Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 2194

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“Master David, if you want to buy or sell anything, just holler. If anyone needs something or wants to
sell, they will come to you. If you don’t want to do that, you can tell me and I will do it for you,” Thor said
from the side.

“No, thanks, Mr. Rivers. You should carry on with your business. I can do it myself.” David thanked him.

He had bought a lot of treasures these days but he could not sell them.

Money did not appeal to him.

As for what to buy, David did not have a goal and he just wanted to buy expensive ones.

Alright, Master David, please take a look and I’ll go first.”

After Thor left, David and Beanie sat down in a remote corner.

As they listened to the constant yelling in the hall and the people heading to the private rooms to
negotiate, they figured that this model was pretty good.

Not only could they accurately find the treasures they wanted, but they could also sell the things they
wanted to sell directly to those who needed them.

There was no middleman to take a cut, so both buyer and the seller could benefit.

Soon David joined in with Pebbles in his arms.

However, after buying a few things, he gave up.

‘Let’s wait for the treasures that the organizers have.’

It was because this was too inefficient.

Also, the main reason was that the value of the treasures was low.

Even if he did not negotiate, he would not get a lot of lavish points.

Now, the lavish points needed for David’s next breakthrough were in tens of thousands.

If they were too little, it really would not do much.

After all, Sole was only a second-tier city.

Even if everyone participating in this underground trade fair was from Sole’s top circle, not everyone
could come up with good things to sell.

The genuinely good things must be the last things from the organizers. Those should truly be priceless.

So David was going to wait and see.

Time passed by slowly.

Free trading was a very important link in the whole underground fair and it would last for a long time.

Many treasures of unknown origin would change hands when the buyer and seller were anonymous.

Some of them might even have come from robbers in Demon Ridge.

If these treasures were sold on the trading street, they were likely to attract attention.

When the lights in the hall suddenly became dimmer, the audience fell silent.

Everybody knew that the final highlight was coming.

Two aliens, nearly three meters tall and walking upright, carried a huge object covered with a black
cloth into the hall, instantly attracting everyone's attention.

Everyone looked at the things brought in by the two aliens curiously, wondering what was inside.


The huge object landed with a loud sound.

The aliens put down the thing and left

Then, a masked man stepped forward and announced, “Everyone, this is the first treasure prepared by
Lord Black Fox for you all. It is a bit inappropriate to call it a treasure because it contains living things.
Plus, I can tell you that this is very rare. Lord Black Fox originally planned to keep them for himself, but
for the benefit of everyone, he decided to take them out.”

‘Living things?’

Now, everyone looked even more curious.

It was rare for someone to sell living things, causing a scene.

Since Lord Black Fox is selling them, they would not be cheap.

‘What are they?’

Curious eyes were glued on the covered item.

“From your eyes, I can tell you can’t wait anymore. Behold, this is surely the first case in Sole!”

After he said that, the masked man pulled the black cloth away to reveal what was inside.

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