Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 2212

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If he could get the money for himself, he would be loaded.

With this in mind, Conway could not wait to find David.

“This person should have no idea who you are, otherwise he would not dare oppose you. Who doesn’t
know that Sole belongs to the Macee family now?” The leader of the men in black spoke highly of

“So what if he doesn’t know? This is not the reason for me to let this person go. Since he has done
that, he has to bear the responsibility. He can’t get away with this just because he doesn’t know. Does
he think that he can be free of worries and not be afraid of the consequences just because everyone
has hidden their identity? How naive! Today, I will let him know what will happen if he offends Conway
of the Macee family! Hmph!” Conway huffed with a murderous look on his face.

“Yes, you’re right, Master Conway. I’m not trying to make excuses for this person. He deserves to die
for going against you. I just want to say that in Sole, the Macee family is above all and because of that,
you are also powerful. If he knew who you are, he should have gotten on his knees and pleaded for
forgiveness a long time ago.”

“Okay! Don’t flatter me. The Macee family is indeed above all in Sole, but I’m not the first-in-line heir of
the Macee family, so I don’t deserve to be called powerful. I suspect you are just mocking me.”
Conway’s face fell.

The leader was shocked when he heard what Conway said. He quickly knelt, kowtowed, and explained
in a panic, “Master Conway, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! That wasn’t my intention so please forgive me. Please
give me another chance and I will do everything I can for you until the day I die.”

He was terrified.

Conway was the eldest direct descendant of the Macee family, and he was also very talented. He was
originally the first-in-line heir of the Macee family and the best candidate for the future head of the

Unexpectedly, that man appeared.

He was so talented that he crushed Master Conway and snatched the position of the first-in-line heir of
the Macee family from Conway.

Initially, Conway was pretty normal. At least, he was not as insane as he was right now.

After his position was snatched from him, he changed drastically.

He would often do frightening things.

Whenever a servant made a mistake, they would be tortured to death.

Over time, the servants of the Macee family would be terrified whenever they saw him.

Perhaps to make up for Conway, the Macee family took an indulgent attitude at first.

When they saw how serious this was getting, they let him enter The Spirit Cage for further training so
that he could take over the Macee family in The Spirit Cage.

Conway changed a lot after so many years at The Spirit Cage, but he still had his former reputation.

Everyone was scared to make him mad.

He was still brooding to this day about his stolen position.

Even after being exiled by the family, he would still think in his heart that he would go back grandly one
day in the future and take back the position as the first-in-line heir openly and honestly.

He, Conway, must be the head of the Macee family and he would not just get by in The Spirit Cage.

“Am I that scary?” Conway asked calmly.

“N-No, no! I just respect you a lot so I hope you won’t misunderstand,” the leader replied trembling.

“Okay! Get up! If you settle today’s matter nicely, I won’t hold you accountable for sarcasm.”

“Thank you, Master Conway! I will definitely handle this matter well.”

The leader wiped the cold sweat from his forehead before slowly standing up.

“Let’s go! Go in with me and see who this boy is that suddenly appeared. I want to see how he has the
balls to be so arrogant when he comes to Sole.”

After Conway finished speaking, he walked ahead, ready to enter the mansion.

The men in black followed neatly behind.

When they were tens of meters away from entering the gate of the mansion, the door opened suddenly.

David walked out with Pebbles in his arms, along with Beanie and Princess Evie.

The four elf women followed behind.

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