Novel Name : She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 921 - Humiliation, One After Another

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Chapter 921: Humiliation, One After Another

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The first person to walk out of the mystic realm looked like a tall young man. However, because the energy fluctuations in the passageway were too intense, that person’s figure was hidden behind the energy light wave, making it impossible to see his appearance clearly.

“Who’s that?”

On the field, many students stood on their tiptoes to see the other party’s appearance and identify him.

Finally, the young man arrived at the entrance of the passageway.

It was a young man in beige sportswear. He was tall and had long red hair that reached his shoulders. He had a cocky smirk on his face at this moment.

As soon as they saw his iconic long red hair, the students immediately exclaimed—

“It’s Xiao Shu!”

No one expected that the first person to walk out of the Kunlun Mystic Realm was Xiao Shu, who had entered the Holy Spirit Academy as a cleaner.

Xiao Shu successfully ended his training and surpassed these official students.

The students had mixed expressions.

“Someone else is out.”

The student who walked out behind Xiao Shu was a woman in a yellow dress. She had long black hair that reached her waist and beautiful facial features that made her look gentle and charming. She was like every boy’s first crush.

Recognizing this woman’s identity, a female student exclaimed, “It’s Yin Rong! Yin Rong actually passed the mystic realm’s training!” Back when the Holy Spirit Academy first started school, Yin Rong, Yu Huang, and Estelle’s cultivation levels were at the bottom.

At that time, she was only a late-stage Master Beast Tamer. Who would have thought that the student with the lowest cultivation level would successfully survive the Kunlun Mystic Realm?

The students who didn’t participate in the training felt even more ashamed.

Behind Yin Rong, two more men walked out side by side.

The man on the left had fair skin and was wearing a golden suit. His long golden hair was gently draped behind his shoulders, and a pair of white wings were stuck to his back. He walked out of the mystic realm passageway against the light, like an angel descending, making people unable to take their eyes off him.

“It’s Donor!” Seeing Donor come out, many female students’ hearts raced. As an Elven Prince, not only was Donor young and handsome, but he also had shocking cultivation talent. As a bachelor, he was the crush of many girls.

But in the next second, when they saw the face of the dark-skinned man standing beside Donor clearly, they frowned in confusion.

“Who is that?”

The dark-skinned young man with a pair of black wings looked so unfamiliar.

Staring at the pair of black wings on the young man’s back, the students vaguely guessed his identity. Their eyes widened in shock and disbelief, especially the Light Elves who hadn’t signed up to participate in the Kunlun Mystic Realm’s training. They looked at the dark-skinned man with shock and disbelief.

A female Light Elf student called Fang Ya covered her mouth with her hand and exclaimed softly, “Could that person be the Night Elf Estelle?”

There was only one student with black wings in the Holy Spirit Academy.

Who else could it be but Estelle?

But in their impression, Estelle was a weak and thin boy with an ugly cleft lip and bat wings.

Unexpectedly, after three years of training, Estelle had changed so much!

The current him had become much stronger. As he stood quietly beside Donor, he looked even taller than him. His once ugly and weak bat wings had completely evolved to be as big as Donor’s wings.

For some reason, his ugly cleft lip had also been repaired.

The changes to Estelle in the past three years were monumental!

Di Ruofeng was also somewhat shocked to see Estelle’s change. When Estelle and Donor arrived in front of them, he couldn’t help but ask in surprise, “You’re Estelle?”

Estelle immediately nodded. “Principal Di, it’s me.”

Di Ruofeng shook his head and looked at Estelle with relief and surprise.

After the Light Elven students on the field heard Estelle’s answer, they looked at him with fear.

From the moment Estelle summoned the demon, Estelle had become a thorn in the side of the Light Elves. If they didn’t get rid of Estelle, no one would be at ease. Therefore, the Light Elves sent the Three Lights students led by Ilan to participate in the Kunlun Mystic Realm and asked them to do everything they could to keep Estelle in the Kunlun Mystic Realm forever.

After three years, almost all the Light Elves thought that Estelle had long died in the Kunlun Mystic Realm.

However, Estelle was like an undying cockroach. Not only did he survive, but he also encountered a golden opportunity inside. He seemed to have been reborn.

Estelle, who had successfully ended his training in the Kunlun Mystic Realm, would definitely become a celebrity in the Holy Spirit Academy. He would even represent the Holy Spirit Academy to go to the Great World to further his studies in a few months.

In the future, it probably wouldn’t be easy for the Light Elves to find an opportunity to get rid of Estelle.

At the thought of this, the expressions of the Light Elves students became ugly.

When they saw that the prince and the dirty Night Elf seemed to be very close, they felt even more upset.

Other than the Elven King Moldo, the noble and holy prince was the only Light Elf with a golden bloodline who could summon angels. How could such a holy prince be friends with a dirty and lowly Night Elf?

Dirty things would taint the prince’s holy body!

A few Light Elven students secretly looked at each other. Then, they tacitly took out their phones and secretly sent the news that Estelle was still alive to their families.

At this moment, other survivors came out.

“Look, someone else is out. Is that Beatrice?”

Everyone looked up and saw a sexy woman walking out of the mystic realm passageway.

The woman was tall and wore a pair of knee-length boots. Her tight pants wrapped around her muscular and sexy long legs, while her wavy hair swayed slightly along with her footsteps.

The woman was charming and gorgeous. Her eyes were as blue and deep as the sea, but her gaze was even more murderous than a tsunami.

If she wasn’t the princess of the Divine Moon Empire, who could she be?

“It’s really Beatrice!”

When he saw Beatrice, Mo Yuelou, who was standing in the middle of the students, quickly walked to the front of the field and shouted excitedly, “Beatrice!”


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