Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 754

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"Yes, I'm going to the Thunder Gate." Chen Fei nodded and saw that in the front window, Xie Yuchen's
parents looked alert. So he said to Xie Yuchen, "I don't need to get on the bus, I just walk over."

Xie Yuchen heard this, and couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. However, she immediately
opened the door and jumped from the car that was still driving.

This time, her parents were startled, and immediately shouted: "Yuchen, what are you doing?"

Xie Yuchen smiled at his parents and said: "Mom and dad, let's drive over first, and I will go with Chen
Fei . Anyway, I do n’t want to be at the foot of the mountain

anymore . I still have to get off the car and walk up the mountain. I ’ll come down and get some
activities first. ” Xie Yuchen ’s parents wanted to say something, but the car behind blew the whistle
impatiently They had to drive out the car.

When Xie Yuchen saw his parents driving away, he immediately showed a quaint smile, and then he
joined Chen Fei and smiled: "Chen Fei, yesterday, thank you!"

Chen Fei smiled and said, "You were yesterday Thanks to me. Besides, it's not a big deal, don't be so
polite. "

Xie Yuchen smiled and then looked at Chen Fei and asked," Chen Fei, are you really a doctor? "

Chen Fei nodded and said: "I'm a Chinese

medicine doctor ." "Chinese medicine?" Xie Yuchen was a little surprised. "Are you a Chinese medicine

Chen Fei knew her thoughts and couldn't help but laugh, saying: "You should change your thoughts.
Now the Chinese medicine doctors are not all. It ’s the kind of old man with a white beard you think
about. There are still many young people. ”

“ It turns out! I thought that Chinese medicine is like the old man on TV! ”The little girl threw out her
tongue and suddenly looked delicate. And cute.

Immediately, she stared at her big eyes and asked Chen Fei: "Chen Fei, is your medical skill good?"

"Well, it should be great!" Chen Fei smiled softly.

Xie Yuchen heard this, his face could not help showing a touch of gay, said: "Really powerful it my
grandfather was sick, some serious cases, if you can cure my grandfather's illness, so much the

Chen Fei heard this, the channel : "Tell me about your grandfather's symptoms, maybe I really have a
cure for it!"

Xie Yuchen just said, and did not take things seriously. After all, she has a good family, and her
grandfather's illness does not know how many doctors she has seen at home and abroad, and
ultimately there is no way. So, this came to Perak Gate, and wanted to find a medicine for Grandpa.

As for Chen Fei's words just now, Xie Yuchen just treated each other as polite words.

Chen Fei saw Xie Yuchen's attitude and said, "You can talk to me, even if I can't cure it, maybe
someone I know can't help."

Wen Yan, Xie Yuchen's heart moved. I thought that even if Chen Fei is not well-treated, he is a Chinese
medicine doctor, and there should be someone like Brother or Master. Maybe he can have a solution.
After all, multiple people have multiple paths!

Thinking of this, Xie Yuchen immediately began to tell Chen Fei about his grandfather's illness.

After Chen Fei listened carefully, he thought about it and said, "Actually, your grandfather's condition is
not as complicated as imagined. With Sophora flavescens, plantain, and wormwood,"

Chen Fei said Fang Zi, When I saw Xie Yuchen's stunned face, he immediately smiled and said, "Well,
I will write down the prescription for you. You can go back to the Chinese medicine and

grab the medicine." Xie Yuchen didn't expect Chen Fei to say that he could cure his grandfather's
illness Although she didn't believe it, Chen Fei was kind after all. She immediately took out the paper
and pen and handed it to Chen Fei. Chen Fei wrote the prescription and handed it over.

Xie Yuchen took the prescription, looked at it, and found that he couldn't understand it. Then he folded
it and received it in his arms.

"Chen Fei, thank you!" Xie Yuchen said.

At this moment, a sneer came, "Yuchen, this liar, what are you grateful for."

Wen Yan, Chen Fei and Xie Yuchen turned their heads to look over and saw a young man who was 26
or 7 years old. The man came over.

The man is a famous brand, his eyes slightly raised, his eyebrows raised, and he looks proud.

Seeing this man, Xie Yuchen suddenly changed his face and said coldly: "Lei Hong, my business, you
don't need you to control." The

surname is Lei, no need to think about Chen Fei, this should be the Lei that Xie Yuchen mentioned
yesterday not enough.

When Lei Hong heard Xie Yuchen's words, his complexion could not help but change, and then said:
"Yuchen, you can stop me from taking care of your affairs. But this liar is arbitrarily prescribing, it is
related to your grandfather's condition, if it is uncle He and his aunt knew about it and didn't know what
they thought? "

Upon hearing this, Xie Yuchen's complexion changed. She knew in her heart that her parents couldn't
believe the formula that Chen Fei developed.

For a time, Xie Yuchen froze in the distance.

When Lei Hong saw this, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and continued: "Yu Chen, this
kind of liar, it is best for you to leave him. I told you, I know someone in Perak Gate. The master of the
Perak Gate asked for a medicine to cure your grandfather's illness, so you don't have to be so
troublesome. "

Lei Hong approached Xie Yuchen close to him during the speech, and wanted to directly hold Xie
Yuchen's hand.

However, Xie Yuchen quickly backed away, avoiding Lei Hong's movements.

She didn't want to say anything to Lei Hongduo, and said directly to Chen Fei: "Chen Fei, let's go!" So

, Xie Yuchen took Chen Fei's hand and walked forward quickly.

Upon seeing this, Lei Hong saw a chill in his eyes, staring fiercely at Chen Fei, but he accelerated his
pace and followed.

Soon, Chen Fei and Xie Yuchen came to the foot of the mountain.

At the foot of Leishan Mountain, there was a lot of activity at the moment. Numerous luxury cars
stopped at the foot of the mountain, winding mountain roads, a pair of pairs of horses winding up,
looking from a distance, like a row of working ants.

In the face of the majesty of nature, human beings seem very small.

By the time he reached the parking lot, Xie Yuchen's parents had arrived and was looking for his
daughter in the crowd.

When they saw Xie Yuchen coming, their expressions could not help but relieved, and quickly walked
over. But then, when they saw Xie Yuchen and Chen Fei holding hands, their expressions suddenly
became cold.

Seeing the expression of his parents, Xie Yuchen suddenly moved his heart, quickly let go of his hand,
and walked towards his parents, "Parent, I--" Before

she finished speaking, her parents said directly, "What happened just now?"

"What's going on?" Xie Yuchen pretended to be silly.

Parents said in a cold voice: "Don't pretend to be stupid, what do you think of holding hands with Chen
Fei?" : "Uncle, good auntie!"

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