Novel Name : I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Chapter 466 - 466 Status!

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466 Status!

“Mummy, it’s been a long time since we last saw Grandpa and Grandma! I miss them!”

As soon as Chu Tianye said this, Chu Xiaomeng timidly held her dinosaur soft toy and said, “Are you thinking of checking if Grandma is slacking off, or if she’s helping you earn money?”

Since attending the special kindergarten, Chu Xiaomeng had become much better at socializing.

Although she still didn’t talk to strangers, she now spoke more than before and had improved noticeably.


Chu Tianye was still a social butterfly, but he was not angry when he heard Chu Xiaomeng’s words. He smiled. “With Grandma’s strong earning ability, she won’t let me down!”

Chu Yu could only sigh silently when he heard this.

One child had social anxiety, and the other was obsessed with money. Their mommy could only rely on him.

He looked at Shen Ruojing, who was driving, while feeling sorry for her. “Mommy when I turn 18, I’ll immediately take the driver’s license test and drive for you.”

Shen Ruojing raised her eyebrows and said, “Just driving? I want to fly in a plane.”

Chu Yu immediately replied, “Then I’ll also take a pilot’s license test.”

Shen Ruojing laughed. “Okay, I’ll wait to sit in Little Yu’s plane.”

Chu Yu’s face lit up and his eyes sparkled.

Meanwhile, Chu Tianye who was fantasizing about the company making money. “??”

This was happening again.

Ever since this guy arrived, he was no longer Mummy’s top follower!

He couldn’t even flatter her in time now.

Chu Tianye then glared at the puppy in his arms. “Dog Chuyu, did you eat honey today? Why is your mouth so sweet?”

The puppy was initially drowsy, but when it heard the word “eat,” it immediately woke up and barked excitedly at Chu Tianye, spraying him with saliva.

Chu Yu. “…”

Shen Ruojing. “…”

The car soon arrived at the filming location, and Shen Ruojing brought the three children and one dog out of the car.

They waited at the entrance for Shen Yuansong to arrive so they could enter together.

Shen Ruojing had just sent a message to Shen Yuansong, and he said he would arrive in ten minutes.

She then spoke to the children, “Oh, by the way, I’m taking you to see your great-grandfather later. You all have to behave well.”

Chu Tianye immediately asked, “Who is our great-grandfather? Does he have an inheritance?”

Shen Ruojing. “Well, he’s just my maternal grandfather.”

Chu Xiaomeng looked at her in confusion but quickly figured out the relationship. “Mommy’s grandfather means that he is our maternal grandma’s father!”

Shen Ruojing patted her head and said, “You’re really clever.”

Originally, Shen Ruojing was holding the hands of Chu Xiaomeng and Chu Yu, but now that she was patting Chu Xiaomeng’s head, she had to let go of Chu Yu’s hand.

When Chu Yu saw that she had finished patting Chu Xiaomeng, he immediately held Shen Ruojing’s hand again and adjusted his little suit.

He was wearing clothes in the same color as his mother, while his sister wore a white jacket, and his little brother wore a white casual outfit. Well, he and his mother looked the most harmonious!

This action was seen by Chu Tianye, who was walking the puppy. He then rolled his eyes and thought, “Mommy’s boy!”

Before Old Master Shen arrived, the guard from the production crew suddenly walked out and said to Shen Ruojing, “Who are you guys? Why are you standing in front of our filming set? Move away quickly.”

Shen Ruojing. “?”

She paused and explained, “We’re waiting for someone.”

“Even if you’re waiting for someone, you can’t stand in front of the filming set. Go over there and don’t get in the way. We have an important person coming soon!”

Shen Ruojing raised her eyebrows and heard Chu Tianye asking, “Who’s the important person?”

The guard immediately said, “Can I tell you that? Miss, you’ve three children with you, so I won’t do anything. Just move aside on your own.”

Shen Ruojing. “?”

She paused and was about to explain her identity when the crew received the news. After that, the director, assistant director, the male and female leads, and the other actors with more scenes all walked over.

Upon seeing the guard and Shen Ruojing arguing here, the director’s brow furrowed and he looked toward a production staff. “What’s going on here? Get them to move out of the way quickly! Old Master Shen is about to arrive!”

The production staff immediately ran over to Shen Ruojing, and the guard impatiently waved their hands. “What are you doing? Move out of the way and clear the path!”

Chu Tianye immediately shouted in a clear voice, “Why are you yelling? I’m here to see my grandmother!”

The production staff was stunned. “Who’s your grandmother?”

“My grandmother is Shen Qianhui, and my grandfather is Jing Zhen. They’re filming here!”

He finished speaking and looked toward the crowd that was following the director.

Shen Qianhui and Jing Zhen were indeed among the group, but they were walking slower than the director and the leads. They had just arrived and heard Chu Tianye’s childish voice.

Shen Qianhui’s eyes lit up. She pushed her way through the crowd and exclaimed, “Tianye? It’s really you!”

She hadn’t seen the three little ones in so long, and she really missed them. Hence, she immediately walked over and picked up Chu Tianye who wasn’t being held by Shen Ruojing and asked, “What brings you guys here?”

Chu Tianye sweetly replied, “We missed you!”

Jing Zhen walked over and asked, “Did you miss me too?”

“Of course!”

Just as Shen Qianhui and Jing Zhen were about to say something more to them, the director’s face turned black and he shouted, “Teacher Jing! What’s going on here? Your daughter coming to visit is one thing, but bringing three children to the set? What if they get hurt?”

His tone of berating was clear. Hence, upon sensing the director’s ill will toward his little master, Chuyu responded first, growling at the director and making a warning sound in its throat as if it was about to bite someone.


The director jumped in fright.

He immediately stepped back and pointed at Chu Tianye. “And how can there be a dog on the set?!”

Chu Tianye, fearless as always, held up the leash and said, “I’m a responsible dog owner who strictly follows the rules of dog ownership. And my dog, Chuyu, has never bitten anyone unless they attack us first!”

He then shouted, “Chuyu, sit down!”

Chuyu immediately plopped down on the ground, but it still kept its eyes fixed on the director.

Chu Tianye continued, “See? Don’t worry, my dog won’t bite you.”

The director was infuriated and pointed at Shen Qianhui, shouting, “What are you doing? Do you know that Old Master Shen is coming today? He’ll be here soon! Take them and this dog away now! Can you take responsibility if they knock into Old Master Shen later?!”

After hearing this, Shen Ruojing’s expression darkened.

She sneered and asked, “In that case, do you even know who we are?”


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