Novel Name : She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 522 - Upper World, Candle Dragon Race (2)

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Chapter 522: Upper World, Candle Dragon Race (2)

Logically speaking, as a Beast Tamer, she shouldn’t be afraid of the heat and cold.

The battlefield in this independent space was indeed very strange.

Yu Huang took off her suit and took out her dagger. She pierced through her jeans and tore them into denim shorts.

She continued to walk alone in the desert.

After walking for an unknown period of time, Yu Huang suddenly heard a sound. She suddenly turned around and looked behind her. She saw that the originally calm space behind her suddenly twisted. In the next second, a woman suddenly appeared in front of her.

It was a woman in a long dress. She had slender hair that reached her waist, a long whip wrapped around her waist, and high heels that were about five centimeters tall.

However, the strange thing was that this woman was wrapped in a layer of yellow sand.

This made her look more like a monster than a human.

The monster raised its head and noticed Yu Huang.

Then, the monster stopped moving.

Yu Huang looked at the monster, and the monster looked at her.

Clearly, they were afraid of the person who suddenly appeared in front of them.

Suddenly, a strong wind blew, sweeping up thousands of feet of yellow sand!


This change aroused the woman’s vigilance. The woman suddenly pulled out the long whip at her waist. Without a word, she raised the long whip and swung it at Yu Huang.

When the long whip was flung out, the head of the long whip suddenly split into nine giant snakes!

A crisp female voice suddenly sounded. “Nine Dragons Coffinbearers!”

The tails of the nine giant snakes intertwined, and their bodies separated before quickly wrapping tightly around Yu Huang’s body.

Crack! It was the sound of Yu Huang’s ribs breaking.

Yu Huang frowned in pain and shouted in a low voice, “Xuan Yu!”

Upon hearing the decree, a red light emerged from between Yu Huang’s eyebrows. The red spirit energy quickly condensed into a small pheasant changing its feathers in the sky.

Seeing that Yu Huang’s beast form was only a small pheasant, the woman let out a mocking sneer. Yu Huang heard the woman say, “Which small world’s country bumpkin is this? Your beast form is actually a chicken!”

The woman was clearly not speaking the language of the Holy Spirit Continent, but Yu Huang could understand her.


A chicken?

Yu Huang said, “Xuan Yu!”

Xuan Yu glanced at Yu Huang. Seeing that its host had been captured, Xuan Yu was suddenly enraged! “Swish!” Xuan Yu suddenly raised its head and cried out. Its voice was extremely sharp, and the woman opposite him couldn’t help but cover her ears.

The body of the ugly little chicken in front of her suddenly expanded. In just a few blinks of the eye, it turned into a gorgeous and mighty fiery red phoenix!

The phoenix soared in the sky. As it flapped its wings, countless Purifying Evil Phoenix Flames fell.

When the flames landed on the nine giant snakes, the snake scales were like dry branches that had been ignited by sparks and instantly burned!

“Ah!” The woman cried out in pain. She pulled the whip in her hand and wanted to summon her nine dragon beasts back. However, at this moment, the phoenix in the sky actually swooped down and bit the head of one of the giant snakes!

“Hiss ~ Hiss!”

The giant snake was in so much pain that it swung its body wildly. At times, it used its abdomen to bump forward, and at times, it swung its tail.

After one snake went berserk, the remaining eight snakes were also in chaos. Yu Huang took this opportunity to break free from the restraints of the giant snakes and regain her freedom.

“Ah!!” Her beast form was being devoured. The woman’s face turned pale from the pain, and her soul seemed to have been torn apart. She was in extreme pain.

After Xuan Yu ate the meat of the giant snake, Yu Huang actually felt the spiritual energy in her body become much denser.

Yu Huang was instantly shocked. What kind of meat was this?

Eating it could actually increase one’s cultivation.

“Demoness!” The woman knelt on the ground. She scolded Yu Huang angrily and fearfully, “Demoness! You actually dared to eat my Nine Dragons Beast! Do you know who I am?! I am a disciple of the Candle Dragon Race! If you dare to eat my Nine Dragons Beast, you will be making an enemy of the entire Candle Dragon Race!”

“The Candle Dragon Race?” So it was the Candle Dragon Race. No wonder this woman’s beast form could increase her cultivation.

Yu Huang snorted. “What the hell? I’ve never heard of it!”

Xuan Yu quickly killed a giant snake and cruelly bit the head of the second giant snake.

After her beast form was eaten, the woman fell to the ground and struggled in pain. She cursed with hatred in her voice, “B*tch! Which world are you from?! You dare to eat my beast form? Aren’t you afraid of revenge from my people?!”

At this moment, Xuan Yu had already eaten the second snake and bit the head of the third snake.

“Ah!” The woman hugged her head and opened her throat to let out a heart-wrenching roar. “B*tch! The Candle Dragon Race is one of the strongest forces on the Infant Spirit Continent! The bloodline of the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race flows in our bodies! If you dare to eat me, you will definitely be hunted down by the entire Candle Dragon Race!”

Black Qing Sky Dragon’s bloodline?

Yu Huang sneered and walked to the woman’s side. She stepped on the woman’s face and blocked her mouth. “I’ve never heard of the Candle Dragon Race. Is it so great that you have the bloodline of the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race flowing in your body? I even have the descendants of the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race flowing in my body!”

She would give birth to Sheng Xiao’s children and grandchildren. How could a nine-headed snake with the Black Qing Sky Dragon bloodline show off in front of her?

This woman had wanted to kill her the moment she attacked. Yu Huang wouldn’t be soft-hearted. “You just said that if I eat you, I will be hunted down by the entire Candle Dragon Race…”

When the woman heard Yu Huang’s words, she thought that Yu Huang was afraid. Just as she was about to heave a sigh of relief, she heard Yu Huang say, “If you die, no one will know that I ate you, right?”

These words were like a bucket of cold water poured on the woman’s body, instantly crushing her hopes.

The woman realized that Yu Huang was really not afraid of her background and was determined to eat her beast form. How could she not be afraid?

If her beast form was eaten, she would become an ordinary person. And what status did a commoner have in the Candle Dragon Race?

The woman didn’t want to lose this competition, but she didn’t want to be reduced to an ordinary person even more. After weighing the pros and cons, the woman decided to withdraw from the competition. “Stupid woman, I’ll remember you! You better pray that I will never meet you in the Infant Spirit Continent!”

“Otherwise, I, Zhu Ying, will definitely tear you into pieces!”

The woman pulled out the survival ring on her wrist with hatred. In the next second, her body was teleported out of the ancient battlefield.


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