Novel Name : I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 464 - 464 Heading to the Filming Set!

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464 Heading to the Filming Set!

Jing Zhen’s expression turned cold as he asked, “What are they here for?”

Old Master Bai replied, “Your father…is not feeling well and wants you to return home. Will you see them?”

Jing Zhen coldly replied without hesitation, “No.”

Old Master Bai paused for a moment. He felt very puzzled and asked, “Mr. Jing, if I may be so curious as to ask… since you are from such a powerful family, why didn’t you ask for help from your family when Miss Shen was kidnapped? Your status is noble, and if you spoke up, they would have listened…”

Jing Zhen’s eyes dimmed. He looked ahead and remained silent for a long time before saying lightly, “Life is good now.”

After speaking, he simply instructed, “Don’t tell them where I am.”

“Yes,” Old Master Bai replied.

“But you seem to be quite popular on the internet now,” Old Master Bai added.

Jing Zhen smiled. “I’m just a little actor who looks a bit like him, right?”

Old Master Bai said, “…If it weren’t for you coming to me and confirming your identity, I’m afraid I wouldn’t even recognize you in your disguise.”

After hanging up the phone, Jing Zhen’s face revealed a hint of seriousness.

He knew that his peaceful life of over twenty years was probably coming to an end.

He turned his head and looked at the glutinous rice cakes hanging on the front seat as his lips curled into a smile.

No matter what, he could only do his best to give all the best things in the world to his wife, Shen Qianhui, right now.

Soon, he arrived at the filming set.

As soon as the four members of Valor Gate stepped out of the car, they immediately caught the attention of the entire crew.

Their tall figures and strong aura were extraordinary.

In a filming set where fight scenes were common, the position of the martial arts instructor was very high. All actors had to be respectful toward the martial arts instructor, as he could help buffer some of the force during the exchange of blows and provide protection when filming.

Jing Zhen proudly brought the four bodyguards to the rest area and found Shen Qianhui.

Their room was built inside the set and was used for actors to rest. They would return to the hotel at night, but tonight they had a night shoot, so Jing Zhen had to stay here until 11 p.m.

While Jing Zhen was getting his makeup done, the director suddenly came over and said, “Teacher Jing, there’s something I need to tell you. Can you shoot the night scene tomorrow as well? It will save us time.”

Jing Zhen was a very dedicated actor, so he nodded in agreement.

But Shen Qianhui was a little puzzled.

She gently asked, “Director, why the rush? Jing Zhen has scenes to shoot tomorrow morning at 8, so he has to start doing his makeup at 6. As for the day after tomorrow, he also has scenes during the day. If we shoot the night scene tomorrow…it’s like working 36 hours without a break!”

The actors’ shooting time had to be scheduled in advance.

If they shot the night scene, they would need enough time to rest the next day. How could they keep going non-stop like this?

Shen Qianhui and Jing Zhen were supported by the Yun family and had a high status in the circle. Usually, the director spoke to them very politely, but today’s sudden notice made Shen Qianhui feel puzzled.

The director said, “Jing is a veteran actor in the industry, and we can save costs and time like this. I remember that the old actors in the past could work for three days and three nights without rest. Teacher Jing should be able to do the same. This matter is settled!”

Shen Qianhui frowned and said in a firm yet gentle tone, “That was all in the past, and even if they did, there were four or five hours of break time in between. The current arrangement is equivalent to 36 hours without rest, and we can’t even take a complete meal break. Our bodies can’t handle it. I disagree.”

Jing Zhen was nearly fifty years old. How could he work for 36 hours without sleep?!

If it were before, the director would have adjusted the schedule or tried to appease Shen Qianhui with kind words, such as giving them a holiday after filming.

However, the director today frowned and said directly, “Tomorrow, Old Master Shen from the capital will come to visit the set. He said he loves our show. To ensure his safety, all aerial scenes will be temporarily suspended, which means we’ll lose a day. However, the rental fee for our location is fixed, and the crew is waiting to start shooting. As we can’t extend it for another day, we need Teacher Jing to make up for it.”

Shen Qianhui finally understood.

In the past, they had the support of the Yun family, so the director was very polite to her. But now that Old Master Shen suddenly wanted to visit the set, the director no longer feared her.

She took a deep breath and felt a pain in her chest from anger. “Then why not let the male and female leads make up for it? Their scenes can be done in half a day, right?”

The director smiled and said, “Teacher Jing is a guest star, and the audience’s expectations of him are not that high. Also, since Teacher Jing’s acting skills are good, he will still be able to do well even if he is a little tired. On the other hand, the male and female leads still have many scenes left, and if they are tired and can’t get into character, it will affect the entire shoot!”

Hearing this, Shen Qianhui was even angrier. “Now, since that is an extra scene, how could he still be considered a guest star? Even being called a supporting actor would be an understatement. If we can’t shoot it well under such a tiring situation, then it’s Jing Zhen who will be criticized by netizens, and it will affect his reputation!”

However, the director was still firm. “Teacher Jing’s acting skill and personality are well-known in the industry. All of us directors are aware of this. Now, is Teacher Jing going to be difficult?”

Shen Qianhui was speechless. If they refused to do this, the rumor that Jing Zhen was intentionally being difficult would immediately spread! But could they really go ahead with the shoot under such a circumstance?

How could Jing Zhen’s body withstand this?

While Shen Qianhui was angry, Jing Zhen suddenly held her hand and smiled at the director. His peach blossom eyes narrowed. “Since Old Master Shen is coming, we naturally have to compromise. Let’s do it your way then.”

The director immediately said, “Teacher Jing is indeed professional. When the time comes, I’ll definitely give you a huge red packet.”

On the other end, Shen Ruojing and Chu Cichen had just arrived home and she immediately received a call from her grandfather. “I’m going to the filming set to visit your mother tomorrow, and I’ll also take the chance to acknowledge our relationship. You should accompany me there.”


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