Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 2201

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The scene was quiet for a while.

Just when everyone thought the auction was about to end, another bid was made.

“90.5 billion!”

“90.2 billion! Come on, come on, let’s see who has more money. You might get scared to death!”

“92.5 billion!”

“95 billion!”

No bids left.

“Haha! Do you only have this little strength? How dare you compete with me. You’re overestimating
your capabilities!” That person said arrogantly.

In the next room, a man wearing the same mask as Black Fox came in, stood respectfully in front of
Black Fox, and said, “My Lord, do you want to raise the price a little more?”

Black Fox was silent for a moment. Then, he replied. “Let’s lift it a little more! The price is indeed too
low. If it is in a first-tier city or the main city, it will at least start at 200 billion. If there are some big-
spending and spoiled kids, it might even go up to 300 billion.”

Now that they had reached this point, he did not mind delaying a while more.

In the end, it would be best to get more money and run away.

No one would complain about having too much money.

“The main reason is that it was too sudden, so everyone didn’t have time to prepare. There are not
many people who can take out 100 billion in one go.”

“Indeed! I think this person seems to have the money so let’s raise it a little bit more, but be careful, you
must not scare him away or you will be made responsible.”

“Yes, my Lord!”

During the conversation between the two, no one appeared in the hall again.

Thor kept an eye on David to see if the other party was willing to make an offer.

However, David did not seem to want to and had always been a bystander.

Seeing that the auction was about to end, Thor was flustered.

Finally, when he was about to make up his mind to ask David for some money, David suddenly called
out unexpectedly, “100 billion!”

The quiet hall suddenly became lively again and everyone looked at David.

They were looking at this strange pair curiously.

In fact, David had attracted a lot of attention since he first arrived.

He was the first to come to the underground trade fair with a child.

It was very difficult for him not to attract attention.

Some people here even knew David.

A few of them were Pebbles’ victims in the trading street and had received compensation from David,
so they knew then the moment they set eyes on them.

“Not bad, kid. 105 billion.”

“120 billion!”

“125 billion!”

After another round of bidding, the price was increased to 150 billion by David.

“Kid, are you doing this on purpose?”

“What? They will go to anyone with the highest price, right? If you don’t make an offer, they will be mine
soon,” David said calmly.

“Good! Very good! Very good! I’ll remember you, kid. You…”

The masked man who was bidding with David wanted to curse at him, only to realize that both had
concealed identities so it was useless to do so.

So he held back his anger and called out again, “155 billion!”

“200 billion!” The moment David said that, the audience gasped.


‘200 billion!

‘He actually added 45 billion directly?

‘Who is this person?

‘Is he a big-spending and spoiled kid from the first-tier city?’

Only the few who had contact with David were not surprised.

If he could take out 500 billion casually, 200 billion was child’s play to him.

In the next room, Black Fox and another masked figure were stunned.

They were going to raise the price a bit initially, but it seems that they did not need to anymore.

Originally, it was only more than 90 billion, but after a little effort, it went directly to 200 billion.

This price was already good enough.

The price might go higher in the first-tier city or even the main city, but it would also depend on the

It depended on whether there were big spenders with strong financial resources in the scene.

It would be best if two hostile forces were competing with each other. If that happened 300 billion would
even be too little.

What they wanted was prestige and they could not lose to their opponent.

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