Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 2215

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Conway’s facial expression was getting more and more contorted. He was about to be strangled to
death by David!

The leader of the men hurriedly begged for mercy.

“Master, please calm down! Master, please calm down! Please let go of Master Conway. We are willing
to compensate you for your losses. No matter what your request is, just ask and the Macee family will
fully satisfy you.”

Conway was the eldest direct descendant of the Macee family and the future head of the Macee family
in The Spirit Cage.

After Lord Basil stepped down, he would take over the Macee family in The Spirit Cage.

If something happened to Conway, none of them could escape since they were not doing their jobs

Being the eldest direct descendant had a unique advantage in a big family like the Macee family.

If Carmello was not so exceptional that he crushed Conway relentlessly, Conway would surely become
the first-in-line heir of the Macee family.

Conway had always regarded himself as the first-in-line heir of the Macee family, so he was unable to
take the blow of Carmello showing up halfway and snatching his position as the first-in-line heir.

This caused his temperament to change drastically.

Anyway, Conway’s status in the Macee family was self-evident.

If he was dead, the whole Macee family would be outraged.

Conway nodded repeatedly when he heard what the leader said, expressing that he felt the same way.

If David would let him go, he would agree to any condition.

However, would David agree?

The answer was obviously no.

It was because he did not need anything.

Or rather, the Macee family could not give him what he wanted.

Even if they could, David would not accept.

He had his bottom line.

If these guys only came to trouble him and did not kill anyone, he would be fine with it.

Since they killed the people working for him, they should pay with their life.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth was the matter of course.

Just because he paid more than Master Conway at the auction, he had the right to bring people to
David’s residence to make trouble and even murder people? How was that reasonable?

Facing such unreasonable people, David would also use unreasonable methods to deal with them.

He would give Conway a taste of his own medicine.

This had always been David’s rule.

Looking at the terrified direct descendant of the Macee family in front of him, David spoke slowly,
“Master Conway, remember that you have to be responsible for all the actions to take. If you didn’t kill
my people tonight, I could let you go, but since you did, you should become their burial offering! To me,
your life is no different from theirs, or even worse. If there is a next life, remember to stop being so
arrogant and keep a low profile. If you play with fire, you will eventually get burned. God will always
send someone to punish you.”

After listening to David, Conway could feel his grip tightening.

Conway’s expression slowly turned from despair to panic.

He knew he was going to die.

David would not go easy on him, but he did not want to die!

He was still waiting for the day in the future when he could go back to Leila, defeat Carmello head-on,
and get back everything he lost.

At this moment, Conway regretted it.

He was regretting why he came to provoke David, this bringer of misfortune.

Who would have expected this young man who suddenly showed up in Sole to be so powerful?

Judging from David’s performance just now, he was definitely not inferior to Lord Basil in terms of

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