Novel Name : She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 485 - No Chapter Name

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Chapter 485: No Chapter Name

The Grand State Master nodded at the old dean and said, “It’s Anna.”


Many people revealed puzzled expressions.

Who was Anna?

This name was too common. In the Elve Clan and Beast Clan, people called Anna were everywhere.

However, they didn’t know any powerful Beast Tamers called Anna.

On the other hand, Xuanyuan Shen’s expression became strange when he heard Anna’s name.

“Anna?” Sheng Lingfeng asked in surprise, “But isn’t Anna’s Mutated Devouring Beast a demonic beast?”

The Grand State Master shook his head slightly and said, “The demonic beast form can’t be controlled by the host. Instead, it will devour the host’s consciousness. The mutated demonic beast form that can be controlled by the host is actually a divine beast form. A Death Curse that can’t be resolved with the Purifying Spirit Art can be devoured by the divine beast form.”

“There’s actually such a magical beast form!” Sheng Lingfeng had lived for more than a hundred years, but this was the first time he had heard of such a powerful beast form.

“In every world, there will be a pair of Eternal Eyes and a divine beast form. The Eternal Eye is easy to distinguish, but the divine beast form is extremely similar to the demonic beast form. Perhaps those beast tamers who have awakened the divine beast form will be killed by other beast tamers as demonic cultivators before they can unleash their true divine power.”

At this point, the Grand State Master glanced at Xuanyuan Shen meaningfully.

Xuanyuan Shen didn’t dare to look straight at the Grand State Master and hurriedly lowered his head.


The Grand State Master told Sheng Lingfeng and the others, “A few days ago, Yu Huang predicted a disaster, but her current cultivation level was still low, so she didn’t see where the disaster happened and when it would erupt. However, she predicted Anna’s contribution during that disaster. Therefore, when she found out that Patriarch Xuanyuan had led a large number of experts from the Divine Realm Continent to the Abyssal Origin Forest to kill Anna, Yu Huang begged me to protect Anna.”

“Patriarch Xuanyuan was determined to get rid of the demon and wanted to kill Anna no matter what. Fortunately, I wasn’t too late and my cultivation level wasn’t weak, so I saved Anna from Patriarch Xuanyuan. Otherwise…”

Otherwise, if Anna was really killed by Xuanyuan Shen, then the Prosperous Capital and the other four cities would completely fall, and the cities would be destroyed!

Upon hearing the Grand State Master’s words, everyone looked at Xuanyuan Shen with suspicion.

Liuli Xiangsi immediately mocked Xuanyuan Shen. She said, “On the day the Imperial Dragon Mountain collapsed, Yu Huang was almost killed by Garo Zhengyang, but I didn’t see Patriarch Xuanyuan save her. Now that it’s time to subdue the demon, Patriarch Xuanyuan has become proactive and righteous. I really wonder if Patriarch Xuanyuan hates demons, or found out something in advance, so he wanted to kill Anna.”

Liuli Xiangsi and Liuli Nuonuo had always been competing when they were young. They both wanted to be the future successor.

However, before a victor could be decided between the two of them, Liuli Nuonuo was raped by Xuanyuan Shen, ruining her reputation.

After Liuli Nuonuo married Xuanyuan Shen, Liuli Xiangsi naturally became the heir and took over the Liuli Clan.

Although Liuli Xiangsi was competitive, she was also an upright person. Liuli Xiangsi disdained winning without a fight.

When she thought of the despicable methods Xuanyuan Shen used on Liuli Nuonuo back then, Liuli Xiangsi looked down on Xuanyuan Shen.

She had always known that Xuanyuan Shen wasn’t a good person, and she didn’t believe that Xuanyuan Shen gathered a large number of experts to kill Anna out of justice. This person most likely had a guilty conscience and wanted to kill Anna to achieve a certain goal.

When Xuanyuan Shen heard Liuli Xiangsi’s words, his face instantly turned red. “Liuli Xiangsi, what nonsense are you spouting?! I didn’t know that Anna had a divine beast form. She cruelly killed three guest elders of the Xuanyuan Clan. Isn’t it only right for me to kill her?!”

“Besides, everyone is responsible for killing fiendish cultivators!”

Liuli Xiangsi snorted. “Heh! Garo Zhengyang was also a fiendish cultivator. Why didn’t you kill him?!”

Xuanyuan Shen was speechless.

Sheng Lingfeng said at the right time, “Alright, now isn’t the time to quarrel.”

Seeing that Sheng Lingfeng had spoken, Liuli Xiangsi shut her mouth. Xuanyuan Shen glanced at Sheng Lingfeng and the Grand State Master fearfully and quickly lowered his head to reduce his presence.

The Grand State Master looked at the old dean and asked, “Dean Di, where is Anna?”

Di Ruofeng subconsciously looked at Sheng Lingfeng. “My disciple follows your son and daughter-in-law every day. Tell me, where is she?”

Sheng Lingfeng was speechless.

“Wait a moment. I’ll call and ask.”

Sheng Lingfeng hurriedly called Yu Huang.

It was already late at night, but the Three Waters Pier of the Prosperous Capital was still crowded.

