu Xiaoqi’s height from a certain brand.

After settling them down, he headed out. “I’ll go home and notify my mother. Otherwise, they’ll be worried about me.”

Bai Shanshan didn’t give it much thought and nodded.

In the middle of the night, at the Yan Family’s residence.

Yan Zihao was on the call with Yan Zijing. The latter was crying and complaining about Dugu Xiao’s unpredictable mood. At the end, when Bai Shanshan was mentioned, Yan Zijing was enraged. “Brother, she wants to get a divorce now and has also found out about the child. Will she do anything to you?”

“Don’t worry.” Yan Zihao said disdainfully, “The Chu Family has offended Dugu Xiao and is too busy trying to save themselves now. They aren’t free to help that profligate son to take care of me.”

He spoke in disdain, “If she wants a divorce, so be it. I find that fatty disgusting anyway, and we’ve also earned enough money. The hormones she was injected with all these years had caused her body to collapse long ago. She might just die a sudden death any day. It’s just a bit of a pity about that little b*stard. Yan Xiaoqi is good-looking. I was initially planning to wait until she turns 13 before I give her to someone… I heard that someone in the underworld has such preferences. Too bad we won’t be able to have this opportunity… Forget it, after we get you free from Dugu Xiao, we’ll go overseas and live the rest of our lives freely…”

Yan Zihao was talking when a creaking sound suddenly came from the window.

His voice suddenly paused and he abruptly turned his head to look over!


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