Novel Name : She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 389 - Yu Huang Is Here For Charity

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Chapter 389: Yu Huang Is Here For Charity

Yin Fu sized up Yu Huang with a suspicious and mean gaze. Without waiting for Yu Huang to explain, she guessed, “As the Young Madam of the Sheng Clan, you actually came to the Yin Clan’s Saint Tomb to wander around. Young Madam of the Sheng Clan, you can’t be delusional enough to think that you can obtain the inheritance of the Yin Clan, right?”

Yin Fu was amused by her own conjecture. She sneered at Yu Huang. “You are indeed talented and are publicly acknowledged as a cultivation genius. However, inheritance depends on blood relations. Only the direct bloodline of the Yin Clan can obtain the Yin Clan’s inheritance. Aren’t you a little too greedy to come here?”

“Do you really think that since you’re a genius, all the good things in the world should belong to you?”

Upon hearing these words, Yu Huang rolled her eyes.

Where did this idiot come from?

How did someone as sly as Yin Mingchong give birth to such a fool?

“Yin Fu, don’t be rude!” Yin Rong was enraged when she heard Yin Fu’s unpleasant words.

She had a good relationship with Yu Huang and naturally understood her character. There was most likely a reason Yu Huang appeared here.

Yin Rong asked Yu Huang, “Yu Huang, was there a mistake when the Saint Pond was teleporting and accidentally teleported you here?”

Yu Huang treated Yin Rong much better than she treated Yin Fu. When she heard Yin Rong’s question, she nodded quickly and said, “I don’t know what happened. I was talking to Sheng Xiao when I was suddenly teleported here. How far is this place from the Sheng family’s Saint Tomb?”

Yin Rong told her, “The Saint Tomb is vast. The Yin Clan’s Saint Tomb is very far from the Sheng Clan’s Saint Tomb. The Yin Clan is in the northwest of the Saint Tomb, while the Sheng Clan’s Saint Tomb is in the northeast.”

Yin Rong pointed at the Sheng family and said, “It will take about a day to rush over from here.”

Speaking up to here, Yin Rong glanced at Yin Fu again and said with slight displeasure, “The Saint Tomb has only been opened for less than ten minutes, so it’s impossible for Yu Huang to come here from the Sheng Clan’s Saint Tomb. She must have teleported out of a mistake to appear here. Yin Fu, don’t be mean.”

When Yin Fu heard Yin Rong’s analysis just now, she knew that she had wronged Yu Huang. However, she was used to being arrogant and bossy, so how could she be willing to admit her mistake?

Yin Fu stomped her feet indignantly and reprimanded Yin Rong, “Yin Rong, you’re being biased towards her again!”

Yin Fu was narrow-minded, so she was used to looking at things in a narrow-minded way.

She said, “The Saint Pond Teleportation Platform is teleported according to the bloodline and the clan emblem on their respective clans’ uniforms. For thousands of years, there has never been a phenomenon of teleportation error.”

After saying that, Yin Fu sized Yu Huang up from head to toe. She smiled mockingly and said, “Look, Yu Huang is wearing the Sheng Clan’s uniform with the clan badge! As the Young Madam of the Sheng Clan, she was sent to the Yin Clan’s territory by the teleportation platform. Could it be that the ancestors of the Sheng Clan don’t approve of her status as the Young Madam at all?”

When she saw that Yin Fu was still unwilling to let it go, Yin Rong’s beautiful face instantly turned gloomy, and she reprimanded in a low voice, “Yin Fu, stop talking! Remember your identity and your father’s identity!”

After being scolded by Yin Rong, Yin Fu belatedly recalled her identity.

Yin Fu grunted coldly and didn’t speak any further, and she just stared at Yu Huang with a malicious gaze.

Yu Huang smiled. When she smiled, her almond-shaped eyes were filled with mischief.

Yin Rong felt that Yu Huang’s smile was filled with ill intentions. She raised her eyebrows and was about to ask Yu Huang what she was smiling about when she heard Yu Huang say, “There are too many powerful youths in the Sheng Clan. It doesn’t matter if I’m there or not. Perhaps the ancestors saw that the Yin Clan has a pitifully small number of talents, so they sent me to the Yin Clan. What is this called?”