Yu Huang picked up the phone and shouted, “Dad.”

“Ah Huang, is Anna with you?”

Yu Huang subconsciously thought of the scenes she had seen through the Eye of All Things.

Yu Huang told Sheng Lingfeng, “Anna went to pick Vivian up. Vivian’s family is infected. She’s pregnant but isn’t infected. She’s on her way to Jingdu.”

“When will she come back?”

Yu Huang looked at her watch and said, “It should be soon. I’ll call and ask.”

After hanging up on Sheng Lingfeng, Yu Huang called Anna.

Late at night, Anna and the Icy Night T-Rex stood at the entrance of the toilet in the highway service area. They were waiting for Vivian.

The people at the Prosperous Capital Healing Center thought about how Vivian’s family was infected and were worried that she might also be infected, so they specially arranged a small car for her to escort her to Jingdu on the highway. This would reduce her contact with others.

Anna drove her car and waited for Vivian in a high-speed service area.

Anna was wearing a gothic black tube top dress today. She had a ruby necklace on her neck and a small black bag with a chain on her shoulder. Her hair was styled into low pigtails. Anna stood in the service area .

However, beside this little girl was a fierce-looking ice-blue Tyrannosaurus.

The passing tourists couldn’t help but secretly size up Anna and the huge Tyrannosaurus beside her.

The combination of a lolita and T-Rex was superb.

Suddenly, Anna’s phone rang.

Anna thought that Vivian had arrived and hurriedly took out her phone. Seeing that it was a call from Yu Huang, Anna smiled sweetly again. “Yu Huang, I haven’t seen Vivian yet. When I called earlier, she said that she would be here in half an hour.”

Yu Huang nodded and told her, “After you pick up Vivian, go to the Alliance headquarters.”

Anna asked curiously, “Why are we going there? Is there a new mission?”

“They have something to ask of you.”

“Something to ask of me?”

The Alliance was filled with big shots. Anna really didn’t know what she could help them with.


At that moment, a white car drove into the service area and noticing the letter “S” on the front of the car plate, Anna said, “They’re here. I’ll hang up first.” With that, Anna hung up and ran towards the car.

In the car, Vivian was sleepy from the bumpiness. After she fell asleep, she kept dreaming of the tragic deaths of her family.

“Ah!” Vivian was startled awake and found someone beside her.

Vivian turned her head and saw Anna’s face. She suddenly relaxed. “Anna!” Vivian hugged Anna tightly. She could no longer hold back her emotions. She revealed her most fragile side and hugged Anna while crying.

Anna patted Vivian’s back gently and comforted her. “Alright, Vivian, you’re safe.”

Vivian bit her lip and choked. “Ah Feng and my family are all infected. On the way here, I saw the emperor’s speech. Anna, the Prosperous Capital has been sealed, right?”

Anna didn’t hide it from Vivian. She said, “The Prosperous Capital has been sealed. I heard from Yu Huang that other than the Prosperous Capital, there are four other major cities on the Holy Spirit Continent that have also been sealed. Even the capital city of the Elven Kingdom has been sealed. Vivian, this Death Curse isn’t only a disaster for the Prosperous Capital, but also for the entire continent.”

Vivian let go of Anna and looked at her with tears in her eyes. She asked in disbelief, “Is it that serious? His Majesty said that if the city isn’t sealed, the entire continent will fall and all humans will go extinct. Is that true? Is it really that serious?”

“… Yes.”

The hope in Vivian’s eyes was instantly extinguished. “Then, is it really hopeless for Ah Feng and the others to be saved?”

Anna couldn’t answer the question.

To be precise, she couldn’t bear to answer this question.

Seeing Anna’s silence, Vivian understood what she meant.

Vivian sat back down. She leaned against the back of the chair and started to cry silently. Vivian placed her hands on her stomach. The thought of being alone with the child in her stomach when it was born and growing made her heart ache.

How could this be?

Everything was fine yesterday. How did it suddenly become like this?

Anna looked at Vivian’s face, which was full of tears, and felt upset. She held Vivian’s hand. “Vivian, I’m sorry.”

Vivian covered her mouth with her hand and tried not to cry.

Finally, the car arrived in Jingdu at half past four in the morning.

Anna sent Vivian to Yu Huang’s villa beside Lovers Lake.

The butler saw that Vivian had been running all the way and because she was too sad, her face was very haggard. Without Anna’s instructions, the butler thoughtfully made a bowl of Soul Calming Grass for Vivian. This Soul Calming Grass soup wouldn’t have any side effects on the child in Vivian’s stomach and could even have a nourishing effect.

The butler lied to Vivian. “Miss Vivian, you’ve been on the bus all day. You must be tired. Have some warm soup before you rest. You’re pregnant now. You can’t starve the baby.”

The baby was the only thing that kept Vivian alive.

Vivian stared at the pale green Soul Calming Grass and asked curiously, “What soup is this?”

Anna said, “A nourishing soup.” The Soul Calming Grass was extremely expensive. Anna was afraid that Vivian wouldn’t dare to drink it after knowing the value of this bowl of medicine.

Hearing this, Vivian didn’t suspect anything and drank the soup in one gulp.


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