Novel Name : Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 630 - 630 You’re a Fiend Too!

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630 You’re a Fiend Too!


The space opened up, and a figure stepped out of the spatial passage.

This was only a middle-aged man. His aura was not even very strong. Lin Feng did not sense any aura of the Law of Space from him.

However, if one could warp space without comprehending the Law of Space, there was only one possibility.

A Divine King! The other party was a Divine King!

Relying on powerful strength, Divine Kings could also warp space.

“North River Divine King!” Lin Feng enunciated each word with a solemn expression.

“That’s right. A 1,000-light-year combat body. The Supreme Grand Emperor… the legendary Supreme Grand Emperor. How many years has it been since one last appeared in the universe? I think I’ve almost forgotten the name of the last Supreme Grand Emperor.”

“Oh? There were other Supreme Grand Emperors?”

“Of course. Anything is possible in the universe. You transformed into a Grand Emperor with a consummate combat body, right? It’s incredible. The legends have become reality. The Supreme Grand Emperor of legends is indeed real. However, the Supreme Grand Emperor was all they ever were. The previous one died before he could become a Divine Venerable or Divine Emperor.”

The North River Divine King’s eyes seemed to be able to see through everything, but his expression was so serene. Only an occasional sharp glint flashed across his eyes.

A Supreme Grand Emperor, the legendary Supreme Grand Emperor was actually real! The North River Divine King was not as calm as he appeared on the surface. He knew the significance of a Supreme Grand Emperor very well.

Since there was already a grudge, and North Mountain had even slipped up and revealed some clues, he had to do his best to kill Lin Feng. Otherwise, there would be endless trouble!

Lin Feng still maintained his combat body. The 1,000-light-year combat body was simply too massive. It stretched across the cosmos like a behemoth.

Even a black hole could not shake Lin Feng’s current combat body.

However, Lin Feng did not dare to underestimate the North River Divine King in front of him at all. It was as if the tiny body of his opponent contained a terrifying power. Once it erupted, it would definitely shake the world and the universe.

In reality, Lin Feng had never seen a Divine King unleash their full strength. Even Divine King Bemond had basically never attacked at full force. This was because once they attacked at full force, their combat bodies would be enough to shatter the entire galaxy.

Moreover, unless one was a Divine King, no one could provoke a Divine King into attacking with full power. Even top-notch Grand Emperors were incomparably insignificant before a Divine King, and were not worth a Divine King attacking with full power at all.

“North River Divine King, do you know that Grand Emperor North Mountain is a fiend?”

Lin Feng stared intently at the North River Divine King. The bold hypothesis in his mind still needed confirmation from the North River Divine King.


North River Divine King suddenly smiled. With a wave of his hand, the surrounding space was sealed.

“I know that you have the ultimate Law of Space. Do you think that even if I come in my true body, I can’t do anything to you? Let’s see if you can warp space now.”

Lin Feng’s expression changed slightly. Then, he sensed carefully and realized that he could not even sense the Law of Space. Under such circumstances, even if he had the ultimate Law of Space, there was nothing he could do to warp space.

This should not be the ability of the North River Divine King, but a treasure that sealed space. Moreover, this treasure was very powerful, and could even block the detection of the ultimate Law of Space.

Lin Feng’s invincible reliance was easily broken by the North River Divine King. This made Lin Feng even more wary of the Divine King.

As expected, every Divine King had cultivated diligently for billions of years and accumulated profound experience. No Divine King was easy to deal with.

“North River Divine King, you already know that I have the ultimate Law of Space, yet you still came. Now that you have sealed the space, I cannot escape. Looks like you’re determined to kill me!”

“That’s right, you must die!”

“Are you afraid that I’ll find out your secret?”

“Secret? What secret can you know?”

Lin Feng smiled. Previously, he only had some guesses. Now, the North River Divine King kept evading the point and refusing to answer his question, Lin Feng was even more certain.

“You naturally know your own secrets. North Mountain Jag is a fiend, and so is Grand Emperor North Mountain. How can the North River Divine King possibly not know?”

“What a joke. What does them being fiends have to do with me? So what if I know that they’re fiends? At worst, I didn’t clean up my corrupt disciples. What secret can there be?”

Lin Feng shook his head and said, “In the beginning, I only had some guesses, but now, I’m almost certain. North Mountain Jag is a fiend, and Grand Emperor North Mountain is a fiend. There are still eight Grand Emperors in the North River Divine Palace, and they are all registered disciples of His Majesty the Divine King. Perhaps, they too are fiends!”


“There’s something even more absurd. If I’m not wrong, Your Majesty, you’re a fiend too!”


The North River Divine King was completely enraged. The aura on his body surged like a tidal storm, sweeping over. The entire cosmos was shaking. It was obvious how furious the North River Divine King was.

“Fiend? What a joke. In all these years in the universe, there are very few fiends at the level of Grand Emperors, let alone one like myself. Do you actually believe a Divine King can be a fiend?” North River Divine King’s expression was dark as he sneered.

“I didn’t believe it in the past, but I do now! Grand Emperor North Mountain is a fiend, and he became a Grand Emperor. How many living beings has he devoured? As for Your Majesty, you’ve been in the North River Galaxy for 80 million years, right? I’ve investigated carefully. Before you came to the North River Galaxy, the North River Galaxy was just a chaotic galaxy, far from being a holy land for cultivation.

“However, that was until you appeared. In the beginning, you were a Grand Emperor. Later, you became a Divine King in just 30 million years. You deliberately left the North River Galaxy alone, but also vigorously promoted the prosperous environment of cultivation in the North River Galaxy. In addition, with a Divine King like you presiding over it, you would naturally attract an endless stream of cultivators.

“But over the years, while the North River Galaxy seemed to be prosperous and called a holy land for cultivators on the surface, in reality, how many cultivators are constantly pouring in from all over the universe? It’s probably ten or a hundred times more than the North River Galaxy in the past. Even if cultivators attack each other, if you set the rule that territorial planets are not to be destroyed at will, who would dare to disobey it? Hence, even if we attack each other, we can’t destroy territorial planets. The lives of cultivators are very long. Over time, the number of people in the North River Galaxy should be ten times, a hundred times, or even a thousand or ten thousand times greater than before.

“But what I investigated is that even compared to ten million years ago, the number of cultivators has only increased by tenfold. What’s a mere tenfold? Even the descendants of cultivators should have increased by more than tenfold. Where did all those cultivators go?

“North Mountain Jag, Grand Emperor North Mountain, and your few registered disciples are all Grand Emperors! They are all fiends. How many cultivators have they devoured to grow to their current level? Not to mention that there’s a formidable Divine King like yourself. No matter how many lives there are, they won’t be enough for you to devour. Am I right, North River Divine King?”

At this point, Lin Feng’s tone became colder and colder. Even though he was facing a dignified Divine King, he could not help but emit a trace of killing intent.

Fiends deserved death!

How many lives would a Divine King have to devour to metamorphose into a Divine King?

He was certain that the North River Divine King was also a fiend!


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