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Chapter 720

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In rejecting Norton's high-priced acquisition, Chen Fei instead paid more attention to ephedra oral

After all, Bald Eagle Pharmaceutical would rather spend such a large price to acquire the patent of
ephedra oral liquid, which is enough to show that they are optimistic about the prospect of oral liquid.

Therefore, Chen Fei was more determined to spread the ephedra oral solution to the whole country
and even the whole world.

Of course, the most important thing right now is the review of the oral solution and the increase in

After all, in a city as large as Longjiang, relying on Chen Fei's company to produce ephedra oral
solution cannot keep up with everyone's needs. Moreover, in all parts of the country, there is now a
shortage of Alstom antibiotics.

Therefore, it is Chen Fei's greatest concern to promote the ephedra oral solution to the whole country
as soon as possible, reduce medical expenses and save patients.

Of course, to produce and sell this ephedra oral solution nationwide, the procedure is not that simple.
The first step is to pass the review of the superior and the determination of relevant qualifications.

In general, this review will be delayed for a long time, but this time the situation is urgent. Chen Fei
asked the relevant personnel of Longjiang City to rush to Beijing to urgently promote this matter.

Chen Fei urged the production of oral liquids in the city.

On this day, Chen Fei was busy in the ephedra oral liquid production plant, helping to solve various
quality problems encountered in production.

During the busy interval, a call came in. As soon as Chen Fei looked at it, it was Dr. Tao Ling ’s phone,
and he immediately answered: “Hey, Dr. Tao, is there anything wrong?”

Tao Ling said: “Dr. Chen, are you free tonight? The hospital and some colleagues held a celebration
party tonight at the Haitian Hotel. Can you come? "

" Celebration party? "Chen Fei was a little surprised.

Tao Ling explained: ".. The development of oral ephedra, a lot of peer-day work half a month, hard
more than ten hours a day, we had almost no how to rest physically and mentally tired is not light,"

"Now, oral The development was successful. Everyone was able to breathe a sigh of relief. So, the
relevant leaders decided to hold a gala party, let everyone gather together to celebrate, and also send
out some prizes, commendation and reward for your contribution. "

Hear this Chen Fei understood, and immediately nodded, "Yes, I am busy with this matter, and I will
pass at night."

After all, this time I rushed to develop the ephedra oral liquid, although the biggest contributor must be
Chen Fei. But other staff also helped a lot.

Now, it is a matter of course for them to hold a celebration party and distribute some prizes.

"Okay, Dr. Chen, you call me when you arrive and pick you up at the door." Dr. Tao said.

Chen Fei hung up the phone and continued to be busy in the factory.

Originally, Chen Fei planned to solve the problems in the factory, then went back to wash and change
clothes, and then went to the party.

As a result, unexpected problems occurred on the pipeline, which delayed more than an hour.

When Chen Fei solved all the problems and came out of the factory. At a glance, it was less than half
an hour from the start of the celebration.

Suddenly, Chen Fei looked down at the dirty tooling on his body and couldn't help but smile bitterly,
"There is no time, I can only pass this way."

Immediately, Chen Fei wore a tooling and drove towards the Haitian Hotel.

At the door of the hotel, after parking the car, Chen Fei called Tao Ling.

Soon, Tao Ling dressed in an evening dress came out of the hotel. After looking around, Chen Fei was
surprised, "Dr. Chen, are you here?"

Chen Fei looked at Tao Ling, who was always in a white coat, and now he changed into a close-fitting
dress , And looked at the gorgeous men and women in and out.

Can only helplessly smiled and explained to Tao Ling: "Sorry. Something happened temporarily over
the factory, there is no time to change clothes, so it came."

Tao Ling said without a word, then smiled: "Okay Come on, just go in. Doctor Da Chen is a great hero,
no matter what you wear, it's okay. "So

, Tao Ling and Chen Fei walked side by side and walked towards the hotel.

As a result, just as the two had just entered the hotel, a pair of 28-year-old men and women in Chinese
clothes warmly welcomed them.

"A Ling, I haven't seen you for a long time. You are still so beautiful!" A woman with short hair and a red
dress smiled and said to Tao Ling.

Tao Ling heard this, looked over, saw his eyes staring at the woman, also surprised, smiled and said:
"!.? Huang Rui, you ah Long time no see how you're here."

Yuehua Jian, two After a hug, the greeting greeted.

"I was introduced by a business friend, so I came to see it." Huang Rui smiled and then pointed to the
tall man behind him and introduced, "Tao Ling, this is my husband Fan Dong, Doing medical business.

" Oh, hello. "Tao Ling greeted casually.

Immediately thinking of Chen Fei around him, he also introduced: "Huang Rui, this is Chen Fei, my


"Hello!" Chen Fei nodded toward them with a smile, greeting.

But when Huang Rui and Fan Dong looked at Chen Fei's dress, the smiling cheeks could not help but
stiffened, and they originally planned to extend the hand for a handshake, and they took it back at the
moment. Just glancing at Chen Fei obliquely, he immediately withdrew his gaze, and did not mean to
know Chen Fei at all.

With such an attitude, Chen Fei and Tao Ling could not help but look down, and a sense of displeasure
rose in their hearts.

However, after all, it was an old classmate. Tao Ling was not easy to give her face, and she only smiled
politely, "Someone over there, we have to go to greet."

Immediately, Tao Ling and Chen Fei were about to leave.

But Huang Rui didn't seem to hear the meaning of Tao Ling's words. He even followed with a smile.
"Let's come together, everyone knows. Anyway, they are engaged in medical treatment, and they are
also considered to be peers. The road! "As he

said, Huang Rui and Fan Dong took the initiative to follow.

Especially Huang Rui, with a smile on her face, kept pulling Tao Ling, and kept talking, "Tao Ling, when
you were studying, you were the top student in the class. After graduation, it really became a famous
doctor. "

I can't do it like I did. The medical knowledge I learned at the time has long been forgotten. Now, I can
only work with my husband to tinker with some small businesses."

Tao Ling felt somewhat enthusiastic about Huang Rui's enthusiasm and attitude. In a different way, he
responded lightly: "Huang Rui, you are a boss in a business. It's okay! After all, it's tiring to be a

Huang Rui heard this with a feeling of emotion and said: "Being a boss, it's powerful. But actually, What
kind of boss is our little business! It means picking up something left by someone else ’s big boss and
barely supporting life.”

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