Novel Name : She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 410 - Young People Will Never Give Up Easily!

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Chapter 410: Young People Will Never Give Up Easily!

Sheng Xiao and Sheng Yang looked at the wine jar in a daze.

Yu Huang opened the lid of the wine jar. The fragrance of the Green Plum Wine wafted into everyone’s noses along the breeze.

Yu Huang raised the wine jar and said, “One day, the dark clouds that envelop the Holy Spirit Continent will be dispelled by the sun. Those who left without saying goodbye will eventually return to our side!”

She shook the wine jar hard and said loudly, “Come, let’s drink. Let’s raise our glasses to tomorrow!”

Upon hearing Yu Huang’s words, everyone perked up again. They picked up the Green Plum Wine and clinked glasses forcefully.

“To tomorrow!”

After eating the grilled fish and drinking wine, everyone was a little drunk.

Yu Huang, in particular, was not a good drinker. She was a little sluggish after drinking. She sat beside Sheng Xiao and stared at the bonfire. No one knew what she was thinking, but her expression looked familiar.

But Sheng Xiao knew that Yu Huang was just sluggish.

Sheng Wuyang laid on the ground with the wine jar in his arms. He said, “I hope that in ten years, we can still gather together and drink and eat meat!”

When the insensitive Sheng Wuque heard his senior brother’s sigh, he narrowed his eyes and looked at the stars above his head. He said frankly, “I hope that I can go to the Upper World to study in the future. When I return from my studies, I want to assist the Young Master with my senior brothers and sisters and let the Sheng family become a first-class family in the three thousand worlds!”

Sheng Xiao laughed when he heard that.

Sheng Yang thought about it and said, “Even so, it’s a little difficult. It’s said that there are ten super large worlds and a hundred large worlds in the three thousand worlds. And our Holy Spirit Continent can’t even be ranked among the top.”

“Although the Sheng family is a super family in the Holy Spirit Continent, it’s only considered a bottom-tier family in the three thousand worlds. It’s very, very difficult to lead the Sheng family to become a super powerful family.”

Sheng Zhou nodded. “It’s indeed very difficult.”

Sheng Xiao told them, “It’s very difficult. As far as I know, there are countless large and small families in the three thousand worlds. Only if there are three Prime Masters in the family can they be rated as a third-rate family. If there are six Prime Masters, they can be rated as a second-rate family. A first-rate family is even more powerful. It needs ten Prime Masters and at least one Prime Emperor.”

Everyone was stunned. “It’s that difficult?”

“Yes, although the Garo Clan has a Prime Emperor powerhouse and is considered a top-notch family on the Holy Spirit Continent, it’s shit in the three thousand worlds.”

No one felt that it was inappropriate to hear such a vulgar adjective like ‘shit’ from the Young Master.

When Sheng Wuque found out that a first-class family was actually so impressive, he instantly felt dejected. “Heavens, is it that difficult? Forget it then. I’ll be very successful if I can become a Grand Master in my lifetime. As for Prime Master…”

When Sheng Wuque thought of the words Prime Master, he felt his blood boil.

The Prime Master level was a level that he could never reach.

Yu Huang felt a little dizzy. She leaned her head on Sheng Xiao’s shoulder as she narrowed her eyes and looked at the worried young men beside the bonfire. She suddenly smiled and said, “Why do you all look so crestfallen? You’re still young. Do you know what it means to be young?”

Everyone, including Sheng Zhou and Sheng Xiao, looked at Yu Huang at the same time.

Sheng Wuque also sat up. He stared straight at Yu Huang and asked softly, “What does it mean?”

Yu Huang smiled. After she was drunk, her beautiful face blushed slightly. She looked even more charming and fragile than usual. However, the words that came out of her mouth were so inspiring. She said,

“Youth represents endless possibilities. You’re still young, so you have the chance to explore the world, the chance to make mistakes, and the chance to turn the situation around! You have to remember that most of the people who create legends are young people.”

“Young people are the future of this world. If young people give up on this world before they even explore it, this world will become dull.”

