Novel Name : Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 652 - 652 Damn Thief!

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652 Damn Thief!

“What? He’s not dead?”

Not only was Lin Feng alive, he had even devoured a total of ten drops of his essence blood.

“Damn thief! You actually stole my essence blood. Damn it!”

Divine Heart flew into a rage. Lin Feng was like a petty thief who had devoured the essence blood he had painstakingly accumulated, while he knew nothing about it. His accumulation over billions of years was gone. How could he not be furious?


“Get out here!”

Divine Heart immediately activated the Divine Emperor’s heart, and the entire Divine Emperor’s heart immediately shook.

At the same time, Lin Feng also felt the world turn upside down in the Divine Emperor’s heart. A terrifying force seemed to be about to expel him from the Divine Emperor’s heart.

After all, this heart was the “true form” of Divine Heart. Divine Heart was also the consciousness born from the heart of the Divine Emperor. In terms of absolute control, no one could match Divine Heart.

Previously, Divine Heart did not know that Lin Feng could not be killed, and had even secretly devoured so much essence blood from the Divine Emperor’s heart. It simply made him regret his decision. However, now that he had discovered it, he could not possibly allow Lin Feng to keep staying in the Divine Emperor’s heart.

Lin Feng also knew that the situation was urgent. If he missed this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it would be incredibly difficult to enter here the next time. Hence, he opened his mouth and used all his strength to absorb the Sacred Stone of Anathema, which was inches away.


The Sacred Stone of Anathema flew straight into Lin Feng’s mouth, accompanied by three drops of essence blood. Lin Feng swallowed them all.

The interior of the Divine Emperor’s heart was turned upside down. In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng was expelled from it.


Lin Feng had returned to the Silent Galaxy. At the same time, before he left, he devoured three more drops of Divine Emperor’s blood essence. His combat body also began to expand rapidly.


If expanded from 5,000 light-years to 6,000 light-years in the blink of an eye. A powerful force filled Lin Feng’s entire body. Coupled with the tenfold enhancement of Laws, the power of Lin Feng’s current combat body alone was comparable to a combat body of 60,000 light-years.

He was already comparable to some weaker Divine Kings. Apart from the absence of a complete Principle, Lin Feng’s combat body strength was already comparable to a true Divine King!

Moreover, Lin Feng sensed his body. The Sacred Stone of Anathema was still inside his body. Such a Sacred Stone would not be “digested” at all. Lin Feng was satisfied. This Sacred Stone of Anathema was the most important thing.

“Damn thief! Thief!”

Divine Heart was simply furious. Lin Feng had stolen a total of 13 drops of essence blood from the Divine Emperor’s heart. It had to be known that there were only a total of 28 drops of essence blood in the Divine Emperor’s heart. Lin Feng had almost stolen half of it.

His accumulation over billions of years was all gone. How could Divine Heart not be furious?

“Divine Heart, die!”

Lin Feng immediately smashed the Starfell Pearl in his hand towards Divine Heart. At the same time, his combat body manifested at its strongest state, and he attacked Divine Heart in conjunction with the Starfell Pearl.

The current Divine Heart could be said to be at his weakest. He might not be able to withstand even an attack from a Divine King.


As expected, Lin Feng’s combat body combined with the Starfell Pearl actually sent Divine Heart flying with a smash. The true form of Divine Heart was the heart of a Divine Emperor. Moreover, with a smash, more cracks appeared on the Divine Emperor’s heart. Drops of blood flowed through the cosmos, transforming into some weak Silent Beasts.

“Well, well, what a thief! I’ve remembered you, Grand Emperor of Annihilation, Lin Feng. One day, when I completely recover, it will be time for you to die!”

Divine Heart wore a sinister expression, but after dropping that threat, he did not dare to linger. Now that his consciousness had already awakened, with the heart of the Divine Emperor and the broken universe transformed the Divine Emperor of Silence transformed into, his potential was very high. There was no need for him to fight Lin Feng to the death here.

Moreover, he could tell that even if he risked his life, he would not be able to defeat Lin Feng.

