Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 756

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The attitude of the stall owner and Chen Fei's move to buy medicines for two million attracted many
people's attention at the moment in front of the mountain road.

Many people looked at the two of them, and they started to talk.

However, at this time, Chen Fei did not care about their views at all. Instead, he drew out his wallet and
prepared to swipe to pay for medicine.

Because this stall's ginseng is not a common ginseng, but a very rare red ginseng. Ginseng is a big
tonic, but it usually grows in a cool place, so it will inevitably bring a bit of cold air.

But this red ginseng is different from ordinary ginseng. It grows in a place full of yang, so there is no
cold air, making the tonic effect more than ten times higher than ordinary ginseng.

This kind of red ginseng is very rare because of the limitation of the growth environment. Moreover, it is
a good thing for Lin Qiuhan to treat the condition of Nine You Binglian lotus seeds or to nourish Lin

Therefore, Chen Fei did not hesitate to buy it after hearing the price of two million yuan from the stall
owner. After all, this kind of rare thing, not to mention two million, even if it is 20 million, is also a
priceless and non-existent existence. If you are lucky enough, you will not be able to buy it for money.

Therefore, Chen Fei didn't care about the laughter and ridicule of everyone at the moment, and he was
prepared to pay for it.

Just when Chen Fei was about to pay the bill, suddenly, on his side, a figure was inserted, and said,
"Wait, I will look at this herbal medicine."

Wen Yan, the stall owner and Chen Fei looked sideways. come.

I saw that the person was about twenty-nine to nine years old, wearing a vintage robe and wearing a
bun. Coupled with the man's handsome face and fair skin, one can't help but think of the word "the son
is like jade".

For a time, many women's expressions on the man's face had changed, and their eyes were a little dull
for a while.

Even Xie Yuchen couldn't help but was attracted by the man and took a few more look.

In this situation, Lei Hong next to him could not help but be vigilant, thinking secretly: "I just solved a
Chen Fei, and came back with a little white face, it's really annoying!"

Just when everyone marveled at the handsomeness of this son's brother He glanced at the Chiyang
ginseng, then a strange color flashed in his eyes, and then reached out, he would pick up the Chiyang
ginseng, and at the same time he said to the stall owner: "This medicine, how much, I'll take it "?

stall or before askew indifferent look, opening:"! two million. "

After hearing this price, Yumian son without the slightest hesitation, nodded and said:" well, I'll take it. "

Yuehua Jian He waved his hand, and there was a servant-like servant behind him, and he immediately

stepped forward to pay the bill.

In such a situation, Chen Fei frowned, and said coldly: "Wait a minute, this herbal medicine, I have
already taken a fancy just now, and I am about to pay to buy it."

Wen Yan, Yumian looked at Chen Fei and looked up and down A sudden flash of a strange color
flashed in his eyes, and said sharply, "This herb, I want it!"

When he said this, he deliberately increased his tone, with a firm and confident appearance, as if the
herb was destined to be him In general.

Chen Fei hate this self-righteous people face a cold, and he did not mean to argue, look directly into
the stall, handed bank card, said:. "This money, I want a herb"

Seeing stall holders To receive the money, the Jade Face Master's eyes flashed, and he gave Chen Fei
a displeased glance. Immediately, he looked stall, the channel: "He out how much money, I buy the fare

Stall cold face slightly changed, said:. "Him out of the two million"

Yumian son heard this, revealing a touch Confident smile, said: "I sold two million two hundred
thousand, sell it to me."

The stall owner heard his words and turned his eyes. Instead of speaking, he looked at Chen Fei.
Obviously, he meant to let Chen Fei bid.

Although Chen Fei does not like the temporary price increase of the stall owner, this red ginseng is

indeed very rare. If the price is increased, Chen Fei is willing.

So, Chen Fei said directly: "Two and a half million!" As

soon as the quotation came out, the face of Jade Noodle changed, and she looked at Chen Fei in
amazement. It seemed that she didn't expect this guy in ordinary clothes to come up with it. So much
money to bid with yourself.

After a moment of pause, Jade Noodles raised the price and said: "2.8 million."

Chen Fei noodles didn't change color, and immediately continued to increase the price: "Three million!"

two people were bidding. Looking at this scene, the sound of discussion started.

"Three hundred thousand dollars worth of medicinal herbs, when they reach three million, they still
have to increase the price, is this stupid


"Is there so many rich people now?" "Is there really anything special about that herbal medicine?

" However, no matter how you look at it, it's an ordinary ginseng! "While

everyone was discussing, Xie Yuchen and his party were also dumbfounded at the moment.

Xie Yuchen's parents didn't expect that, for such a humble thing, some people were really willing to pay
such a high price, and at this moment someone came to bid.

Lei Hong was even more surprised, frowning, and said: "Wouldn't it be the comrade they invited,
deliberately lie to that person!"

After all, in Lei Hong's eyes, Chen Fei and that little white face are nothing. good stuff. So, instinctively
think of them as bad.

Xie Yuchen could not help but frowned, "What kind of person do you always think that other people are
like that? Ridiculous!"

Lei Hong changed his face and wanted to say something.

But at this time, the bidding price of Chen Fei and Yumianzi has reached a fierce level.

Jade Face Master bids at this time: "I'm paying 4.8 million!"

After finishing the price, he stared at Chen Fei with a scorching look. In his opinion, although this herb
is good, the price is almost five million. If it is higher, the need for bidding is not so great.

Therefore, at this time, he looked at Chen Fei. First, it was a warning, and secondly, it made the other
party think clearly.

But he obviously underestimated Chen Fei's vision and also underestimated Chen Fei's strength.

After hearing his quotation, Chen Fei hardly hesitated any more, and said again: "Five million!"

Hearing this price, not only the people around, but even the Jade Faced Son himself, could not bear it.
, The teeth bite hard together, then stared at Chen Fei fiercely, said: "Do you have to fight against me?
Do you know who I am?"

Chen Fei glanced at him lightly, said coldly: "I No matter who you are? I only know that if you want to
buy something, then take the money out. If you can't afford it, then get out. "

" You-- "Yumianzi never thought that someone said he couldn't afford money, Suddenly trembling with
anger, staring at Chen Fei fiercely, gritted his teeth and said, "I'm out of 5.5 million."

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