Novel Name : Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 797 - 797 Time to End This!

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797 Time to End This!

“Red Phosphorus City is below!”

Zhao Chuanlong was dressed in a back martial attire and did not look conspicuous at all, nor did he have any otherworldly aura. However, anyone who knew Zhao Chuanyong would not underestimate him.

In the Zhao family, Zhao Chuanlong was the true number one expert. Moreover, he bore the greatest hope of the Zhao Family, which was to metamorphose into a Chaotic lifeform and become the second Chaotic Perfected Person of the family!

Zhao Chuanlong did not disappoint. He had arrived at his current level step by step. His cultivation had already reached the critical point, and he was just short of an opportunity. For this reason, Zhao Chuanyong had challenged others everywhere. Unfortunately, after defeating countless famous experts at the peak of the half-Chaotic realm, he still had not attained a breakthrough.

As for challenging a Chaotic Perfected Person?

That was impossible. If there was a faction presided over by a Chaotic Perfected Person, how could Zhao Chuanlong challenge it just because he wanted to? Once they really entered a fight, it would be a fight to the death, and it would even bring danger to the Zhao family.

All these years, Zhao Chuanlong had always wanted to break through, but that opportunity had never appeared.

“Lin Feng, suspected to be a Chaotic Perfected Person? I hope you won’t disappoint!”

Zhao Chuanlong was expressionless as he looked down at Red Phosphorescence City. He had already arrived at Red Phosphorus City with the 800 Qilin Guards. They stood in the air, emitting a murderous aura.


Suddenly, a figure walked out of the Qi family. Although the term used is “walked”, he actually covered dozens of meters with a single step, as if he was teleporting. Lin Feng used the Minor Transposition Spell and appeared outside the Qi residence.


Lin Feng threw Young Master Zhao to the ground for Qin Shen to guard. Then, he walked towards Zhao Chuanlong step by step in the air, as if he was walking on stairs.

“The 800 Qilin Guards are truly impressive! If I’m not wrong, you must be Zhao Chuanlong, the number one expert of the Zhao family, a half-peak Chaotic lifeform. You’re already half a step away from the Perfected Person realm!”

Lin Feng glanced at Zhao Chuanlong and said indifferently. When he was “communicating” with Young Master Zhao, the person Young Master Zhao mentioned the most was Zhao Chuanyong, the number one expert of the Zhao family!

This was also the first time Zhao Chuanlong had seen Lin Feng. However, the moment he saw Lin Feng, a sharp glint flashed across his eyes, and traces of battle intent surged in his heart.

“Perfected Person, you must be joking. In front of you, what is a number one expert of the Zhao family worth? The masses are ignorant. They don’t know your identity, yet you actually deigned to stay in a small city like Red Phosphorus City. How absurd.”

Zhao Chuanlong did not have any doubts. The moment he saw Lin Feng, he was already certain that Lin Feng was a Chaotic lifeform, and a Chaotic Perfected Person!

“Oh? Even though you know that I’m a Chaotic Perfected Person, you’re still filled with battle intent. You wish to use my power as an opportunity to break through, and metamorphose into a Chaotic lifeform?”

“Perfected Person, are you willing to give me this opportunity?”

Zhao Chuanlong stared intently at Lin Feng, his battle intent soaring.

However, Lin Feng gave a half-smile and said calmly, “Why not? As long as you can survive! Coincidentally, I’d also like to see how impressive the 800 Qilin Guards of the Zhao family are.”

Lin Feng stood in the void with his hands behind his back, facing Zhao Chuanlong from afar.

“Then Chuanlong thanks you in advance for your guidance, Perfected Person!”

Zhao Chuanlong’s gaze was solemn, but there was a hint of excitement in his expression. He had waited for so long, but had never met a Perfected Person who would accept his challenge. Now, his dream had come true.

However, the Perfected Person in front of him could be lethal. It was not just a simple challenge.

It was both a challenge and a life-or-death battle!

“Perfected Person, take this!”