Yu Huang crossed her arms and pretended to be deep in thought. Then, she snapped her fingers and said in enlightenment, “This is called poverty alleviation!”

Yu Huang’s poverty alleviation theory angered the Yin Clan’s core disciples.

Even Yin Rong fell silent.

As the number one genius of the Yin Clan, Yin Rong should stand out and speak up for the Yin Clan at this moment. However, after thinking about it carefully, she actually didn’t know how to retort.


Because what Yu Huang said was the truth!

Not only did the Sheng family have Sheng Xiao, but Sheng Lingfeng also had three talented disciples under his name. These three people were also in the top 50 of the Divine Realm Academy’s expert rankings.

As for the Yin Clan, only Yin Rong had squeezed into the top 50.

As the head of the hundred great families in the cultivation world, the Sheng family’s disciples were indeed the most powerful. This was an undeniable fact.

Yin Rong looked at Yu Huang pleadingly and whispered, “Yu Huang, you’re the Young Madam of the Sheng family. You should be mindful of your image when you speak.”

Yu Huang glanced at Yin Fu, and when she saw that Yin Fu’s expression had clearly darkened from anger yet Yin Fu didn’t dare disobey Yin Rong’s orders and had no choice but to restrain herself, she instantly felt happy.

She smiled and said, “So long as Miss Yin Fu remembers her identity at all times, then I, Yu Huang, will remember my identity.”

“Otherwise.” Her red lips curled up slightly as she said domineeringly, “Then we can only disregard our identities and compete with our own abilities.”

Yin Rong cast a reproachful gaze at Yin Fu.

Yin Fu bit her lip and stopped talking.

Yin Rong turned around and glanced at her juniors. She said, “The Yin Clan’s Saint Tomb has already been opened. Everyone, follow me into the tomb. After entering the tomb, be careful. Go find a place with rich spiritual energy and enter seclusion to cultivate.”

“Let’s meet here in two months and leave together.”


Yin Rong led her 29 juniors into the Yin Clan’s Saint Tomb. When they walked in with their heads held high, the stone door lit up.

It was as if a sleeping soul had opened its eyes and was sizing up these juniors with a thoughtful gaze.

After successfully entering the Saint Tomb, Yin Rong suddenly turned around and shouted at Yu Huang, “Yu Huang.”

Yu Huang turned around and looked at Yin Rong, who was behind the stone door.

Yin Rong smiled gently, and her eyes were clear and bright.

Yu Huang thought of her goal in entering the Saint Tomb and looked at Yin Rong’s smile. She actually felt a little guilty. “Yin Rong, what’s wrong?”

Yin Rong suddenly threw a sachet at her.

Yu Huang reached out and held the sachet. She heard Yin Rong say, “There’s a spatial bomb in the sachet. Set the address and crush the spatial bomb. It can teleport you to your destination in the shortest time.”

After saying that, Yin Rong smiled and nodded at her before turning around and walking into the depths of the Saint Tomb.

Yu Huang held the sachet and stared at Yin Rong’s departing figure. The guilt in her heart intensified.

She put away the sachet and took out her phone, but she realized that there was no wireless signal in the Saint Tomb.

“Useless thing!”

After throwing this useless piece of metal into her interspatial ring, Yu Huang released her spiritual power. The spiritual power turned into a heart filled with love in front of her.

Yu Huang said to that heart, “Brother Xiao, I’m in the Yin Clan’s Saint Tomb. You don’t have to worry about me. We’ll meet at the Saint Pond in two months. I love you.” After a pause, she added, “Yang Yang, you can do it.”

With that, she gently pushed that heart into the void. That heart instantly turned into nothingness and disappeared without a trace.

Two hours later, the red line on Sheng Xiao’s ring finger suddenly moved.

He looked in the direction where the red line fell and realized that there was spiritual energy attached to the marriage knot. Sheng Xiao captured that spiritual energy and opened his palm. There was a fiery red heart in front of him.

Seeing this, all the Sheng family’s disciples stopped in their tracks and teased Sheng Xiao with teasing gazes.

“Young Master, did Young Madam write you a love letter?”

Wasn’t spiritual power a love letter?

Sheng Yang also looked up at her brother and thought sourly, “Why didn’t my sister-in-law send me a message?”