Hence, Divine Heart fled. He fled very decisively and entered the spatial passage directly. No matter what, the Divine Emperor of Silence had made a failed attempt to transform into a universe and comprehended the complete Principle of Space. If he wanted to escape, even Divine Venerables and Divine Emperors might not be able to stop him.

“He escaped?”

Lin Feng frowned slightly, but there was nothing he could do. He could not stop Divine Heart from escaping.

However, as soon as Divine Heart escaped, the surroundings became empty. Four Divine Kings appeared in the cosmos.

“Divine King Bemond, Divine King Inferno, Divine King Occult, Divine King Tempest, is everyone all right?”

The four Divine Kings had yet to recover from their shock. They had been moved into the broken universe by Divine Heart, which separated and isolated them completely.

Hence, they had no idea what was going on outside at all. They were all confused.

“What’s happened to us? Where’s the Silent Galaxy?”

Only then did the four Divine Kings realize that they were no longer in the Silent Galaxy. There were mighty cosmic Principles everywhere. They were clearly in the universe.

Moreover, there was no sign of the Silent Galaxy around.

Lin Feng did not know how to explain either. In reality, the Silent Galaxy was a broken universe formed when the Divine Emperor of Silence failed to transform into a universe, and the Silent Galaxy was controlled by Divine Heart.

The Silent Galaxy was a broken universe. Once Divine Heart activated the broken universe, it could isolate everything. Hence, even the Divine Kings and Divine Venerables could not return.

The reason why so much essence blood could be accumulated in the Divine Emperor’s heart was probably because those Divine Kings and Divine Venerables who had accidentally entered the Silent Galaxy were slowly trapped to death, and eventually turned into nutrients for the Divine Emperor’s heart. That was how Divine Heart had slowly awakened.

Divine Heart was probably the greatest reason that those Silent Beasts fought to escape from the Silent Galaxy.

Those Silent Beasts were formed from the blood of the Divine Emperor’s heart, and were a part of the Divine Emperor’s heart. Once Divine Heart awakened, it would definitely devour all the Silent Beasts, and absorb them into the Divine Emperor’s heart again so that the injuries on the heart could recover.

This was why the Silent Beasts were frantically trying to escape the Silent Galaxy and attack the surrounding major galaxies.

As Divine Heart escaped, he naturally took the Silent Galaxy with it. That was the foundation of the Divine Emperor’s heart, and also the foundation of Divine Heart. It was the key to whether Divine Heart could recover to his peak state in the future.

Unfortunately, even Divine Heart probably did not know that the true key and the thing that Divine Emperor of Silence valued the most was the Sacred Stone of Anathema! Otherwise, why would that Sacred Stone of Anathema be in such a concealed place as the essence blood of the Divine Emperor’s heart? It was enough to show how much importance the Divine Emperor of Silence valued the Sacred Stone of Anathema.

Divine Heart was only the consciousness produced by the heart of a Divine Emperor, not the Divine Emperor of Silence. Even the memories he inherited were very few. Naturally, he did not know the importance of the Sacred Stone of Anathema, and Lin Feng obtained it instead.

“Your Majesties, that’s the rundown of what happened.”

Lin Feng briefly explained the situation to the four Divine Kings. Naturally, he concealed some key factors, but roughly explained the situation, including the origins of the Silent Beasts, the relationship between the Silent Galaxy and the Divine Emperor of Silence. However, perhaps these Divine Kings did not quite understand the transformation into a universe. Lin Feng only said that the Silent Galaxy was a treasure of the Divine Emperor of Silence, and that Divine Heart had taken it away with him.

“I really didn’t expect that the thing that put us in such a sorry state was actually just a little consciousness produced by the heart of a Divine Emperor.”

“It’s a pity that Divine King Sanyang, Six-Armed Divine King and Divine King Great Axe actually died to Divine Heart.”

“As expected of the most ancient and mysterious Divine Emperor of Silence. He has already fallen for billions of years, yet even the consciousness born from his heart is so powerful.”

“Now that Divine Heart has escaped, he will definitely pose a threat in the future. Hmph, he’d better hope we don’t find him. If we find any trace of him, we must not let him off.”

