Novel Name : I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 448 - 448 She Is 518! (1)

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448 She Is 518! (1)

This was the first time Dugu Xiao revealed a look of confusion.

He stared incredulously at Chu Cichen.

Dugu Xiao understood every word Chu Cichen had just said, but how could it be so difficult to understand when they were put together?

(What does it mean to commit suicide only after making up for one’s mistakes?)


Although Dugu Xiao had been living abroad ever since he was a child, his mother had always taught him Chinese, so his Chinese proficiency was at a normal level.

After coming to China, he also never encountered a language crisis.

But at this moment, he felt that his brain power was not enough.

What mistakes did 518 make up for and why did she need to commit suicide? What did ‘commit suicide’ mean exactly?

When he hesitated, he heard Chu Cichen speak slowly. “I said, she has finally walked out of her guilt from those years ago when she wanted to commit suicide. But you almost destroyed her today.”

Dugu Xiao asked in confusion, “What guilt? Who committed suicide?”

Chu Cichen looked at Shen Ruojing who was surrounded by reporters and thought of what had happened years ago. Suddenly, he said, “Do you remember the little girl we saw when we traced where the No. 5 Neurotoxin was used after we destroyed its production base?”

Dugu Xiao’s brain was not working well at this moment, so he just nodded.

Chu Cichen continued, “The little girl’s parents died from the No. 5 Neurotoxin. The innocent little girl asked why her parents were still sleeping and wouldn’t wake up. At that time, 518 went over and deeply bowed to her, apologizing. At that time, you even ridiculed her for being too much of a saint and didn’t understand why she felt so guilty…”

Dugu Xiao answered, “Yes, women are softhearted and can’t bear to see little girls feeling sad. She didn’t kill anyone, and she didn’t make the No. 5 Neurotoxin. So why did she have to apologi…?”

His words were suddenly stuck in his throat.

Dugu Xiao then turned his head and looked incredulously at Shen Ruojing, who was surrounded by reporters.

Amidst the crowd, a reporter suddenly shouted, “Can I ask the key question first? Miss Shen, did you really invent the No. 5 Neurotoxin?”

When this was said, the surrounding reporters closed their mouths and looked at her one by one.

Shen Ruojing glanced at the people in front of her.

She clenched her fists and suddenly bowed so deep that her head almost touched her legs. This bow was extremely sincere and lasted a long time.

The reporters were all stunned by her actions.

After what seemed like an eternity, Shen Ruojing finally straightened her back. She looked sad, and her eyes were full of endless sorrow and regret. She said slowly, “I’m sorry.”

This scene overlapped with the 518 who was on a mission seven or eight years ago, making Dugu Xiao feel shocked and unable to recover his senses.

He looked at Shen Ruojing in disbelief!

All of a sudden, a woman wearing a golden phoenix mask and a red dress on the singing stage, who was so similar to 518 flashed in his mind…

It turned out that it wasn’t just a similarity. She was truly 518!!

Shen Ruojing… was 518!!

Dugu Xiao’s whole body froze as if he was struck by lightning.

Since the day he mistakenly killed 518, he had been in a daze, wondering how 518 could have died in such a crude bombing plot, so he thought it was all a joke.

518 must be playing with him.

He thought like this until the explosion site was found to have a large amount of 518’s blood and DNA samples, indicating that 518 had indeed died. Only then did he accept it. However, he still couldn’t fully believe it.

Later on, traces of the No. 5 Neurotoxin were found.

He realized that 518 had been schemed against by someone, so she couldn’t have escaped his plot…

Since that day, Dugu Xiao had gone crazy.

His headaches became more and more severe, and he became even more domineering in the organization. When he returned to his family with the help of the organization, he indiscriminately killed people and drowned his own family in blood!

If it weren’t for those people and his disgusting father, his mother wouldn’t have been so miserable. He naturally wouldn’t have been forced to become the leader of the organization and set up that explosion!

He blamed everyone, but he avoided blaming himself.

However, after killing his family, his whole life became empty.

They said he hated 518, but no one knew that 518 was the person he trusted the most. He would rather use the explosion to force 518 to kill him, and he had never thought about bombing her to death.

Ever since that incident, no one dared to mention 518 in his presence again…

And after 518 died, 527 also disappeared from the organization…


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