Novel Name : She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 912 - Yu Huang: I Have a Secret

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Chapter 912: Yu Huang: I Have a Secret

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Seeing that no one spoke, Feng Yuncheng turned slightly pale and he lowered his head even more.

He knew that after knowing his true ability, no one would be willing to be friends with him.


Beatrice suddenly stood up and stared at Feng Yuncheng, who had a timid expression, as she said angrily, “Why are you hanging your head? Aren’t you a man?” Beatrice strode to Feng Yuncheng’s side and raised his chin forcefully. She stared into his eyes and said, “Whether they are willing to accept you or not, I will continue to accompany you.”

With that, Beatrice turned around and told Yu Huang and the others, “Feng Yuncheng’s ability is indeed quite worrying. If you guys can’t accept him, we understand. I’ll volunteer to work together with him. Please rest assured that we’ll work hard to survive until the end of our training.”

To be able to say such words, it was obvious how magnanimous Beatrice was.

She made it very clear that even if Yu Huang and the others abandoned Feng Yuncheng, she understood and wouldn’t hate them for their actions.

However, would Yu Huang and the others really abandon Feng Yuncheng?

Xiao Shu shook his head and stood up as he said to Feng Yuncheng, “Perhaps others can’t empathize with you, but I can. You hid your true ability to better protect yourself. This is the same reason I hid my identity as the Lord of All Demons.”

“We’ve been through thick and thin together. I’m willing to trust you.”

Yin Rong, who knew how difficult things were for Xiao Shu, couldn’t bear to disappoint Feng Yuncheng, so she nodded and said, “I believe you too.”

Feng Yuncheng’s eyes lit up. As he stared at Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao uneasily, he licked his dry lips and asked softly, “Yu Huang, Professor Sheng, what about you two?”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled.

Yu Huang said, “We believe you.” If she didn’t really trust Feng Yuncheng, Yu Huang wouldn’t have placed a man filled with mysteries in her team.

Seeing that they had all expressed their stance, Kunlun also expressed its stance. “Feng Yuncheng, I don’t care what kind of person you are. I only know that you are my friend. Na Ling and I believe you.” He carried the sleeping Na Ling in his arms, so his voice was very soft.

Apart from Donor and Estelle, everyone else expressed their stance.

The two of them had personally experienced the killing illusion created by Feng Yuncheng just now, so they were quite afraid of Feng Yuncheng. At the moment, they weren’t in a hurry to express their stance. Feng Yuncheng could understand their attitude towards him. He apologized to them sincerely, “I’m sorry for trapping you two in the killing illusion without warning, but please believe me. I definitely won’t create a killing illusion on my friends.”

As he spoke, Feng Yuncheng raised his right hand and clasped his fingers while shouting, “I, Feng Yuncheng, swear to the heavens that if I dare to create a killing illusion on my friends, then I will suffer the destruction of my beast heart, my soul will be shattered, and I will never reincarnate…”

Before Feng Yuncheng could finish speaking, Estelle covered his mouth forcefully. “Shut up, don’t say such inauspicious words! Hit yourself!” As he spoke, Estelle slapped Feng Yuncheng’s mouth three times. He was very strong, so after three slaps, Feng Yuncheng’s mouth was swollen.

As Donor stared at Feng Yuncheng’s slightly swollen lips, he suddenly smiled. “Forget it.” He pointed at his tattered silk shirt and said, “If you compensate me with ten shirts like this, I’ll continue to be good friends with you.”

Estelle hurriedly pointed at his own T-shirt that had been pierced by Donor and said to Feng Yuncheng, “Then you have to compensate me with 11 pieces.”

Donor didn’t understand. “Why do you want 11?”

Estelle said self-righteously, “Because I’m poor!”

Donor was speechless.

He felt very embarrassed. His Back Spirit wasn’t only a Night Elf, but also a poor person.

However, Feng Yuncheng revealed a relaxed smile and said boldly, “Alright, I’ll compensate both of you!”

After that, the previously relaxed atmosphere returned.

The aircraft needed spirit stones to fly. Donor had provided the aircraft, so he wouldn’t foolishly give out spirit stones. Sheng Xiao and the others took out all the spirit stones they carried and filled the aircraft’s energy bank.

After obtaining enough energy sources, the aircraft successfully took off and instantly flew up into deep space. It flew towards the Black Shark Bird plate at a light speed. Everyone in the aircraft had Divine Master rib fragments, so the barrier line between the plates naturally wouldn’t stop them.

Soon, the aircraft left the glacier plate.

After everyone arrived at the observation platform, they looked at the sea scenery below through the glass. The isolated sea looked blue and calm, but who would have thought that there were so many ugly and greedy sea rabbits and large sea beasts hidden under the sea?

There were also some good wine and beverages hidden on Donor’s aircraft, so everyone had a glass of wine. Even Yu Huang, who couldn’t hold her liquor, couldn’t help but pour herself a glass.

When she was about to finish the wine, Yu Huang was already a little drunk.

Sheng Xiao said, “You’re drunk. You can’t drink anymore.” He snatched the wine glass from Yu Huang’s hand and returned to the lounge.

After Sheng Xiao left, Feng Yuncheng sneaked to Yu Huang’s side.

When Yu Huang saw this, she reached out and grabbed Feng Yuncheng’s shoulder.

Feng Yuncheng was only 174cm tall. Yu Huang was 172cm tall, so she could easily wrap her arm around Feng Yuncheng’s shoulder. Yu Huang patted Feng Yuncheng’s handsome face and hiccuped slightly as she gave him a thumbs up and said, “You’re such a badass!”

Feng Yuncheng looked into Yu Huang’s clear eyes and said, “Are you drunk?”

Yu Huang said, “I get drunk after drinking a single glass.”

Feng Yuncheng nodded and said in understanding, “Then you’re drunk.”

However, Yu Huang didn’t look drunk at all.

However, those who were familiar with Yu Huang’s way of doing things knew that she was already drunk. Only when she was drunk would she speak in a frivolous tone. Usually, Yu Huang wouldn’t use the word ‘badass’.

It was rare that Sheng Xiao wasn’t around, so Feng Yuncheng quickly took the opportunity to ask Yu Huang, “Yu Huang, you said that everyone has a secret. Tell me, what secret do you have?”

Yu Huang looked around warily. Then, she moved closer to Feng Yuncheng’s ear to say, “I’ll tell you a secret. You can’t tell anyone.” Yu Huang thought that her voice was very soft, but how soft could a drunk person’s voice be?

In any case, Donor and the others heard every word Yu Huang said.

Everyone moved to Feng Yuncheng’s side. Feng Yuncheng asked Yu Huang mischievously, “What secret? Tell me. I definitely won’t tell anyone.” However, if the others heard it themselves, it would have nothing to do with him.


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