Novel Name : She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1580 1580 Simp

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Upon hearing this, Jing Rujiu and Zhang Zhanyi recalled the night 30 years ago.

Zhang Zhanyi's lips were pale as she secretly clenched the fabric of her dress. Jing Rujiu's face was filled with mockery and self-deprecation.

Jing Rujiu let out a long sigh and said, "In the middle of the night, Zhang Zhanyi suddenly suggested leaving. She said that she had something to do. I saw that she was in a hurry, so I asked her what she was going to do. She said that she was going to the primitive Demonic Beast Forest to capture the legendary Soul Suppressing Beast and treat Jing Jiaren's soul instability. I thought about how dangerous the primitive Demonic Beast Forest was and how Jing Jiaren was my beloved niece, so I suggested going with her."

"Those who know me know that I'm a loyal person. After I found out that she was going to the Demonic Beast Forest to capture the Soul Suppressing Beast, it was impossible for me not to make a request to travel with her, and Zhang Zhanyi knows me like the back of her hand. It's precisely because she knows this that she deliberately put on this act in front of me."

Jing Rujiu smiled at Zhang Zhanyi mockingly and snorted. "Zhang Zhanyi, they all call me a ruthless demoness, but I'm a person who owns up to my actions. I'm not like you! You're a backstabber. In terms of ruthlessness, who can compare to you, Zhang Zhanyi?"

From the moment she saw Jing Rujiu revive, Zhang Zhanyi knew that she was doomed.

After being insulted by Jing Rujiu in public, Zhang Zhanyi didn't show any fear or regret. Instead, she chuckled softly and said shamelessly, "So what if I'm ruthless? Doesn't your brother still love me to death? Doesn't he still suck up to me like a simp?"

"So what if you're brave and resourceful? In the end, weren't you still trampled upon by me?"

Before Jing Rujiu could flare up, Jing Ruge roared at Zhang Zhanyi angrily, "Zhang Zhanyi, shut up! For the past hundred years, I've been devoted to you, but in your eyes, I've become a simp. Do you still have a conscience?"

After being shouted at by Jing Ruge, Zhang Zhanyi shut up.

Old Madam Jing glanced at her son, who had a pained expression on his face. Not only did she not feel sympathy for her son, but she even mocked him. "Heh, I told you long ago that Madam Zhang isn't a good person, but you didn't believe me and stubbornly insisted on marrying her. Bastard, take a closer look. This is the woman you've liked from the bottom of your heart for more than a hundred years. In my opinion, even a pile of cow feces on the streets is better than her."

"As for her, heh, she's simply heartless!"

Old Madam Jing had always been sharp-tongued. After being scolded by her like this, Jing Ruge's face turned livid and he felt indescribable anguish.

Si Cheng suddenly asked Jing Rujiu, "What happened after you two went to the Demonic Beast Forest?"

Jing Rujiu stared at Si Cheng for a while before recognizing him.

After thirty years, Si Cheng's appearance didn't change much from before. It was just that… it was rare to see Si Cheng in a formal suit. He looked so handsome that Jing Rujiu couldn't recognize him for a moment.

Jing Rujiu gave Si Cheng a weak smile and said, "Why are you wearing a formal suit? Could it be that you haven't found a wife and finally realize that it's time to dress up?"

Si Cheng rubbed his nose sheepishly and teased Jing Rujiu. "Since you're teasing me, it seems like you're in a good mood."

Jing Rujiu smiled and said, "Of course. How can I not be happy when I see my daughter? When I see Mingjue again, our family of three will be able to form a team. This is called happiness after suffering."

Upon hearing the name 'Mingjue', Si Cheng's heart skipped a beat. He hurriedly lowered his head, for fear that his sorrowful gaze would let Jing Rujiu realize that Yin Mingjue had long passed away.

Yu Huang's expression changed slightly.

However, Jing Rujiu's attention was on Zhang Zhanyi and she didn't notice their reactions.

"We searched the Demonic Beast Forest for half a month before we found traces of the Soul Suppressing Beast. We fought a huge battle with it, but just as we were about to win, my most trusted good friend took advantage of my fatigue and defense to secretly stab me with a sword. That sword pierced through my back and through my chest…"

"When I woke up again, she had already fed me a pill that sealed my spiritual energy. After she hid it in her interspatial ring and brought it back to the Jing family's residence, she used the excuse of sending the Soul Suppressing Beast to the Demonic Beast Forest to secretly bring me to the Divine Worship Cave and give me to the super demon beast…"

"You probably already discovered what happened after that through the giant demon beast, right?" Jing Rujiu asked Yu Huang.

Yu Huang nodded with tears in her eyes and said, "I saw it."

Seeing that Yu Huang was crying again, Jing Rujiu felt sorry for her and reached out to wipe Yu Huang's tears as she said with heartache, "Don't cry. If you cry, Mommy will cry too."

Yu Huang wiped her tears and said, "I won't cry."

She tried her best to widen her eyes and retract all her tears.

Everyone's expressions became heavy after knowing the truth from Jing Rujiu.

Zhang Xianli looked defeated. He felt ashamed and flustered.

Jing Ruge was so distraught that he couldn't even stand steadily and sat down on the grass.

Suddenly, Old Madam Jing walked to Zhang Zhanyi, bent down, and pinched Zhang Zhanyi's chin with her left hand.


Everyone heard the sound of Zhang Zhanyi's jaw bone shattering.

Madam Jing's hatred for Zhang Zhanyi was deep-rooted.

"Madam Zhang." Old Madam Jing gritted her teeth and asked, "Alright, the Soul Suppressing Beast was also caught by Jiu'er for you! Then where did the wounds on your body come from when you returned from the primitive Demonic Beast Forest?!"

Without waiting for Zhang Zhanyi's reply, Old Madam Jing shook Zhang Zhanyi's head hard again and roared angrily, "You hurt yourself to put on an act, right? Madam Zhang, you're so ruthless! You harmed my daughter, but you ended up with the title of a loving mother! Don't you have any sense of shame?!"

After being insulted by Old Madam Jing in front of everyone, Zhang Zhanyi felt hatred.

She raised her right arm angrily and opened Madam Jing's left arm. "You know how to feel sorry for your daughter now?" Because her jaw was broken, blood foamed from the corner of Zhang Zhanyi's mouth when she spoke.

But she could no longer feel pain.

Zhang Zhanyi laughed crazily as she scolded Old Madam Jing without any scruples, "When Jing Rujiu was at her peak, how could she have been schemed against by me? If you weren't ruthless and merciless enough to extract all the divination power in Jing Rujiu's body, causing her body to be severely injured and almost lose her life during childbirth, would I have been able to scheme against her so easily?"

Old Madam Jing was stunned, as if she was frightened by Zhang Zhanyi's words.


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