The four Divine Kings shook their heads and were all very emotional. The fall of three Divine Kings at once was a major event in the universe. It was earth-shattering. If not for the fact that they were in the Silent Galaxy, the fall of three Divine Kings would probably shake the universe and cause the lamentation of the Principles.

It was only because the Silent Galaxy isolated the three Divine Kings from the universe that it did not trigger the phenomenon.

“We have to thank the Supreme Grand Emperor properly this time. He was the one who saved us.”

How shrewd were the four Divine Kings?

Lin Feng had avoided the main point. They naturally knew that Lin Feng was hiding something, but they did not try to get to the bottom of it. Every cultivator had secrets, and so did the four Divine Kings. Moreover, he was the only Supreme Grand Emperor, a cosmic legend.

For example, how did Lin Feng drive Divine Heart away? How did he save them?

Even three Divine Kings were dead. How did Lin Feng survive?

There must be some secrets behind all of this, but the four Divine Kings did not get to the bottom of it. Not only had Lin Feng saved them, he also had such power in the present. He was not far off from them in terms of status and identity.

They would not offend a Divine Emperor with boundless prospects for no reason!

The Silent Galaxy had disappeared. Although Divine Heart had escaped, the Divine Kings had finally achieved their goal. There would no longer be any Silent Beasts in the future. Those Silent Beasts would definitely be devoured by Divine Heart one by one to recover from the injuries to the Divine Emperor’s heart.

Since the crisis had been resolved, the Divine Kings bade farewell and warped space to leave, leaving only Lin Feng and Divine King Bemond.

Divine King Bemond asked softly, “Lin Feng, are you returning to the Divine Palace of Bemond or the North River Galaxy?”

“I should return to the North River Galaxy first.”

Divine King Bemond knew that from now on, the North River Galaxy would be Lin Feng’s foundation. Hence, Divine King Bemond looked deeply at Lin Feng and reminded him in a solemn tone, “Lin Feng, I don’t know how you drove Divine Heart away, but you have to be careful of Divine Heart. He must hate you to the core for driving him away.”

Lin Feng naturally knew the threat of Divine Heart. The other party had the heart of a Divine Emperor, and the broken universe left behind by the Divine Emperor of Silence after his failure to transform into a universe. As long as he could slowly recover the Divine Emperor’s heart, just that heart alone would probably be comparable to a Divine Venerable.

If he completely fused with the broken universe that was the Silent Galaxy again, it was not impossible for him to become another Divine Emperor. He was indeed an enormous threat.

However, in terms of cultivation, Lin Feng had never been afraid of anyone.

Once he comprehended a complete Principle and transformed into a Divine Emperor, he would probably immediately become a top-notch Divine Emperor. Why would he be afraid of a mere Divine Heart?

“Your Majesty, don’t worry. I’ll be careful.”

“Haha, Lin Feng, you’re the Supreme Grand Emperor who came from my Divine Palace of Bemond. You’re even comparable to a Divine King. If you need any help in the future, feel free to contact me. I may not be able to claim much else, but I’ve cultivated for billions of years and have many old friends. I can still be of some help.”

“Your Majesty, I will always be a member of the Divine Palace of Bemond. If there’s any need, I definitely won’t stand on ceremony.”

The two of them looked at each other and exchanged a smile. Then, Divine King Bemond warped space and left.

With a thought, Lin Feng immediately expelled the Sacred Stone of Anathema from his body.

Who would have thought that such an ordinary-looking stone would actually contain such a huge secret?

Back then, this Sacred Stone of Anathema must also be how the Divine Emperor of Silence was able to cultivate all the way to the level of a Divine Emperor, and transform into a universe.

Unfortunately, even with the Sacred Stone of Anathema, the Divine Emperor of Silence still failed when transforming into a universe.

“I wonder what will happen after fusing three Sacred Stones of Anathema?”

Lin Feng was looking forward to it. Hence, he put away the Sacred Stone of Anathema and entered the spatial passage, warping towards the North River Galaxy.


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