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Chapter 750

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Xiao Liu is anxious at the moment, because just now, he suddenly remembered Chen Fei's identity,
knowing this one in front of him, but a veritable master.

Therefore, Xiao Liu hurriedly said: "Mr. An, Jingguan Shitai. This is Master Chen, Master Chen in

"It was not long ago that in the five provinces martial arts conference, Yue Qiaoyu and Perak
Menchang were defeated Master Chen, who won the championship! Hurry up and stop. "

Mr. An and Jing Guan Master heard this too, and they couldn't help but be surprised.

"You said that he was Master Chen,

the prefect of the prefecture level?" "That was Master Chen who defeated Sun Fengqin and Sun Lao?"

"Isn't it possible, how could Master Chen be so young? He was in his early twenties? How could it be?
Prefects at the prefecture level? "The two at the moment are still a little unbelievable.

Even begin to speculate from Liu's ulterior motive here, "Liu, this guy will not be your invited,
deliberately deceive us, then pocketed want ice network Nine Leaves spend it?"

Liu heard this, angry, anxious, he said: "I have warned you, don't listen to yourself, then don't blame
me." During the

speech, Xiao Liu didn't persuade him directly, he bowed down directly in the direction of Chen Fei, said:
"Master Chen, I'm South Yun Yunxing ’s younger brother Liu Yunxing offended Master Chen ’s site
because he was greedy for a while. I was wrong and asked Master Chen to punish him. ”

Chen Fei looked at Liu Yunxing ’s words and looked around, but he did n’t say anything. what.

Seeing this, Liu Yunxing was lying on the ground, his head knocked on the ground, his body
motionless. It seems that without Chen Fei's permission, he will always kowtow to admit his mistake.

Seeing Liu Yunxing look like this, Mr. An and the Meditation Master's faces changed, and then they
sneered a bit.

"Little Liu, although your Liu family is not as good as our Soul Gate and Jinguan Temple, it is also a
major force in our southern Yunnan province. As a child of the Liu family, you are so humiliating to a
Maotou that it is really insulting to the Liu family. Prestige! "

" Liu Yunxing, if this matter is passed home, I am afraid that you will no longer have a foothold in our
martial arts community in Nanyun Province. "

At this moment, Liu Yunxing ignored the sneer and sarcasm of the two, but sincerely. Kowtowed to
Chen Fei, begging for forgiveness. Because he knew that in front of Chen Fei, there was no chance of
returning the phone.

Mr. An and Jing Guan Tai saw that Liu Yunxing couldn't listen, so he shook his head, unable to
understand and disappointed.

Immediately, the two look to Chen Fei, cold channel:. "Boy, I do not know what means you use, the Liu

makin However, in front of us, you would not even think about playing this trick anymore."

Speak Between them, the arms of the two were raised, and the black streamer accompanied by the
silver breath rushed out again, piercing the air, and struck Chen Fei.

Seeing this, Chen Fei's eyes narrowed slightly, and the raised arm gently patted forward, directly facing
the two offensive.

"Bang, bang!" The

two sides collided, and bursts of explosion sounded.

Mr. An and the Jingguan Master were too confident in the offensive. After facing Chen Fei's flesh, they
immediately burst apart and were instantly crushed by Chen Fei.

"How is it possible?"

"Crushed directly with our palms to meet our offensive, how did he do it? We are mid-level masters of
Xuan level?" The

two were very surprised, and at the moment Chen Fei, penetrated the breath of explosion, The two

Seeing this, the two couldn't help but feel terrified, and immediately shouted, "Go together and destroy

In an instant, the two's followers rushed up, immediately launched an offensive, and made a fierce

attack on Chen Fei.

Liu Yunxing's follower was hesitating whether to do something, but Liu Yunxing glared at him at the
moment, let him give up the idea of stepping forward to help.

So, four people here launched a siege on Chen Fei. Two Xuan-level mid-level masters, a Xuan-level
early martial artist, and a Huang-level pinnacle martial artist.

This configuration is definitely a powerful combination, even if it is against some mysterious forces, it
will not fall.

But at the moment, when the four of them attacked Chen Fei.

I saw the corner of Chen Fei's mouth slightly raised, revealing a sneer of disdain, and his right hand
was raised, pulling out a reddish light, and merged into a curved red blade.

Immediately, Chen Fei's arm shuddered, and the crimson blade came out instantly. Direct diffusion
towards the four.

This sharp light, the moment they were launched, the four felt a terrifying momentum, feeling that they
could not stop it at all, and could only back away in a hurry.

But their movements were still late, and the crimson light directly impacted and hit them.

The four immediately uttered a scream, and their bodies were blown out.

Among them, the two weaker followers were even more miserable. They were directly broken through

the defense by the sharp blade, cut off the waist, cut into two pieces, and fell to the ground. They
couldn't die anymore.

Mr. An and Jing Guan Shi are too powerful than them, but they can only barely block Chen Fei's attack.
His body was still shocked and he was not hurt lightly, with a spit of blood in his mouth and a pale

The two climbed up from the ground, covered their wounds, and looked at Chen Fei, their eyes were

"You, are you really Master Chen?"

"That prefect master, Master Chen!"

Actually, there is no need for Chen Fei to answer.

Chen Fei looked at the two coldly and said, "Speak, what do you think I should do with you?" The

two heard the words, and their faces suddenly changed, and their faces were a little sad.

After hesitating, Mr. An said: "Master Chen, this time, we are indeed wrong.

But— " Chen Fei heard the words, raised his eyebrows, and said coldly: "You admit that there is
something wrong, but not , I do n’t want to listen to excuses! ”The

two looked suffocated, arched their hands, and said:“ We are wrong, please Master Chen to punish! ”

Chen Fei looked at the two and paused, coldly said:“ Since you want me to punish , That person cut his
own arm! "

Wen Yan, Mr. An and the spectator Taima changed color greatly, and cried out loudly.

"Master Chen, we know is wrong, ask Master Chen to give us a chance, we are willing to compensate."

"Master Chen, our dark soul of the door and wait and see Um, also be clouds in the south province of
martial door, please master Chen to our division The door has a face. "

Chen Fei snorted coldly, and said," Are you threatening me? "

" We dare not! "The two quickly bowed their heads and bowed.

"Not?" Chen Fei cold laugh loudly, "you see the treasure heart lust after injuring Xie Yuan, occupy my
stuff. I beg you not only do not return things, but also on my hands."

"If I ’m not as good as you, I ’m afraid, you will kill me without any scruples, and then seize my things!
Now, my strength is worse than you, you ca n’t beat me, come to apologize, and let me give you face .

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