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Chapter 751

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Speaking of which, Chen Fei was cold and shouted sharply: "I let you cut your arm, it is already giving
you face. Otherwise, you now have no chance to speak at all."

"Now, you want me to do it, Or do you do it yourself? "Chen Fei took a step, his hand burst into flames,
and Zhenyuan's breath fluctuated, forming a sharp air sword.

Mr. An and Jing Guan Master felt too much about Chen Fei ’s murderous intention, and could not help
but feel cold all over his body. There was an invisible chill in his heart, and he could n’t care about
anything else. He quickly said: “Master Chen is angry, we are willing to voluntarily. Arm. "

Between the two, the two gritted their teeth and waved their arms, slashing at their left arm.

Suddenly, two mumbles and screams came, two arms flew up, blood spattered out, and the two's faces
instantly turned pale.

Seeing this, Chen Fei snorted, turned his head, and looked over to Liu Yunxing.

Liu Yunxing felt Chen Fei's gaze, and his body was motionless, maintaining the posture of kneeling to
admit his mistake.

After watching it for a while, Chen Fei waved his hand and said lightly: "Get up. I will not punish you for
the sake of acknowledging your mistakes in time."

Liu Yunxing said with a nervous heart, he suddenly relaxed at the moment, He banged at Chen Fei

three times quickly, and quickly said: "Thank you Master Chen, thank you Master Chen!"

Chen Fei waved and said, "Get up and talk about your situation."

Liu Yunxing got up, Then he said: "Master Chen, I am from Liu Family in Nanyun Province. Mr. An and
Jing Guan Tai are from our two forces in Nanyun Province, Soul Soul Gate and Jing Guan An."

"We are travelling together this time, yes At the invitation of Yue Family in Yuxi Province, I went to Yue
Family to participate in the marriage of Yue Qiaoxi's younger brother, Yue Qiaoyu. We passed by here
and we accidentally saw— "

Hearing the familiar words of Yuejia Yue Qiaoyu in Yuxi Province, Chen Fei couldn't help but moved,
thinking of the events at the five provincial martial arts conferences. Suddenly, he asked: "Tell me, what
happened to the marriage of Yue Zihui?"

Liu Yunxing quickly said: "We heard that the Yue family originally set up a marriage with the Yu family,
a famous local business family in Yuxi province, Both parties are Yue Qiaoyu's younger brother Yue
Qiaoxi's younger brother Yue Qiaoyu and Yu's new generation business queen Yu Qingmei. They were
already married. Later, at the five provinces martial arts conference, Yue Qiaoyu was master Chen you
— "

Speaking of which, Liu Yunxing was nervous Looked at Chen Fei, afraid to speak.

Chen Fei waved his hand and said, "Go on."

Liu Yunxing said : "After Yue Qiaoyu was injured at the martial arts conference, after returning home,
the Yue family was very angry and put pressure on the Yu family. The Yu family was no match for the

Yue family and came to apologize, and the result The Yue family asked the Yu family to surrender 20%
of their family property, and at the same time, they asked Yu Qingmei to marry in the past. "

Hearing this, Chen Fei couldn't help but look cold. "

Liu Yunxing shivered and said:" Okay, it seems like this. However, I heard that the Yu family agreed. "

" What! "Chen Fei suddenly burst into anger, and his momentum spread, leaving Liu Yunxing and dark
Mr. and Meditation Master, they were all trembling with oppression.

"Mr. Chen!" Xie Yuan shouted beside him.

Chen Fei calmed down immediately, and his momentum gradually converged. However, the chill on his
face still did not subside, but looked away, whispering coldly: "Yue Qiaoyu, Yue family. It seems that the
lessons I gave you before are not enough!"

After finishing , Chen Fei turned and left .

Back in the provincial capital, Chen Fei immediately called Yu Qingmei, and the result showed that Yu
Qingmei's mobile phone was turned off and could not answer. This made Chen Fei's expression cold,
and he became more and more worried.

So he decided to take a trip to Yuxi province.

He explained the situation with his wife Lin Qiuhan, and arranged the matter on the side of Chengyao.
Chen Fei immediately got up and rushed to the west of Chongqing.

West Chongqing Province is not far from Longjiang City. Chen Fei arrived in West Chongqing Province
after two hours of high-speed rail.

However, Chen Fei did not immediately rush to the Yue family, but first came to the city of Leishan in
the northeast of Yuxi province.

Leishan City can only be regarded as a medium-sized city in western Chongqing, with a small number
of people and no prosperous development. But in the entire western Chongqing province, the
reputation is very great, second only to the provincial city of Yuqing.

The biggest reason is that Perak Gate, the second largest martial force in Western Chongqing
Province, is located in Leishan City.

The Perak Gate is located above the Thunder Mountain in the northwest of Leishan City. Because of
the popularity of the Perak Gate, the number of people who come here every year to study and
apprentice is endless, and it also improves the economic development of Leishan City to some extent.

When Chen Fei arrived at Leishan City in the early evening, the entire downtown area was bustling and
bustling, and the population was endless, making it very prosperous.

Moreover, unlike some other places, among these endless crowds, many martial art practitioners with
martial arts can be found. This shows the impact of the Thunder Gate on the entire Leishan City.

Not early, Chen Fei found a good hotel in the city and stayed.

After putting his luggage in the hotel, Chen Fei took a shower and immediately went out to prepare a
place to eat.

The reason why I did n’t eat in the hotel was mainly because Chen Fei wanted to come out and check
the news of Perak Gate. Because Chen Fei wanted to recover the Longyuan Medicine Field, which had
lost the Perak Gate to himself before going to Yue's house.

After all, Chen Fei now opened Chengcheng Pharmacy himself, and Lin Qiuyuan ’s illness and other
things require medicinal materials. Therefore, Chen Fei decided to take back Longyuan Medicine Field.

To inquire about the news, the first choice is of course the mixed place.

So, Fei asked about it and came to a night market stall.

The food stalls were full of fire and smoke, but the humble tables and chairs were already full of people.
One after another, eating and drinking, bragging about the competition, and finally being lively.

Chen Fei found an empty table and ordered a bunch of barbecues and beers. While slowly eating and
drinking, he heard the conversation between the people around him.

Sure enough, it was Leishan City, and the impact of the Perak Gate was quite large. It didn't take long
for Chen Fei to hear many people around him talking about the Perak Gate.

"Recently, many people have come to our city, and the major hotels are full."

"That's not, and most of them are rich people, almost all came in luxury cars!"

"You Do n’t you know? That ’s because the opening day of the Perak Gate has arrived. It ’s natural for

those rich people to come and ask for medicine! ”

“ It turns out that the opening day has arrived. It ’s a good herbal medicine! Just buy it and I ’ll post it. ”

“ Dude, do n’t dream. Is it possible for people like us to go to the opening day of Perak Gate? ”

“ Yes, yes eligible to participate, not rich, it is a martial arts person. this we ordinary people can only
watch the fun. " "

hey, hard to force ah! " "

well, brother, do not moan and groan, let's have a drink "" After

listening to the comments of the people around, Chen Fei was somewhat interested in the "Opening
Day" mentioned in their discussion.

Looking at the side table, Chen Fei was ready to get up and ask what was going on in this open field

But at this moment, suddenly, a figure quickly approached him, and then sat directly beside him.

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