Novel Name : Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 631 - 631 Captive Rearing of All Living Beings

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631 Captive Rearing of All Living Beings

The North River Divine King stared coldly at Lin Feng and did not speak for a long time, allowing Lin Feng’s speculations.

However, the more the North River Divine King behaved like this, the more wary Lin Feng became.

After a long while, the North River Divine King said faintly, “Lin Feng, do you know how difficult it is to cultivate step by step from a weak mortal lifeform until what I am now?”

“Of course I know.”

“No, you don’t! You’re a genius, a legendary genius even in the universe. How could you understand how difficult cultivation is? It’s probably been less than a thousand years since you underwent one life transition. That’s not the case for me. I’m an ordinary member of the masses, and obtained a cultivation technique by chance.

“My first life transition took a total of 13 years. My second life transition was almost hopeless. You cannot imagine what it’s like to see zero improvement in your cultivation level, and only be able to watch helplessly as your life force dissipates with time. You would never experience that kind of despairing pain.

“Later, I obtained a technique that could allow constant improvement just by constantly harvesting and devouring lives. It was a wonderful feeling. It was as if the bottleneck had been broken all of a sudden. No matter how inferior one’s talent was, as long as they could constantly devour, they could constantly improve.

“Unfortunately, there’s no place to cultivate this technique at will in the vast universe. All those years, I hid everywhere and concealed myself in the dark, fearing that I’d be discovered. Later, when I arrived at the North River Galaxy, this place was in chaos. Although it was free, there were too many dangers. Powerful cultivators were fighting at all times, so not many cultivators in the entire galaxy were willing to come here.

“Therefore, I began to manage a territory. A century, a millennium, then ten thousand years went by. After a million years, I realized that my territory had already expanded by tens of thousands of times. I recalled that while I was mortal, ordinary living beings reared livestock. That way, they could ensure that meat for the ordinary people was infinite.

“No matter how big a territory is, it’s ultimately just a territory. There weren’t many living beings. I had to expand my territory, and even include the entire North River Galaxy under my rule. My rules forbid wanton slaughter. The number of ordinary living beings began to increase exponentially, and the number of cultivators also began to increase exponentially. Hahaha, I succeeded. Through this method, I became a Divine King, and I did so with ease!

“Those ordinary lifeforms are like weeds, cropping up one after another. Look, aren’t their numbers constantly increasing now? I’ve only taken a very small portion of them. They should be grateful to me for giving them a peaceful environment. If they’re lucky, they can even live an ordinary life in peace.

“Don’t you think this is the best option for them?”

Hearing the North River Divine King say such as if he was talking to himself, Lin Feng’s heart turned cold instead.

“Captive rearing of the masses!”

Lin Feng muttered softly. His heart was cold, and his killing intent boiled.

The North River Divine King had concealed himself too deeply, and he was too cunning to actually think of such a method. The North River Divine King was practically captive rearing all lifeforms in the entire North River Galaxy, including cultivators.

It was like rearing domestic livestock. They were reared for dozens or hundreds of years before they were harvested, and they were harvested in secret. No one could detect it. He could use various methods to incite chaotic wars in the North River Galaxy, and harvest countless living beings without anyone’s knowledge.

Without anyone’s realization, the North River Divine King had even become a Divine King. He was high and mighty, transcendent, and would never participate in the battles between the many Domini and cultivators of the North River Galaxy.

However, no one would have thought that the mastermind behind the battle between these Domini and cultivators was the North River Divine King all along!

The North River Galaxy had become the territory of the North River Divine King. It belonged to him entirely, and he could constantly devour lifeforms.

It was just too horrific!

Lin Feng did not actually know that much about fiends, but what he did know about them was definitely considerable. He knew that many talented fiends were extremely bold and devoured everything along the way, but none of them ended up well.

Every Venerable-level fiend that appeared in the universe would basically be killed.

The North River Divine King was an exception. He did not have outstanding talent, nor any special opportunities, but he was cautious and relied on the North River Galaxy to slowly ascend to power, eventually becoming a Divine King.

Only he, a Divine King, could protect the group of fiends under his command. If Lin Feng was not wrong, there were probably more than one or two fiends in the North River Galaxy. There was an entire crowd of them!

“All right, Supreme Grand Emperor, now that you’ve learned of all of this, are you satisfied? In so many years, no one has ever heard me say this with their own ears. You should be proud. I wonder how much a genius like you can improve my combat body after devouring it. I’m really looking forward to it!”

The fact that the North River Divine King could say all of this probably meant that he was fully confident.

So what if Lin Feng was a Supreme Grand Emperor? He was nothing in front of the North River Divine King.

Lin Feng had long sensed that the North River Divine King seemed to have used some artifact to completely seal space. It was impossible for him to send news to the outside world.

Moreover, so what if he sent the news to Divine King Bemond? By the time Divine King Bemond arrived, he would have long been devoured by the North River Divine King.

He still had to rely on himself for everything!

In the universe, be it eliminating evil, protecting oneself, or protecting one’s family and friends, one’s own strength was the most important thing.

Lin Feng slowly closed his eyes, then suddenly opened them again.

At this moment, his eyes were filled with determination.

“Your Majesty, everyone has their own choice. You are a fiend, and I am a cultivator. My choice was determined from the beginning, and that is to kill you!”

Lin Feng’s massive combat body began to switch to the Tidal Combat Body. Facing a Divine King, Lin Feng did not expect to rely on his combat body to fight. However, his combat body had to be strong enough to withstand at least a few strikes from a Divine King.

“Kill me? Hahaha, after so many years, no one, not even the other Divine Kings dare to say that they can definitely kill me! A Supreme Grand Emperor? I’d like to see if the legendary Supreme Grand Emperor in the universe can kill a Divine King above his level.”

North River Divine King’s voice echoed through the cosmos like thunder. At the same time, the combat body on North River Divine King’s body began to expand wildly.

However, the North River Divine King had not used his full combat body. If he had used his full combat body, the entire North River Galaxy would be finished. This was the foundation of the North River Divine King. He would not give it up so easily.

After all, it was not that easy to find another galaxy like the North River Galaxy for the “captive rearing” of countless lifeforms.

Although his combat body no longer expanded, one of the North River Divine King’s hands suddenly became infinitely huge, and there were faint traces of annihilative aura accompanying it.

The Law of Annihilation!

No, Divine Kings no longer comprehended Laws. He had comprehended a complete Principle, the Principle of Annihilation!


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