Novel Name : She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 407 - Siblings Obtained The Inheritance Together

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Chapter 407: Siblings Obtained The Inheritance Together

Sheng Yang widened her eyes in joy. “Senior Ah Ying, are you serious?!”

Ah Ying nodded seriously and said to Sheng Yang, “Come forward.”

Sheng Yang looked at her brother hesitantly.

Sheng Xiao immediately felt that Sheng Yang was a fool.

Wasn’t it stupid not to accept an inheritance?

Sheng Xiao pretended to be calm. “Since she sincerely wants to give it to you, accept it!”

Sheng Yang then strode to the coffin and squatted beside Ah Ying’s legs.

Ah Ying lowered her eyes and stared at her for a moment before pressing her finger between Sheng Yang’s eyebrows. “Close your eyes and feel it carefully.”

Sheng Yang immediately closed her eyes and gritted her teeth.

Ah Ying transferred a faint light into Sheng Yang’s body. The light looked like the light of the moon.

When the light entered Sheng Yang’s body, she was stunned. Soon, she sensed an aura that made her feel comfortable and happy appear in her beast heart.

This process lasted for half an hour. When Ah Ying retracted her hand, her body actually became illusory.

Sheng Yang realized that the inheritance was over. She raised her head and realized that Ah Ying’s body had become illusory.

She was dying!

Sheng Yang was shocked and asked in a panic, “Senior Ah Ying, why are you suddenly dying…”

Ah Ying’s body became more and more transparent. She gave Sheng Yang a reassuring smile and said, “I should have left a long time ago. Tie Feng has already reincarnated. I have to go find him. I’ve imparted my soul calming power to you. In the future, you can use your song to heal people’s damaged souls.”

Ah Ying moved her ring finger, and the marriage compact on Prime Master Tie Feng’s ring finger moved as well. Seeing this, Ah Ying smiled and said, “I hope that in the next life, I can be a human and be an ordinary couple with him.”

With that, Ah Ying’s body completely disappeared. At the same time, a huge sea beast skeleton appeared on the ground in the main tomb. It was squatting and looking down at Prime Master Tie Feng.

Ah Ying followed her lover and left this world.

Sheng Yang knelt down in front of the sea beast skeleton and kowtowed three times to the skeleton. “Senior Ah Ying, rest in peace. I hope you can find Prime Master Tie Feng as soon as possible and continue your relationship.”

It was also at this moment that Prime Master Tie Feng’s soul awakened.

His soul floated out of the coffin. He floated in the main tomb and was very close to the skeleton. Prime Master Tie Feng reached out and stroked the skull. His eyes were filled with regret and longing.

After a while, Prime Master Tie Feng lowered his head and asked Sheng Yang and Sheng Xiao, “When did Ah Ying pass away?”

Sheng Xiao replied, “She just passed away.”

Prime Master Tie Feng nodded and said, “In that case, I should go too.”

Sheng Xiao was shocked when he heard that. He asked in surprise, “Senior, has your soul not been reincarnated yet?” He thought that Prime Master Tie Feng had already reincarnated.

Prime Master Tie Feng shook his head and laughed. He said, “How can I feel at ease entering reincarnation and leave her alone in this world?”

Sheng Xiao felt sadness in his heart. He asked, “So, you’ve been protecting Senior Ah Ying in the Saint Tomb for the past two thousand years?”

Prime Master Tie Feng said, “Yes.”

Sheng Yang said sadly, “But Senior Ah Ying had long forgotten you.”

Prime Master Tie Feng smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter if she remembers me or not. As long as I see that she’s doing well, I’ll be at ease.”

The man who had once teased Ah Ying to eat chili and drink hot soup had left the memories and pain to himself after his death and given a carefree life to her.

Sheng Yang stared at the smile on Prime Master Tie Feng’s face and suddenly understood their relationship. She must find someone who was sincere to her in the future, regardless of whether that person was a human or a demon.

Sheng Xiao missed Yu Huang when he heard Prime Master Tie Feng’s words.

He suddenly wanted to hug Yu Huang.

At that moment, Prime Master Tie Feng waved at Sheng Xiao. “Child, come here.”

Sheng Xiao nodded and walked towards the coffin.

Suddenly, the body of Prime Master Tie Feng stood up. He quickly reached out his arms and grabbed Sheng Xiao’s arm.

Then, the flesh and blood on Prime Master Tie Feng’s body turned into starlight and dissipated. His skeleton turned into a faint light and entered Sheng Xiao’s body.


Sheng Xiao knelt on the ground in pain.

At that moment, Prime Master Tie Feng’s iron bones were fusing with Sheng Xiao’s body. This process was even more painful than the Blood Purification Technique that Yin Rong had endured before.

When Sheng Yang heard her brother’s painful cry, her face turned pale.

But Sheng Xiao only shouted once. He gritted his teeth and endured it.

Bone fusion was a slow and painful process.

Every bone of Prime Master Tie Feng was hugging Sheng Xiao’s bones. Sheng Xiao’s bones rejected them immediately.

One side rejected, while the other side invaded. The process was really painful.

Sheng Xiao was tortured for three days. During that time, he was in so much pain that his muscles tightened, and he gritted his teeth.

Sheng Yang stayed by Sheng Xiao’s side. She saw that her brother was sweating profusely and his clothes were drenched in sweat. Although her heart ached, she did not dare to interrupt Sheng Xiao.

On the fifth day, Sheng Xiao’s spine completely fused with Prime Master Tie Feng’s bones. The painful bone fusion inheritance was successful.

After the inheritance, Sheng Xiao opened his eyes slowly.

His muscles were stiff and sore from the pain. He slowly raised his head and bowed respectfully to Prime Master Tie Feng, who was sitting on the coffin.

“Sheng Xiao, thank you for your gift, Senior Tie Feng!” Sheng Xiao could clearly feel that every bone in his body had become extremely hard, like steel. He was indomitable and indestructible.

Prime Master Tie Feng was relieved. He looked at Sheng Xiao’s young face and sighed. “I’ve never seen such a young Supreme Master. Even in my era, a young man like you was rare.”

“Congratulations to the Sheng family for nurturing such a powerful disciple like you.”

Hearing this, Sheng Yang muttered, “I’m not bad either.”

Prime Master Tie Feng heard Sheng Yang’s mutter.

He lowered his head and glanced at Sheng Yang. Knowing that Sheng Yang had obtained Ah Ying’s inheritance, he looked at Sheng Yang with a loving gaze. “Yes, you’re not bad either.”

After receiving her ancestor’s praise, a smile finally appeared on Sheng Yang’s cold face.

“Alright, the inheritance has been given. You guys can leave.” Prime Master Tie Feng tilted his head and looked at the Soul Calming Beast’s skeleton. He reached out and patted its head again before sighing. “I should leave too.”

Hearing that, Sheng Xiao and Sheng Yang bent down at the same time and gave their sincere blessings to Prime Master Tie Feng. “Have a safe trip, Senior. I hope that you and Senior Ah Ying can continue your relationship in your next life.”


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