Novel Name : I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 436 - 436 Face Smacking!

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436 Face Smacking!

As the sound of her voice rang out, everyone crowded around Rong Yue.

Today was the Shen Family’s recognition banquet, and everyone came here because they wanted to meet the legendary eldest miss of the Shen Family. Hence, the majority of people were curious and they started asking.

“Rong Yue, what sort of person is Miss Shen?”

“Have you met her before? How did you guys get to know each other?”

Rong Yue replied, “Don’t listen to my mother talking blindly. We are really not familiar with each other. We merely added each other on WeChat and chatted for a bit. Maybe Miss Shen feels that she is fated with me, so she issued me an invitation.”

“Wow, you have her WeChat contact?”


Rong Rong silently retreated out of the circle and looked at Rong Yue who was happily surrounded by the crowd. She didn’t say anything, but Doctor Xu spoke, “Little Rong, I still have to entertain some people at the side. Do you think you will be fine being here alone?”

Rong Rong nodded.

Doctor Xu still seemed worried. “Is it true?”

Rong Rong nodded again and her face now was filled with more confidence and charm. “It’s true, I adapt very well.”

It wasn’t difficult at all to return to leading an ordinary life. It was just that she had trapped herself mentally before this.

Only now did Doctor Xu relax. “I’ll be heading off then.”


After Doctor Xu left, Rong Rong turned and planned to get something to eat. However, she spotted Shen Ruojing the moment she turned her head. As a result, her eyes brightened and she immediately called out, “Little Jing!”

After that, she walked to Shen Ruojing’s side. “What are you doing here?”

After saying that, she glanced at the surroundings and seemed to have understood something. “You also received the Shen Family’s invitation?”

Shen Ruojing laughed and asked, “Did the Shen Family specially send an invitation to your younger sister? I thought they sent it to you?”

She had to verify whether or not the butler wrote the wrong name.

Rong Rong replied, “The name written was indeed mine, but I’m not acquainted with the eldest young miss of the Shen Family, so how could she have issued an invitation to me? On the contrary, my younger sister said she was very fated with Miss Shen, so Miss Shen probably wrote the wrong name…”

After saying this, Rong Rong seemed to have discovered something. “How did you know?”

Shen Ruojing’s gaze sank and she continued, “The invitation was for you.”

Rong Rong was stunned. She didn’t understand the meaning of these words.

At this moment, Mother Rong who was in the crowd suddenly spotted the two of them. Hence, her expression turned gloomy. After arriving before them, she looked at Shen Ruojing and whispered, “Just say it straight, what do you want exactly?”

Shen Ruojing. “??”

Rong Rong spoke, “Mother, what nonsense are you talking about?”

Mother Rong inhaled deeply. “Ever since you returned to the capital, you kept running into her. I even dare to say that she is intentionally appearing before you. She wants to use that knowledge to threaten us!”

After saying that, she ignored Rong Rong and directly spoke in a low voice to Shen Ruojing, “How did you enter the banquet and what are you planning to do? If you want money, just tell me the amount. It’s fine as long as it is within an acceptable range. If not, I hope you can leave immediately and stop creating disturbance for our Rong Family!”

“…” Shen Ruojing didn’t know how to reply to her.

Her gaze sank and she spoke, “I don’t need such a thing.”

Mother Rong immediately grew warier. “You don’t want anything? In that case, why do you keep following us? You even chase us all the way to the point that you appear at the Shen Family’s banquet!”

Shen Ruojing had a half smile on her face. “Because this place is my home.”


Mother Rong was dumbstruck. She looked at Shen Ruojing again and gulped a mouthful of saliva. What did she say? This was her home? Her surname was Shen, so could it be that…she was someone from the Shen Family?

Just when she was pondering, a voice rang out from the side.

“Shen Ruojing, what are you bragging about? Old Master Shen has at most acknowledged you as his god-granddaughter. When has this place become your home?”

Shen Ruojing turned and discovered Wen Yuyi, who hadn’t appeared for a long time. She had actually come as well.

Why was she qualified to enter with her identity?

Shen Ruojing subconsciously looked into the distance and discovered Shen Jiayi standing there. Evidently, Shen Jiayi was the one who brought Wen Yuyi in.

Recently, Shen Jiayi had been very down on her luck.

After Shen Yuansong acknowledged his biological granddaughter, he ignored those from the second and third houses. Only Wen Yuyi could make Shen Jiayi feel better by badmouthing Shen Ruojing, so she grew very close to Wen Yuyi during this period.

Hence, she brought Wen Yuyi in for this banquet.

It was just that after Wen Yuyi entered, she heard Shen Ruojing saying that this place was her home. After that, Shen Jiayi didn’t even have time to say anything before Wen Yuyi immediately rushed over.

Shen Jiayi immediately felt that it was very embarrassing, so she quickly took two steps back and wanted nothing more than to disappear immediately.