Zhao Chuanlong’s aura had already condensed to its peak. Then, he roared, and his figure swept over like an arrow released from a bow. It stirred up a storm in the surrounding Chaotic aura.


Lin Feng exclaimed softly. Lin Feng had encountered many peak half-Chaotic lifeforms, but in reality, they were far inferior to him. They did not even have a chance of being his match.

However, this Zhao Chuanlong was not simple. This punch already gave Lin Feng a faint sense of threat. Still, it was only a trace. Those who had not become Chaotic lifeforms would never know how powerful Chaotic lifeforms were.

“Earth Seal!”

Lin Feng then struck out with his palm. It was the Earth Seal of the three forms of Heaven Turning Seal.


Lin Feng’s Earth Seal had once shaken the Exquisite Pagoda. Its power had already truly reached the limit of a half-Chaotic lifeform.

However, when Lin Feng’s palm collided with Zhao Chuanlong’s, Lin Feng actually shook slightly. A violent force came from Zhao Chuanyong’s fist.

“Chaotic martial art?”

Lin Feng was a little surprised. Zhao Chuanlong had mastered a Chaotic martial art?

However, it did not seem like it. Only Chaotic lifeforms could use Chaotic martial arts. When others used them, they were just for show, and did not contain the power they should at all.

However, Zhao Chuanlong was different. He could actually cause traces of Chaotic aura to fluctuate.

“A Chaotic artifact, and one that can mobilize the surrounding Chaotic aura?”

Lin Feng did not expect there to be such artifacts. This way, Zhao Chuanlong could also mobilize the surrounding Chaotic aura. He seemed no different from a true Chaotic lifeform.

“Interesting. Heaven Seal!”

Lin Feng formed hand seals again. The Chaotic aura within a radius of hundreds of meters was instantly mobilized, forming a huge palm like a seal.

The Exquisite Pagoda was broken by the Heaven Seal. Seeing the Heaven Seal, a solemn expression appeared on Zhao Chuanlong’s face. He waved his hand, and a spear appeared in his hand.

“The spear technique is what I am best at!”

Zhao Chuanlong struck out with his spear, and the surrounding Chaotic aura instantly grew disorderly. Its sharp brunt suddenly collided with Lin Feng’s Heaven Seal.


As Zhao Chuanlong roared, Lin Feng’s Heaven Seal actually shattered with a bang, and the terrifying power dissipated. Zhao Chuanyong did not have it easy either. The spear shook, and he almost could not hold on to the spear in his hands anymore. His figure quickly retreated.

However, he had ultimately broken Lin Feng’s Heaven Seal, and his aura had accumulated to the extreme, vaguely reaching the critical point of breaking through.

“Chaotic martial art, Chaotic artifact. You probably even have a Chaotic Armor on you!”

Even Lin Feng could not help but exclaim. The Zhao family, a 100,000-year-old aristocratic family, was indeed wealthy and had a deep foundation. They actually had so many Chaotic treasures. No wonder Zhao Chuanlong could be so reckless, and even dared to challenge a Perfected Person. This was because he had nothing to fear. With the protection of these Chaotic treasures, it would not be so easy for even Perfected Persons to kill him.

However, Lin Feng would not just watch Zhao Chuanlong break through, let alone become his stepping stone.


“It’s time to end it. Heaven Turning Seal!”

Suddenly, Lin Feng growled, his cold voice echoing in the void.

At the same time, the Chaotic aura within a radius of thousands of meters seemed to boil completely. Infinite Chaotic aura surged towards Lin Feng uncontrollably.

At this moment, everyone felt as if the world had been reversed. The world was upside down, and the sun and moon were dim. This sense of “blindness” came from the martial art Lin Feng used, the third form of the Heaven Turning Seal, the Heaven Turning Seal!

This form was a true Chaotic martial art.

This strike contained the true power of a Chaotic Perfected Person.

In the next moment, Lin Feng flipped his palm, and it was as if the world was collapsing. Infinite power suddenly descended from the sky from all directions and struck Zhao Chuanlong.


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