“Only those who have tried, suffered failure, and fought to their last breath are qualified to give up! Sheng Wuque, how do you know that you will stop at the Grand Master level? You haven’t tried and fought for it. How can you give up so easily?!”

Sheng Wuque looked at their Young Madam in a daze. His originally lifeless eyes suddenly shone with a dazzling light.

He wiped his eyes and stared at Yu Huang through the bonfire. He suggested sincerely, “Young Madam, go and be an officer in the future. When those warriors hear your instigation, they will definitely immediately draw their swords and charge into the battlefield without hesitation.”

He was not insulting Yu Huang by saying this. He really admired Yu Huang. She was clearly younger than him, but she was more enlightened and wise than him. Everything she thought about was much more profound than what Sheng Wuque could think of for the time being.

Yu Huang laughed and fell asleep against Sheng Xiao.

Sheng Xiao was not used to seeing her being so obedient. She did not call people to settle accounts, nor did she hug him and ask for a kiss.

Under the influence of Yu Huang’s words, everyone was very high-spirited when they talked about the future. The gloominess from before was swept away, and they were all filled with fighting spirit and yearning for the future.

Sheng Xiao listened to his fellow disciples’ conversation. He took a sip of the Green Plum Wine occasionally and looked up at the stars in the sky. Yu Huang’s words made his eyes shine brightly with hope for the future.

He felt like he loved Yu Huang even more today than he did yesterday.

The first ray of morning sunlight shone on Yu Huang’s face.

Yu Huang found herself sleeping in Sheng Xiao’s arms when she opened her eyes. Sheng Xiao remained sitting up.

The woman in his arms moved and Sheng Xiao woke up.

“You’re awake?”

Yu Huang nodded.

She got up from Sheng Xiao’s arms and found Sheng Wuque and the others asleep on the grass. Only Sheng Yang was covered in Sheng Zhou’s family robe.

She stared at Sheng Yang’s robe for a few more seconds before saying, “The teleportation platform should be opening soon. Wake them up. Let’s pack up and prepare to go back.”

Sheng Xiao said, “No, my legs are numb.”

Yu Huang froze. Then, she squatted down and helped Sheng Xiao pull his legs. Sheng Xiao finally stood up.

Before the others woke up, Yu Huang suddenly raised her head and kissed Sheng Xiao.

Sheng Xiao was stunned by the kiss.

Yu Huang said, “Thank you for being my cushion for the night.”

Sheng Xiao smiled. “It’s my honor to serve you.”

The two of them looked at each other affectionately.

“Alright, wake them up.”


Sheng Xiao whistled. Sheng Zhou and the others opened their eyes and woke up. “It’s dawn. The teleportation platform should be opening soon. Everyone, get ready to leave.”


Just as everyone packed their things, they noticed that there was a teleportation array core in the sky above the Sheng family’s Saint Tomb.

Sheng Xiao suddenly summoned Black Qing Sky Dragon and flew into the sky with it.

“Roar!” A dragon roar sounded. The disciples of the subsidiary families who were still sleeping were awakened by this deafening dragon roar.

“The teleportation array is open. Everyone, leave quickly!” Sheng Xiao’s voice spread throughout the Sheng family’s Saint Tomb.

Upon receiving the news, all the disciples woke up and flew to the teleportation eye with their things.

Seeing that Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang were not leaving, Sheng Zhou grabbed Sheng Yang’s arm and was about to leave. “Young Master, I’ll bring Yang Yang out first.”

Sheng Zhou looked at Yu Huang again and said, “Young Madam should be teleported to the Yin Clan. In that case, see you later.”

Yu Huang nodded and replied, “See you later.”

Seeing that Sheng Zhou and the others had jumped into the teleportation array, Sheng Xiao lowered his head and said to Yu Huang, “The news of Prime Master Yin Mingjue’s daughter appearing in the Saint Tomb must have spread outside. Your identity will be exposed later.”

Yu Huang smiled at Sheng Xiao and said, “Don’t worry, everything is according to my plan.”

“Yes, don’t be afraid. I’ll always have your back.” Sheng Xiao kissed Yu Huang’s forehead. “Let’s go.”


The two of them held hands and flew towards the teleportation array core. The moment they jumped into the teleportation array core, a shocking force separated them.

