Novel Name : Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 407 - Cosmic Bandit Monbuck

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Chapter 407: Cosmic Bandit Monbuck

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At this moment, smoke and flames filled the entire Planet Noah, and the entire planet seemed to be shaking.

In the universe outside the planet, there were 33 massive battleships.

Eighteen of the battleships had already entered Planet Noah. These were the battleships of the cosmic bandits.

The Noah Civilization was an imperial civilization, and also a technological civilization. However, it had just developed to the point where it could leave the planet. Faced with the powerful warships of these cosmic bandits, they had almost no ability to resist at all.

At this moment, the members of the Noah royal family were all gathered in the palace, paying close attention to the war at the frontline. Perhaps this could no longer be considered a war, but a one-sided massacre!

“It’s over. The Noah civilization is finished.”

“These damned cosmic bandits. Not only do they want to plunder, they also want to abduct all the citizens of Noah to become their slaves!”

“Is the 18,000 years of civilization history of the Noah civilization about to come to an end?”

The emperors and royalties of the Noah royal family were all weeping bitterly. Although the Noah civilization was a technological civilization, ever since they exited the planet and came into contact with other civilizations, they were also under the jurisdiction of the Divine Palace of Bemond.

Having learned about the power of cultivation, many royalties were actually cultivating as well. The strongest had even undergone five life transitions.

The royal family even hoped to give birth to a planetary lifeform with six life transitions, but this was just too difficult. It had been more than 10,000 years since they came into contact with cultivation, but still, not a single planetary lifeform had been born.

As for those cosmic bandits?

They possessed the terrifying planet annihilation cannons, which was enough to destroy the entire planet of Noah. The power of merely five life transitions could not even withstand a single shot from the planet annihilation cannon.


If not for the fact that they were trying to plunder Planet Noah and abduct the intelligent lifeforms of the Noah civilization, the terrifying battleships of those cosmic bandits could easily blast Planet Noah into pieces by bombarding it with the planet annihilation cannons in turns.

The end of the Noah civilization was truly nigh!

“Your Majesty, is there any word from the Divine Palace?” A minister asked shakily.

Facing the powerful cosmic bandits, they were powerless to resist. They could only place all their hopes on the Divine Palace of Bemond.

“There’s no response…”

The emperor smiled bitterly and shook his head. Of course he knew what kind of power the Divine Palace of Bemond was. How could their call for help be valued by the Divine Palace? Even if they were hung up in the Mission Hall, they would have to be extremely lucky for it to be noticed and accepted by some powerful Divine Palace disciple.

However, how low was this probability? It was even infinitely close to zero.

It was a mistake to place their hope in the Divine Palace of Bemond in the first place.

However, apart from this, what other method did the Noah civilization have?

In the palace, all the ministers and members of the royal family were ashen-faced as they waited quietly for death to arrive. The feeling was truly devastating.

“Are those damned cosmic bandits not going to give us any chance to negotiate at all? What do they want? Wealth? Population? We can give them all of them! As long as they can leave some spark of civilization for our Noah civilization…”

The emperor was practically bellowing, but it was useless. For those tyrannical cosmic bandits, they not only needed wealth and population, but enjoyed the excitement and pleasure in the process of plundering even more.

They destroyed weak civilizations one after another. Every time they destroyed a civilization, they would feel a sense of accomplishment. As for negotiations? They would ignore all of them.

What was there to negotiate with a civilization as weak as an ant?

“There are still a few hours before those cosmic bandits arrive at the palace. All of you, run. Run deep into the mountains and the sea. Run as far as you can to preserve a trace of life for our Noah civilization.”

The emperor had already given up resisting. He only hoped that the Noah civilization would not completely disappear under his reign. He hoped that he could preserve a trace of hope for the Noah civilization.

“Your Majesty…”

The royal palace was filled with the sounds of crying.


Suddenly, the emperor’s communicator rang.

“The distress mission issued by the Noah civilization has been accepted by a Divine Palace disciple. Please be prepared. The Divine Palace disciples are about to descend!”


The emperor was overjoyed. He stood up abruptly and gesticulated wildly.

“We’re saved, we’re saved! It’s the Divine Palace. It’s a message from the Divine Palace of Bemond. Our distress mission has been accepted by the Divine Palace’s disciple.”

In the palace, be it ministers or the members of the royal family, everyone was overjoyed when they heard the news.

The mission in the Divine Palace had been accepted in time by the disciple of the Divine Palace. They were really lucky. Perhaps this was the hope of the Noah civilization!

“Pass down the order immediately. We must hold out at all costs! Only by holding out is there any hope for us. Only by holding out until the arrival of the Palace disciple can our Noah civilization be saved!”

The emperor immediately gave the order.

For a moment, the resistance of the Noah civilization became even more intense. In the cosmic bandits’ battleships, the cosmic bandits were enjoying watching their prey struggle in its death throes. However, suddenly, the struggles of these prey seemed to have increased.

“Are they putting their lives on the line now? What a bold civilization. However, no matter how bold a civilization is, it’s useless before absolute strength.”

The commander and leader of the cosmic bandits, Monbuck, was leaning against a soft chair at this moment. As he watched the countless Noahns struggling in their death throes below, a trace of pleasure arose in his heart.

What a wonderful scene. The cries of the Noahns were like the most beautiful music in the universe to him.

Monbuck’s had a tragic past too. The civilization he used to belong to was also a relatively advanced galactic civilization. Unfortunately, it encountered powerful cosmic bandits. The planet was destroyed overnight, and his clansmen were all dead or injured.

Only a small fraction of the people were captured and sent into the cosmic bandits’ battleships.

In the battleship, Monbuck had always been the most despised and lowly slave. However, he was smart and studious. He actually climbed up the ranks as a slave, gained the appreciation of the cosmic bandits, and even officially became one of them in the end.

However, Monbuck did not forget his grudge. He set up some cosmic bandits to attack a civilization. In the meantime, he launched a sudden attack and controlled a battleship to destroy all the battleships of the cosmic bandits.

Monbuck finally avenged his people, but he no longer had a home. On the contrary, he had fallen in love with the life of a cosmic bandit. Hence, he started out on a battleship to make a name for himself. Monbuck’s ferocity, cunning, and cruelty quickly grew, and he gathered even larger armed forces as cosmic bandits to wreak havoc in the universe.

He seemed to have forgotten the pain of his clansmen back then. Witnessing the pain of other civilizations, he was actually very excited deep down.

“Boss, this is the Bemond Galaxy. I think we have to hurry. Otherwise, if the Divine Palace really sends someone, we’ll be in trouble.”

“What are you afraid of? We have that weapon. Why would we be afraid of the planetary lifeforms in the Divine Palace? However, your worries are reasonable. Since these insignificant insects want to resist, we’ll kill them all and leave the Bemond Galaxy.”

Monbuck did not care about the wealth of a mere, weak civilization. Whether he was in a good mood was more important to him. Since this Noah civilization had put him in a bad mood, he would destroy it completely.


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