Novel Name : Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 480 - Crushing Four Fiends

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Chapter 480: Crushing Four Fiends

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“Spatial turbulence!”

Suddenly, the four fiends seemed to go all out. Their combat bodies were already on the verge of collapse from Lin Feng’s punch. Now that they were on the verge of death, they had no choice but to fight with their all for their lives.

Lin Feng was shocked. Then, the space around the four fiends seemed to collapse all of a sudden.

That’s right. The space had collapsed, and the effect was spreading rapidly. Even the space around Lin Feng began to collapse.

“Are you insane?”

Lin Feng hurriedly retreated. These four fiends had actually collapsed space directly, invoking spatial turbulence. That was spatial turbulence. Once one entered it, they would basically be good as dead.

There was no knowing how lucky one would have to be to survive. This was an internecine strategy. No, more like mutual destruction!

“Haha, die!”

However, to Lin Feng’s surprise, these four fiends did not look like they were ready to die. Instead, they had peculiar smiles on their faces. As the spatial turbulence swept past, one of the three surrounding planets, and even a star, was directly swept into the spatial turbulence and disappeared without a trace.

This could not help but make one shudder. That was an actual star. Three planets had disappeared just like that, without a trace. There was no knowing where they had been swept to in the spatial turbulence.

Perhaps if one was slightly luckier, it might travel through the spatial turbulence to another cosmos, but it was more likely that it would be directly shattered by the pressure in the spatial turbulence.

Venerable Vigil’s expression also changed drastically. When he was swept by the spatial turbulence, the Ennead Pearl of Spirit Fire protected his entire body. Then, his combat body erupted in a frenzy. Only then did he break free from the spatial turbulence and quickly retreat.

Even now, Venerable Vigil still had a lingering fear. It was actual spatial turbulence. Once he was swept into spatial turbulence, even a Venerable like him would be doomed.

“Who are these four people? How can they even create spatial turbulence?”

He originally thought that they were just ordinary fiends, but did not expect that they could even create spatial turbulence. Just look at the three territorial planets. They disappeared without a trace in an instant.

If it continued to expand, the entire territory of the Oceanus Domain would probably be caught in the spatial turbulence. At that time, the Oceanus Domain would cease to exist.

Venerable Vigil’s expression was dark. If the Oceanus Domain was destroyed, territorial planets that were almost in his possession would be gone.

However, even he could not do anything about this situation.

The four fiends, on the other hand, remained safe and sound in the spatial turbulence. They seemed to be protected by some artifact. Of course, once they were swept into the spatial turbulence, there was no knowing where they would be swept to. It was hard to say if they would survive, and it was not impossible for them to be swept into some dangerous forbidden places by the spatial turbulence.

However, Lin Feng would not let these four fiends escape just like that, let alone sit back and watch the planets of the Oceanus Domain be swept into spatial turbulence. This spatial turbulence was indeed very dangerous, but his Void Traversal Combat Body was the combat body with the most affinity to space. Moreover, there was the planetary Law of Space. Spatial turbulence did not affect him that much.

“Void Traversal Combat Body!”

Lin Feng switched his combat body to the Void Traversal Combat Body. Immediately, he felt his perception of spatial power become clearer. The ubiquitous spatial power around him was filled with chaos and violence, wantonly destroying everything around him.

Under such circumstances, it was impossible for even Lin Feng to warp space. If he warped rashly, he would definitely be swept into spatial turbulence.

Since he could not control spatial power and stop the spatial turbulence, he could only attack the four fiends. They must have some kind of artifact that could control spatial power.


Although Lin Feng’s Void Traversal Combat Body did not excel at offense, that was only relative. Even though his Void Traversal Combat Body was only equivalent to an ordinary combat body, its attacks could not be underestimated. Especially with the enhancement of the planetary Law of Space, it was even more terrifying, and comparable to a cultivator with a combat body of ten million kilometers.

Seeing that Lin Feng was actually able to advance and retreat freely in the spatial turbulence, not only were Venerable Vigil and the commanders shocked, even the four fiends’ eyes widened in disbelief.

He could even move freely in spatial turbulence. One of the fiends seemed to have thought of something.

“You are a spatial…”

The four fiends’ faces were filled with shock, but before they could finish speaking, Lin Feng’s full-power strike from the Void Traversal Combat Body had already landed on them.


This fiend actually had a combat body between 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers. It could be considered one of the best among elementary planetary lifeforms, but faced with Lin Feng’s palm, it could not resist at all and was directly shattered.

This surprised even Lin Feng. After all, when he used the Greater Annihilative Combat Body previously, these four people could withstand it. Why were they so weak now?

“Could their artifact have lost its effect?”

An idea occurred to Lin Feng as he vaguely guessed the reason. The other party’s artifact was definitely related to the Law of Space. These fiends used an artifact to create spatial turbulence, but how could spatial turbulence be so easily created?

It must have consumed a lot of power from the artifact. Perhaps the power of the artifact had already been greatly weakened now, which was why Lin Feng could kill one of the fiends with a single strike.

At this thought, killing intent appeared in Lin Feng’s expression.


Lin Feng acted without any hesitation. The remaining fiends were at their weakest now. Lin Feng naturally had to press his advantage.

“No, no, no…”

The three fiends roared, their eyes filled with fear. They were afraid, truly afraid. Relying the artifact in their possession, how many powerful enemies had they encountered along the way?

They had even escaped from a Grand Emperor who was an ultimate planetary lifeform before. But now, their luck seemed to have run out. They were somehow forced into a hopeless situation by a cultivator who was an elementary planetary lifeform.


Lin Feng crushed another fiend, leaving two remaining. With Lin Feng’s strength, crushing them was simply a piece of cake.

“Don’t kill us. We’re willing to submit to you. We still have secrets, huge secrets…”

Thud. Thud.

Unfortunately, Lin Feng did not listen to their “secrets” at all, and directly crushed the remaining two fiends. At this point, the four fiends that had devoured Venerable Oceanus died just like that.

As for their secrets, Lin Feng could guess a thing or two. It was nothing more than that artifact, and he had already seen it.

After the four fiends died, four spheres of light seemed to appear, emitting a faint white light that floated quietly in the spatial turbulence. This in itself was very strange. It had to be known that even Venerables would be swept into spatial turbulence. These four spheres of light looked a little like pearls. How could they remain safe and undamaged in the spatial turbulence?

Unless these four pearls were the artifact obtained by the four fiends, and even the spatial turbulence was produced by the artifact. How did they get swept into the spatial turbulence?

Lin Feng reached out with a giant hand and immediately grabbed the four pearls.


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