Yu Huang’s body spun in the darkness. When her feet landed again, she had already appeared on the teleportation platform of the Saint Pond.

She turned around and saw a group of Yin Clan disciples standing behind her.

She was indeed teleported to the Yin Clan’s camp.

Yin Rong was counting the number of Yin Clan disciples when she suddenly heard Yin Fu say, “Yu Huang is out.”

Yin Rong hurriedly turned around and indeed saw Yu Huang being teleported to the front of their team. Yin Rong was a little embarrassed and was hesitating about how to greet Yu Huang when she saw Yu Huang walking towards them calmly.

“Yin Rong, Yin Fu.” Yu Huang nodded at them and said, “If everyone is here, let’s go.”

Yin Rong heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Yu Huang’s attitude towards her was the same as before. “Everyone is here. Let’s go.”


Yu Huang stood between Yin Rong and Yin Fu and led all the Yin Clan disciples towards the exit of the Saint Pond. On the way, there were many subsidiary families of the Yin Clan.

When the disciples of the subsidiary families saw that Yu Huang was actually walking in the Yin Clan’s team, they could not help but feel puzzled.

“Why did Master Yu appear in the Yin Clan’s team?”

This was a question that no one could figure out. However, seeing that Yin Rong and Yin Fu had no objections, these disciples of the subsidiary families didn’t dare to say anything.

On the day the Saint Tomb closed, the elders and patriarchs of the various large families of the Divine Realm Continent also rushed over from their families. They waited near the Saint Pond, hoping that their disciples’ cultivation levels would increase.

Behind Sheng Lingfeng stood a group of representatives from the Sheng family’s affiliated families.

“Prime Master Lingfeng!” A small patriarch of a subsidiary family cupped his fists at Sheng Lingfeng and said, “Young Master Sheng is young and promising. I believe he will definitely be able to obtain the inheritance this time! I want to congratulate Prime Master Lingfeng in advance.”

Seeing this, the others flattered Sheng Lingfeng.

Sheng Lingfeng thought of the strange Soul Calming Beast in Prime Master Tie Feng’s tomb and frowned.

Xiao’er had a combination of his and Ah Ru’s genes and was even more handsome than him. He was afraid that he would provoke the Soul Calming Beast’s disdain and hatred.

Whether or not this inheritance could be successfully obtained was really uncertain.

“Everyone, it’s not too late to congratulate me after my two children are out.”

Hearing this, everyone finally gave it a rest.

Yin Mingchong of the Yin Clan, Liuli Xiangsi of the Liuli Clan, Xuanyuan Shen of the Xuanyuan Clan, Caro Xiangfu of the Caro Clan, and Mo Yunyan of the Mo Clan were all present.

Behind this group of people stood a large group of representatives from the affiliated families.

Through Caro’s secret box, the news of the return of Prime Master Yin Mingjue’s long-lost daughter had already spread throughout the entire Divine Realm Continent in the past two months.

Today, there were actually more people waiting near the Saint Pond than on the day it opened. Even some famous itinerant cultivators specially came to join in the fun.

Who was Prime Master Yin Mingjue?

He was a selfless person who had sacrificed himself to save the entire Holy Spirit Continent! He was the benefactor of the Holy Spirit Continent! Now that the daughter of Prime Master Yin Mingjue had returned, everyone wanted to witness this historic moment.

They all wanted to see who the daughter of Prime Master Yin Mingjue was! And whether she had successfully obtained the Yin Clan’s inheritance!

When he saw group after group of people walk out, Yin Mingchong’s breathing gradually became heavy.

Was that girl really back?

Caro Xiangfu touched his big stomach and tilted his head to glance at Yin Mingchong.

When he saw Yin Mingchong staring fixedly at the exit of the Saint Pond with an uneasy expression, he instantly narrowed his eyes and asked, “Patriarch Yin, you’re about to see your long-lost niece. Are you very excited and looking forward to it?”

Yin Mingchong really wanted to beat Caro Xiangfu to death.

However, Caro Xiangfu still had Caro Zhengyang backing him. He could think about it but couldn’t do anything to him.


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