Sheng Xiao’s ears turned red from their teasing. He glanced at everyone and they lowered their heads to look at the grass and microbes under their feet.

But their ears perked up.

Sheng Xiao tapped his finger on the heart. Then, he heard Yu Huang’s voice. “Brother Xiao, I’m in the Yin Clan’s Saint Tomb. You don’t have to worry about me. Let’s meet at the Saint Tomb in two months. I love you.”

After hearing Young Madam’s words, the disciples raised their heads and winked at Sheng Xiao. They laughed and shouted in an exaggerated tone, “Wow, I love you!”

Sheng Xiao blushed. At that moment, Yu Huang’s voice was heard again. “Yang Yang, you can do it.”

Sheng Yang smiled when she saw that her sister-in-law had not forgotten about her.

She hugged her saber with both hands and looked up at Sheng Xiao. “Brother, be careful. That ancestor might like me more than you and give me the inheritance.”

Sheng Xiao said firmly, “That ancestor won’t choose you.”


Sheng Yang turned around and left. After taking a few steps, she suddenly stopped and turned around to ask, “However, why was my sister-in-law teleported to the Yin Clan’s Saint Tomb?”

The other disciples also revealed puzzled expressions.

Sheng Xiao’s eldest senior brother, Sheng Lingfeng’s eldest disciple, Sheng Zhou, said, “The teleportation platform differentiates our identities according to our family emblem and bloodline. The Young Madam is wearing the Sheng family’s uniform. There’s no reason for her to be teleported to the Yin family’s Saint Tomb.”

Sheng Zhou couldn’t understand. He frowned and asked Sheng Xiao, “Young Master, what do you think happened?”

Sheng Xiao knew what was going on, but it would be boring to tell them the secret.

Sheng Xiao smiled mysteriously. “You’ll know in two months.”

Sheng Xiao held the Dragon Sword and looked up at the stone door of the Sheng family’s Saint Tomb. He pondered for a moment and said, “Let’s go.”


There were a total of 10 Prime Master seniors’ skeletons buried in the Saint Tomb. Among them, the Yin Clan occupied two skeletons. However, there were nearly 50 clans that participated in the Saint Tomb training.

Only the nine families with the Prime Master’s skeleton were able to enter the Saint Tomb to cultivate in seclusion. The disciples of the other families could only rely on their families to borrow the spiritual power of the nine families.

As a noble family of a hundred great cultivation families, the Sheng family naturally had many subordinate families under them. After the disciples of these families entered the Saint Tomb, they would use their Pass Card to enter the Sheng family’s Saint Tomb to enter seclusion and train.

Everything was proceeding smoothly.

Outside the Saint Tomb, the entrance to the Saint Pond had been sealed again.

All the disciples had already entered the Saint Tomb. Only the Elders and Patriarchs remained in the Divine Realm River Saint Pond Hotel.

After sending off the disciples, this group of old fellows gathered together to chat. Some people smoked while playing cards. Some people chatted while drinking tea.

Sheng Lingfeng sat in the teahouse. Beside him were Yin Mingchong, Caro Xiangfu, and the Mo Clan’s Patriarch, Mo Yunyan.

They sat in an independent private room with an additional soundproof wall. The commotion outside and the secret conversation inside the room did not interfere with each other.

Mo Yunyan took a sip of the high-grade Longjing tea. He held the moon-white porcelain cup and couldn’t help but sigh. “I hope that someone can successfully obtain the inheritance this time. According to the Grand State Master’s prophecy, our continent is about to face a crisis. It’s fine if we can successfully overcome this calamity, but if we can’t, it’s hard to say if this Saint Tomb will still have a chance to open in the future.”

This topic was too heavy. When they heard Mo Yunyan’s words, no one replied for a moment.

Caro Xiangfu stroked his round belly and smiled. “Don’t be discouraged, everyone. Now that the cultivation world has improved greatly, our chances of winning have naturally increased as well.”

He was indirectly bragging about his ancestor.

Yin Mingchong smiled insincerely and said, “That’s right. Mr. Caro broke through to the Prime Emperor cultivation level, and Patriarch Sheng also broke through to the Prime Master cultivation level too. Originally, there were only three Prime Masters in the Holy Spirit Continent, but now, there are five. This has indeed increased our chances of winning.”


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