Novel Name : She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 532 - End of Friendship Just Like That (1)

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Chapter 532: End of Friendship Just Like That (1)

After the high temperature ended, it was followed by freezing temperatures.

In just two minutes, the temperature of the Doomsday Battlefield suddenly dropped from 220 degrees to -300 degrees.

The sudden drop in temperature caught many participants off guard.

Even Sheng Xiao was trembling from the cold. His lips were purple. He, who was a Grand Master, felt uncomfortable, let alone those Masters and Supreme Masters.

The Doomsday Battlefield only took two days to force away nearly a hundred thousand participants.

When the blizzard ended, it was already four in the afternoon.

Finally, the Doomsday Battlefield returned to normal.

When the weather on the battlefield returned to normal, all the participants used all their strength to approach the Central Pagoda in the south. On the way south, Yu Huang finally met a competitor.


A brown bear suddenly descended from the sky and hammered towards Yu Huang’s body.

Yu Huang noticed the change and suddenly stopped running.

Yu Huang quickly spread her Vermillion Bird wings and flew into the air. She quickly flew back more than a hundred meters before seeing that the thing blocking her path was a brown bear. But the strange thing was that the brown bear’s host wasn’t beside her, and there were two spiritual energy halos on the brown bear’s head.

Yu Huang stared at the majestic brown bear and vaguely understood its identity.


This brown bear wasn’t the beast form of a Beast Tamer. He was a Beast Tamer himself. He was probably a divine demon!

From the looks of it, this fellow should be from the Demon Beast Continent.

Only the Beast Tamers of the Demon Beast Continent had human and beast forms that were one in the same.

Just as Teng Shuangshuang had said, once participants of the same cultivation level encountered each other, it would be a decisive battle. Yu Huang didn’t know how strong the other party was, but from the other party’s domineering aura, she could tell that he was a ruthless person who didn’t hold back.

Yu Huang didn’t dare to lower her guard at all.

Jiang Tingzhi stood at the side and chewed gum. He crossed his arms and watched the battle. He said to Yu Huang with ill intentions, “Pay attention. This is a disciple of the Brown Bear Clan of the Demon Beast Continent. He is a late-stage Master. You can’t defeat him.”

Yu Huang didn’t understand what Jiang Tingzhi was saying. She shouted at him angrily, “Shut up!”

Seeing that Yu Huang was angry, Jiang Tingzhi stood far away and didn’t make any sarcastic remarks.

The brown bear spoke in human language. “You’re unlucky to have met me!”

Yu Huang actually understood the other party’s words because the people of the Demon Beast Continent actually spoke the same language as the Holy Spirit Continent.

Yu Huang didn’t have the time to investigate the reason behind this. She said to the brown bear, “It’s a coincidence. There’s no such thing as bad luck!”

The brown bear laughed. “You’re so straightforward!”

The brown bear roared and didn’t say another word. He dragged his heavy body and ran towards Yu Huang. As he ran, a bronze bell appeared in his hand. The bronze bell was about a hundred meters tall and fifty meters wide.

The brown bear dragged the bronze bell with one hand as it ran. With the comparison, the brown bear’s size actually looked much smaller.

The brown bear roared and filled the bronze bell with spiritual power.

In an instant, the bronze bell’s body expanded by hundreds of times. Complicated Sanskrit words suddenly lit up on the top of the gray bronze bell. The Sanskrit words were golden, and their color wasn’t dazzling. Instead, they seemed very gentle. However, Yu Huang could still sense a terrifying energy from the Sanskrit words.

Yu Huang instantly realized that although the other party was only a Master, he had probably already reached the late-stage of the Master Realm.

And the bronze bell in his hand was an extraordinary weapon.

It was probably a high-grade spirit artifact.

“Primordial Bell!”

The brown bear suddenly threw the Primordial Bell into the sky. Instantly, Buddhist chants sounded within a hundred miles.

The brown bear raised its fist and punched into the sky. Waves of even more boundless spiritual energy rushed into the Primordial Bell.

The Buddhist chants became louder.

The Primordial Bell also grew larger and larger, like a tall mountain floating above Yu Huang’s head.

The slender Yu Huang stood under the Primordial Bell like a sapling growing in the eye of the storm.

She looked so petite and insignificant.

Jiang Tingzhi narrowed his eyes as he watched this scene. He was certain that Yu Huang would lose.

After all, the Brown Bear Clan was considered a famous demon beast race on the Demon Beast Continent, and the weapon used by the Brown Bear Clan was a rare level 9 spirit weapon!

Yu Huang, who came from a small world, was no match for this brown bear.


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