However, Wen Yuyi’s words caused everyone to focus their attention on Shen Ruojing. Her words also caused everyone to start pointing their fingers and gossiping about Shen Ruojing.

“Isn’t that Miss Shen? She is Chu Cichen’s wife. Back then, at the Chu Family’s banquet, Old Master Shen acknowledged her as his god-granddaughter…”

“Ah? Isn’t her luck too off the charts? She actually gained the favor of Old master Shen. It’s very impressive to be his god-granddaughter….”

“However, why does she have the cheek to say that this place is her home? Earlier, I think she came from outside…this means she’s basically not staying in the Shen Manor.”

“She is just a god-granddaughter, so how can she stay in the Shen Manor? Are you joking?”

“But she actually said earlier that the Shen Manor was her home…isn’t she overestimating herself a little too much?”

However, some people also spoke up for Shen Ruojing, “A god-granddaughter is a granddaughter too. It’s the same thing!”

“How can it be the same? In the past, Old Master Shen didn’t have a biological granddaughter, so he went to acknowledge a god-granddaughter. We have to be clear about their statuses. Now that he has a biological granddaughter, why would he care about a god-granddaughter?”

Someone guessed the truth. “Miss Shen’s surname is also ‘Shen’. Could it be that she is the biological granddaughter that Old Master Shen is going to publicly announce?”

As this voice rang out, everyone turned to look at Shen Ruojing, observing her.


A portion of the people here had attended the Chu Family’s banquet back then and had personally witnessed how protective Old Master Shen was of Shen Ruojing. Hence, they felt that this speculation was pretty believable.

However, Wen Yuyi sneered. “How can that be possible? I know their family situation very well. Her father is a small-time actor that married into her mother’s family. Also, her paternal grandparents are long dead. Her maternal grandmother is the ex-Yun Family Leader, while her maternal grandfather is a farmer! How can that be Old Master Shen?”

After she said this, she targeted Shen Ruojing and continued, “You said so brazenly that this was your home so what regard do you have for the eldest young miss of the Shen Family? Does Old Master Shen know how ostentatious you are acting?”

Rong Rong subconsciously stood protectively before Shen Ruojing. “Little Jing didn’t act ostentatiously. We were merely chatting in private and no one heard anything. You are the one who wanted to stir up trouble! Why are you acting so ostentatiously?”

Mother Rong who was at the side was blinded by Wen Yuyi’s words.

After the second house of the Rong Family split from the main house, they were marginalized by the capital. So for example, the previous Chu Family banquet would only issue an invitation to the main house. The second house naturally didn’t receive one.

Hence, they didn’t know of Shen Ruojing’s identity.

Just now, after Mother Rong learned that Shen Ruojing was Old Master Shen’s god-granddaughter, she jumped in fright, feeling afraid that she might have offended Shen Ruojing and caused the eldest young miss of the Shen Family to be unhappy.

But after hearing Wen Yuyi’s words, Mother Rong suddenly felt that this god-granddaughter must not have an amicable relationship with the eldest young miss of the Shen Family.

So, after seeing Rong Rong standing up for Shen Ruojing, she immediately took a step forward and pulled Rong Rong’s arm. “You don’t know anything, so why are you talking nonsense here? Shut up!”

Rong Rong spoke, “Mother, you are the one who doubted Little Jing first by asking her why she would appear here, and she merely replied that she was here because this was her home. I need to explain this to everyone. It isn’t her who is acting ostentatiously…”


Mother Rong wanted nothing more than to shut Rong Rong up. She immediately scolded her in anger, “What has it got to do with you whether she acts ostentatiously or not? You can’t even take care of yourself, so why are you standing up for her? You only know how to mix with lousy friends like her every day. Can’t you learn from your younger sister and attempt to forge a good relationship with the eldest young miss of the Shen Family if you have time?”

Her voice was very soft, and only Shen Ruojing and Rong Rong who were near her managed to hear it.

Rong Rong wanted to say something, but Shen Ruojing sneered. “There’s no need for her to attempt to forge such a relationship.”

Mother Rong immediately looked at her and wanted to speak. But all of a sudden, the door leading to the resting lounge area opened.

The banquet began at 6 p.m. sharp!

Everyone immediately glanced at the entrance and saw Shen Yuansong being supported out by his butler. He then calmly stood at the entrance. His voice wasn’t loud, but everyone held their breaths in as they focused. After that, they heard him saying, “I want to introduce my estranged biological granddaughter to everyone today, so you all will get to know her.”

The guests had initially thought that he would step aside after saying this, allowing the mysterious eldest young miss to step out from behind him. However, no one had expected Old Master Shen’s gaze to sweep through the crowd. After that, he fixed his gaze in a certain direction as though he had found who he was looking for.

They followed his gaze and saw Shen Ruojing elegantly standing there.

Everyone was instantly stunned.

At the next moment, they heard Shen Yuansong laughing. “Jingjing, as the main character today, what are you still doing there? You should come over here quickly!”


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