Novel Name : I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 211 - 211 I Understand

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211 I Understand

Although the actors drove, it was impossible for them to park inside the filming ground. Hence, they all parked their cars at the unified parking lot of Film City.

At this moment, Shen Qianhui and Jing Zhen walked out of the film set.

They and Shen Ruojing split and went to two different cars.

Both of them then entered the parking lot and went to where they parked.

And coincidentally, their car was parked beside Chu Cichen.

Upon seeing the two of them coming over, Chu Cichen hesitated for a moment. But in the end, he still chose not to get out of his car to greet them. After all, he had just chased their daughter Shen Ruojing out of his house.

Chu Cichen’s car windows were coated with a layer of film. With it, he could see what was happening outside, but the people out there weren’t able to peer into the car.

Hence, Jing Zhen and Shen Qianhui both didn’t discover that he was there.

The two of them were preparing to board their car, but a veteran actor on the same set also walked over at this moment.

After chatting for a few sentences with Jing Zhen, he politely passed Jing Zhen a cigarette.

Jing Zhen spoke, “No need for that, I don’t smoke.”

That old actor laughed. “It’s so tiring to act all day, and it will do you good to have a smoke to raise your spirits. Teacher Jing, are you really not going to smoke?”

Shen Qianhui hurriedly spoke, “He really doesn’t smoke. Our daughter has been sensitive to tobacco ever since she was young. Hence, he has never smoked.”

“I see, I see.”

That actor smiled and took the cigarette back. After chatting for a while more, he then boarded his own car.

Chu Cichen, who was in the black car, suddenly sat up straight when he heard this. His gaze was staring fixedly outside.

The sentence spoken by Shen Qianhui ‘my daughter has been sensitive to tobacco ever since she was young’ kept reverberating in his mind.

518 had smoked cigars like she didn’t give a damn, so how could she possibly be sensitive to tobacco?

So, Shen Ruojing wasn’t her?

Chu Cichen’s expression gradually turned ashen.

He recalled that back in that explosion, 518’s corpse wasn’t whole. This was why he always believed that she didn’t die. It was impossible for 518 to die by falling into such a weak scheme.

He had collected the remnant bones and body parts from the explosion and checked the DNA. Unfortunately, they belonged to the same person and were indeed from 518.

When everyone joined the organization, they were required to leave behind some DNA. That couldn’t possibly be faked.

Hence, he had no choice but to conclude that 518 truly died.

Why would he doubt himself and feel that Shen Ruojing was 518 now?

She was clearly the culprit who created the No.5 Neurotoxin, and 518 died from this poison. As for him, not only did he not take revenge for 518, but he even felt that Shen Ruojing resembled her?

Now, Chu Cichen wanted nothing more than to give himself a slap to wake himself up.

He suddenly recalled the words that Dugu Xiao said when he pointed at him. Dugu Xiao told him that he wasn’t qualified to say that he liked 518.

Chu Cichen clenched his fists as rage and regret flooded his heart. But at this moment, someone knocked on his window.

Chu Cichen turned abruptly and stared ferociously outside, only to see Shen Ruojing calmly standing out there.

Her figure was straight and tall.

Although her face was expressionless, her peach blossom eyes seemed to be staring right at him through the coated car window.

Her appearance was very composed and didn’t seem like the creator of the poison that could wreak havoc through the world.

Chu Cichen’s expression turned cold. After being silent for a moment, he rolled the car window down.

As the black-tinted window rolled down, their eyes were no longer blocked. However, no one could see any emotions in their eyes. There was only calmness.

A while later, Shen Ruojing was the first to speak. “What is the name of the person you loved?”

She wanted to be clear and check if that person died under the No. 5 Neurotoxin or not.

As this sentence rang out, the feeling of anger surged from Chu Cichen’s heart and slowly gushed to his brain. Chu Cichen hadn’t slept for an entire night. Hence, at this moment, his voice was extremely hoarse. He opened his mouth and replied, “You aren’t worthy to know her name.”


Shen Ruojing’s peach blossom eyes dimmed.

Chu Cichen’s familiar yet unfamiliar face was now filled with rage, loathing, and blame.

Shen Ruojing suddenly exhaled and took a step back, as though she wanted to completely distance herself from him. Her expression was as calm as ever as she nodded at him. “I understand.”

After that, she walked back to her car and drove away.

Chu Cichen felt as though his anger got stuck in his throat. He clearly hated her, but he didn’t know why when she took a step back, his heart suddenly felt stifled.

Her decisive actions of turning and walking away made it seem like she would never return. This actually caused him to feel flustered inexplicably.

Just as he was feeling complicated, someone knocked on the car door.

Chu Cichen started slightly.

Muscles cautiously spoke, “Young master, the little young miss is outside.”

After hearing this, Chu Cichen immediately opened the door. He then saw Chu Xiaomeng hugging her dinosaur soft toy and carrying her bag standing outside.

The little fellow lifted her head and her exquisite features were exuding a hint of worry. Her voice was soft and weak as she said, “Daddy, mommy allowed me to find you.”


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